Potential 100,000 American Express Point Bump for Business Gold Card

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Update: Per many of the comments received, American Express is starting to get a little more strict on applying the offer code to your account. While this is still working for many, you may not have the same success, unfortunately. Many readers, however, have been able to call multiple times and finally get a representative to apply the code.

Over the past few days there has been quite a lot of activity, conflicting information, and phone calls to American Express regarding various promotions out there. Last week I posted about the possibility to bump your sign up bonus with a new application from 75,000 bonus points (from the current 15,000 option). I read on Flyertalk today, that someone was able to apply code 6608 to their account to receive 100,000 bonus points after $2,000 in spend within three months.

From the comments I’ve read on various blogs and Flyertalk, most people have been able to apply one of the three 75,000 point promotions to their accounts (although it might take a few calls to get a representative who will actually do it). This one post on Flyertalk is the only report I have seen with someone having success with the 100,000 promotions, but it is definitely worth trying this code first and if it does not work, fall back to the 75,000 codes.

Also, once you confirm the code for a bump in your sign up  bonus, make sure to call back and have code 6664 applied to your account. I blogged about this promotion last week, but essentially you can earn 10,000 points per statement cycle after making 15 transactions (up to 50,000 points). There has also been conflicting information on whether it is per statement cycle or month, but more have reported that it is per statement cycle. Also, there is conflicting information on when this promotion ends. Some have reported this November, while others believe it will go later giving people the option to earn the entire 50K. I guess only time will tell!

Keep in mind that you will only be able to apply these codes after you apply for the credit card by calling American Express Membership Rewards (1-800-AXP-EARN).  Apply for the Gold Premier credit card here. But remember, since these promotions are being added manually there is always the risk that the promotions will not go through as desired – however, I do not foresee there being any issues.

Consolidated list of current codes to apply:

1. Codes for a bump in your sign up bonus (only one can be applied):

  • 6608: 100,000 bonus points; $2000 spend in three months *believed to be for the Business Gold Credit Card
  • 6661: 75,000 bonus points; $2000 spend in three months
  • 5894: 75,000 bonus points; $500 spend in three months
  • 5985: 75,000 bonus points; $1,000 spend in three months
  • 5970: 50,000 bonus points; $500 spend in three months

2. Code for 50,000 additional points (seems to only be working for American Express Premier Gold credit card members who applied for the card after July 1, 2011)

  • 6664: 10,000 bonus points per 15 transactions per statement cycle (or month)

Please report your success!

UPDATE: The 100,000 bonus points (using code 6608) I believe is only for the Business Gold Credit Card. I have updated the title of the post to indicate this. To apply for the Business Gold Credit Card click here (no annual fee for the first year, then $125/year; Earn 25,000 additional points each year you spend $50,000+; Save 3-10% on expenses with companies like FedEx, Hertz, Hyatt Hotels, etc.).



    • @JW – glad you were able to get 6661 applied and thanks for the report back on code 6608. I have updated the post to reflect this. Also, make sure you call to get code 6664 added as well (10K per 15 transactions on your card per statement cycle – up to 50K).

  1. Used the 6608 code to get the business gold card. Confirmed. Etc. Was confused about how it would work to get the 6664 code as well. They can attach two codes? Or is that what you were alluding to that it would be a manual process that might or might not work.

    • @Nic – The 6664 has been reported to only work for the Gold Premier card (non-business card). You can absolutely call and try to get that code attached, but have a feeling it will not work.

      What I was alluding to with the manual process is that, it is not the promotion that people are registering for and instead representatives are manually adding the codes to accounts. Therefore, you are risking the chance that they will in fact not honor the codes that were manually added. However, do not believe this will be the case as American Express has a good reputation with their promotions.

  2. Hi, Thanks for all the great information here and over in the comments at Mommy Points. I really appreciate you guys walking us through all these deals. So, I have two questions:

    1) I was just approved for a personal Gold Membership Rewards card. Can I also apply for the Gold Business Card?

    2) There is no way I will meet the 50K spend on the business card (very small business). Do I have to reach the 50K spend before I can spend the additional 2K and get 100K bonus miles, or are these offers mutually exclusive?

    Any advice on this matter would be great.

    Thanks again!

