National Car Rental just announced their “1,2 Free” promotion, where Emerald Club members earn a free rental certificate for every two qualifying rentals between August 22 and January 31, 2012. You MUST register for this promotion prior to making any reservations – reservations made previously will not count unless cancelled and re-booked. A qualifying rental consists of a paid rental of a Midsize or larger vehicle at participating National Car Rental locations in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, for a period of two or more consecutive days. To register for this promotion click here. If you are not currently a National Car Rental Emerald Club member, you will need to first join the program (which is free) and you will automatically be entered into the promotion.

Free rental day certificates will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of reservation starting September 2 and will occur within 1-2 weeks after the second qualifying rental. Additionally, free rental days are non-transferable. Free rental day certificates can be redeemed between September 2, 2011 and June 25, 2012 for a compact through fullsize car. Additionally, reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. And to top off the restrictions, no more than three free rental days can be redeemed at a time. So, if you are planning on a week long rental, you must make separate reservations for every three-day increment, which will also include returning the car and picking up a new one (unless the location will do it for you over the phone). To redeem a Free Rental Day, visit

National Car Rental has also added a referral component to this promotion. You are able to refer your friends and if they sign up for the Emerald Club program (which is free) per your referral email to them and have a qualifying rental by January 31, 2012, you will receive a free rental day (maximum of 10 free rental days).

National Car Rental will also match your Avis and Hertz status (click here to request a status match):

Now to kick off this promotion, National Car Rental approached me with an opportunity to have a contest amongst my readers to win a $100 gas gift card. To qualify for this contest you must comment on THIS post letting me know where you hope to use your free rental days (just assume you will get at least one!) and the gas card to go along it. I personally have a vacation planned to New Orleans and California in the coming months where I would love to use my free rental days and this gift card (although I do not qualify to win!).


  • You will get one entry for making an eligible comment (must include a real email address and cannot be spam) on this post between now and Wednesday August 31, 2011 at 11:59pm EST.
  • You can get one additional entry by “liking” the Deals We Like Facebook page, for a total of two entries.
  • All family members of Deals We Like are excluded (sorry!)
  • All comments and Facebook “likes” will be given a random number and I will use to select a number and thus a winner to the contest.

Enjoy and gooduck!!

Full Disclosure: I do not receive anything from National Car Rental to run this promotion or contest. Only the one contest winner will receive a $100 gas gift card.

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or suggestions expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

  • KKW83 said,

    I’d use them them for a trip to Miami!

  • KKW83 said,

    I’d use it for when I’m in Miami next month.

  • Steve said,

    Not very exciting, but I typically use my free days for midweek leisure trips to business-heavy destinations where car rental rates can be quite high. MSP is a place I frequent that is usually a good example of this. Boring, I know… :)

  • sml said,

    With free rental days, I plan to use on my road trip to Oregon (Ashland & Crater Lake). Thanks!

  • Drew said,

    I’m escaping the family for Thanksgiving – and going to sunny Palm Springs! I’ll likely use my free days to rent from LAX or LAS. Maybe a hand or two of Pai Gow too…

  • Neel said,

    In Alaska next month!

  • Jonathan said,

    Use it in Nashville next month!

  • Nate said,

    I’m going to MD for thanksgiving and would use it when I’m there.

  • Miro said,

    In Las Vegas or SLC going to the Great Basin national park.

  • HockeyCoachBen said,

    Heading to Lake Placid and Montreal for Labor Day. Will use it there.

  • david said,

    Hawaii is my first choice as the gas card will help with the high gas prices on our honeymoon this fall!

  • Bradley B. said,

    I almost never rent cars, so I’d be unlikely to earn a free day, much less be able to put it to good use.

  • allen said,

    I have a trip planned to San Francisco, so it’ll pay for a day trip to Sonoma

  • Trey said,

    California Coast!

  • Steve said,

    I have several upcoming trips and it would be great to get a free rental day and $100 gas card!

  • Lauren said,

    Drive from NYC to upstate NY this Fall!

  • Con said,

    I will use my free rental and gas card in Honolulu for my trip next month!

  • Chris said,

    I’m planning a late Fall trip to Toronto via Niagara Falls–I would love to use it for this trip!

  • Beth said,

    For driving around CT enjoying the fall foliage

  • George said,

    I will drive my wife in style to a nice restaurant for our anniversary!

  • Joe said,

    In SFO next weekend. Good timing.

  • Tom said,

    I could use them in Vegas in January or Hawaii next May.

  • Sherri said,

    Thanksgiving is on the distant horizon and I’m going to visit family.

  • MichaelT said,

    A trip to SF!

  • Brian Cohen said,

    I would intend to use it when visiting my grandmother in Florida. Thank you in advance.

  • Tracy said,

    We have family trips to Orlando and Austin planned!

  • DKAS said,

    Will use the free day in driving from Alabama to Atlanta Georgia, probably need the gas card :D

  • buschoi said,

    I will ise it to San Juan Island, Washington

  • Mike said,

    My daughter is a college athlete and we fly to Charlotte several times during the season to watch her compete. Need a rental and gas!

  • ron said,

    I’ll use it for my trip to Michigan over Labor Day weekend.

  • Dan said,

    Flying to Miami, then driving up to Orlando. I’d love to use it on that!

  • Jordan said,

    Hope to use it on a stay at jHM later this year!

  • Murtuza said,

    Flying to Seattle in September and then 2 day drive around the city!! Will use it for Sight-seeing

  • James H said,

    I have a three day trip to Jackonville coming up this fall. The free day and/or $100 gas card would come in real handy. Thanks

  • Chris said,

    Cruising through wine country!

  • Ted said,

    I will use this for my trip to new orleans!

  • Mark