    • @Kim- yes you can also apply for the hold business card. People have been able to apply code 6608 to get 100,000 bonus points after spending $2,000 in the first three months. The 25K after $50,000 spend is not related to a new applicant bonus. These extra pouts can be earned yearly.

  3. Thanks for the quick response. I just applied and was approved, so I will wait for this approval to get into their system and then request the bump up code.

  4. I just applied and was approved for both the Amex Gold PR personal and business cards. Does anyone know if I can call Membership Rewards to have a code applied before I’ve received and activated the card? I’ll likely be traveling when the cards arrive. Thanks!

    • @Graham – people have been able to call and apply the code prior to actually receiving the card. You will most likely need to just give them your SS# to have them pull up your application.

  5. I was approved for the gold business and attached 6608 without issue. I have already gotten similar rewards from the platinum (Jan 2011) and gold premier (May 2010 – now closed). Can I reapply for the gold premier or possibly get just the gold personal (not premier) and get the 75,000 + 10,000 per month?

    • @Sagar – the 10K per month seems to only be working for the gold premier account. I really am not sure if you will be re-approved for the gold premier card, although your account has been closed over a year. Others report you need two years with American Express to be approved for the offer after a card has been cancelled.


    • @mr G – glad you were able to get the bump in the offer! Also, thanks for confirming that code 6664 is only for personal cards.

  7. I applied for the premier rewards gold card and got it approved, but I have only 15k points attached. How do I add 75k promo to it? Whom do I call to?

    • @Murtuza – You will need to call American Express membership rewards customer service (1-800-AXP-EARN) and ask for code 6661 to be added to your account. Let them know that you have been made aware that a better offer is out there for the 75K.

  8. Thanks. Called them up but rewards rep do not have approval in their system. Will wait for a day and call them back.

  9. Applied for the Premier Gold Reward card a few days ago. Was approved. It’s in the mail, and I just dialed the rewards service number and pressed 000 to talk to a real person right away. The first lady gladly gave me the 75k bonus after 1000 dollars spend. I tried for the 15 transactions in a month but she told me it was only for cards BEFORE July 1st, she was helpful but I decided to hang up and try again.

    I tried again with the second guy and he said I was eligible for the 15 transactions (for 10,000) per MONTH (not billing cycle) up to 5 months according to him.)

    If you don’t get the answer you’re hoping for the first time it doesn’t hurt to try calling again! I’m very pleased.

    Good luck!

    • @Bud – glad you hung up and called back, that is always my approach as well! I’ve been getting mixed comments regarding the per month and per billing cycle, so I guess I would just recommend to use your card often so it qualifies for either option. Might even be worth doing a few different transactions every time you go to the grocery store.

  10. I had no luck with getting American Express to apply these promo codes to my new card. I called 4 times and each time they said the bonus codes are targeted offers and could only be applied if I got a mailed invitation or RSVP code. In the end, I decided to cancel the card. Not worth any more of my time/effort trying to get them to give it to me. Oh well.

  11. @dealswelike I was able to add up #5985 and #6664 code to my account. I spoke with guy named Curtis who helped with it. The details are as follows as per him:
    1. #5985 – Runs for recent account registered from 05/01/2011 date 12/01/2011. Gives 75k points for $1k spend in 3 months
    2. #6664 – 15 transaction per month and earns 10k points per month. It runs for 5 months starting from 07/01/2011.

    @Rita – Try again. Tell them to look into the membership rewards database for the code. It took the Rep 20 mins just to look for the codes 🙂 Best of luck

    • @ Murtuza – glad you were able to get it to work! Thanks for the results you received.

      @ Rita – I agree with the post above, definitely worth one more call.

  12. Unfortunately I have had no luck with either the personal card or the business card. I keep getting told that it’s not even possible and basically being called a liar. Disappointing

  13. The business card I just got 2-3 weeks ago The personal card I have yet to receive, but I called and they confirmed it’s in the mail. I have tried email, the customer service number and the points department. They keep telling me it’s impossible believe it or not.

    • @Paul – sorry to hear that you are not having any luck. Maybe 3rd time a charm? Have you called the 1-800-AXP-EARN #?

  14. got approved instantly for personal card, they said i have to received the card first and then call to have the promo code added, is this typical?

    • @Jackson – people have been getting different responses from representatives. You might be able to call back and give them your SS# to look up your account information and have them apply the code.

  15. Hi guys, today AUG 17th just received my AMEX gold business card, before activating called the amex reward number and said, mam i just received my card, didnt activate it yet, just got a offer on the mail for 100k, would you be kind enough to apply this to my account, she asked for the code 6608, two minutes later she said when did you received the card, i said today, she said you qualify just spend $2000 in two months and you are good, i am also noted in your account, thanks for the post guys, still waiting on my personal card

  16. Still could not get them to apply a code for me. I ended up cancelling the card before even activating it. Maybe next time!

  17. I called the number on my card, and didn’t have luck, I called back later at 800-AXP-EARN, and the agent happily added 5894. She thought the 6664 was targeted, but that I should qualify for it. She told me if the points don’t post, I should be able to request they are manually added.

    A bit cumbersome, but a little persistence seems to make this happen.

  18. UPS put the envelope with the card under my door mat yesterday and did not notice it until tonight. Activated the card online then called 800-axp-earn. First rep or the phone system hung up on me. Second rep had trouble slowly pulling up 6608, but in the end she made it and told me about 100,000 MR points for spending $2000 until Nov 14. Just like the personal gold affair 3 months ago, she told me to contact them if after 6-8 weeks after meeting the spend I do not see the bonus points and they will manually add the points. Thanks for this awesome offer and let’s hope for a 50% Delta transfer bonus with enticing MQMs this winter!

    • @M – glad this worked out for you! Seems like after a little bit of haggling the promotions are going through!

    • @Nguyen – Yes you can apply for both cards at the same time, which I would actually recommend you do if you are applying for both. People have noted that this will increase your changes of being accepted for both credit card offer. I actually just posted the links for the SPG credit card offer – it ends August 22, so you still have a few days.

      You can also apply for the SPG business credit card and personal card and get the promotional points for both.

  19. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I applied and received approval for both cards (using your links). After receiving the APG card, will try to apply the
    code(s) and report back. Thanks again.

  20. Sweet! I called MR after receiving the Gold Biz card and the very friendly rep notated my account with the terms of the 6608 bonus, no problem. Thanks, dealswelike!

  21. Finally! It took 6 phone calls, but I finally got 6661 applied to my card. First 2 CSR said this was a targeted offer that I would not qualify for if I did not recieve it in the mail. Next 2 reps said I can’t add or change promotion codes after applying for the card and would need to reapply for another card to add the promotion code. 5th rep said I would have to wait for my card before attempting to make any changes/additions to my promotion. 6th rep–applied the promotion with no questions/issues. I was so relieved I forgot to add 6664. Hopefully I don’t need another 6 calls for that one!
    Just a reminder to be persistent….

    • @Nima – glad it finally worked out for you and that you were so persistent. Although it might be time consuming, you will finally get one that says “yes”!

  22. As you can see from my previous post Business card was no problem with 100k bonus but the personal card took 4 phone calls. I called membership rewards, 1st guy said i need to meet the spending requirements before he can apply the code, second girl i gave her the 5894 code which was mistake she said it was only for people applied before july 1st, next time i called within minutes of calls he said you called before about 5984, they NOTED MY ACCOUNT. I said i didnt have the email front of me i now have the code 6661, he said ok lets see, big mistake, he said that code was only sent out in mail, i said ohh ok do i qualify, he said i will added to your account, you need to call back if you dont get the points automatically, i couldnt apply the 6664 , he said either or so i will try again in few days. ITS ALL ABOUT GETTING A NICE REP.

  23. I am not getting any cooperation. Not able to bump my new Personal or my Business Gold account to anything listed here. They indicate (multiple calls) that offers were targeted, I must get a new and different card to get a better deal (which has a higher annual fee by the way). One guy offered to put in a request but it would be 3 to 4 months before we knew anything and that he had never seen an offer bumped up to a new one.

    Am not giving up but this ticks me off that they don’t have a standardized policy for dealing with this and for having multiple deals floating around simultaneously.

    • @Todd – glad you are not giving up! Seems as though the agents have caught on. I made sure to update all my posts to include that this bump in bonus is not a guarantee.

  24. I have to call four times, until the last guy apply 6661 into my card. He said i will get 75000 bonus point after spending 1000 dollars in first 3 months. I just ask for confirmation if the requirement is 1000 dollars, and he said yes.

  25. Ok, i called them again to confirm if 6661 applied. The lady said not yet. gosh, the previous guy seems playing trick with me, and i complained to her. Well, she helped to apply 5894, which is better, spending only 500 in first three months.

  26. I received my card and learned that code 5948 for 15k miles and 5544 for 10k miles for 1k spend in 3 months. I also asked for 6664 for the use 15 times per month and receive 10k miles, runs from July 1st through 12/31/2013. Also I asked for code 6661 and she said once the 15k pts are in my account to call back and I would get an extra 60k points to make 75k total (but I did get an extra 10k in there due to 5544), so total 85k points for premier gold personal card, plus pore
    10k per month through end of next year. All with 1k spend, thanks to everyone for the tips. I was told 5894 and 5970 and 5985 were expired

  27. I work for AMEX and the code 6661 will only be honored if YOU received the code. Our system allows us to see what promo codes we have sent to you in the last 5 years. If it was one that YOU received then you get the credit, if it was one that a friend got, you “heard” about we will look in your promos and again honor it if YOU received it. 75k points is equal to us paying you $750 so you will only get the promo added if YOU got the invite to appy for that Promo.

  28. Eric, is this for new cardholders or people who have successfully requested the code to be applied. I applied for the card for this promotion in good faith at the time and had called to verify that I can be eligible. It was added to my account so I do expect that they honor it. I would be terribly upset if they don’t honor it after the required time and spend, because I get Amex solicited offers all the time in the past and I would’ve waited for an offer instead.

  29. Great thread and input. Any input on these questions would be helpful:
    1) Is this open only to first-time cardholders? I have a personal Amex, but not an Amex for my business. Can I still take advantage of these offers?
    2) It doesn’t look like there’s a place to put in a code in the online application. Is it easier/better to call to apply, and give the code at that time?

    Thanka and cheers.

    • @WKP – If you do not already have an Business AMEX card you can absolutely apply and get the promotional offer. American Express just recently put out a promotion for 50K points with The NEW Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express Open. You will need to spend $10,000 within the first 5 months to get the 50K deposited to your account. However, some have reported success of getting the bonus bumped up to 100,000 miles with code 6608 (that was described in this blog post). Keep in mind that the 100K is not guaranteed, but the 50K is. You will earn 3 points/$1 on airfare, 2 points/$1 on advertising, gas, and shipping, and 1 point/$1 on everything else; Annual fee waived for the first year then $175/year. You can apply for the card directly here. You can also read more about this new credit card and the offer in an updated blog post here.

      Once you click the link you will see the 50,000 offer promoted, so there is no need for an offer code. You are better off applying directly through the link provided to ensure you are applying for the 50K offer. After you apply and get accepted for the card, I would then call Amex, let them know that you realize there was a better offer out there at 100,000 points and ask if code 6608 can be applied. It has taken some many calls to finally get a customer service rep that will do it.

      Keep me posted!

  30. Just a quick update. I applied under the 6608 offer for the business card and confirmed at the time of issue with the call rep that 6608 attached etc. She said it did. Fast forward a month. I called to see when the points would attach as my first billing cycle ended a couple of weeks ago. The MR rep said there was no record of 6608 on my account and there was nothing she could do. She suggested that I contact the “call response” center and have them pull the call since all the calls are recorded. She said I could find this address to email them on the contact us page of MR webpage. I was not able to find it and have had to send a secure email to MR I can’t find the address. So I am waiting to hear back on that. Anyway, just a heads up. Hopefully this all works out. Very frustrating.

    • @Nic – Thanks for the update. I agree, it is extremely frustrating how some of the call centers approve things and then have NO documentation. Good thing though is with credit cards all calls are monitored so there is record. Please keep me (and other readers) posted with the end results.

  31. Well I couldn’t find the way to contact the call center as the directions originally given did not work. When I called back the MR agent gave me a fax number to contact that would go “above the heads” of MR. She said that the call was surely recorded and if they could confirm what the original processing agent said that the bonus would be honored.

    However, what might be most interesting to those on this thread is that she said they had changed things up just recently wherein the MR agents can no longer make manual changes to accounts like that had in the passed. Not sure what that means but probably not good.

    Anyway I sent the fax and am waiting to hear back with what I hope will be good news.

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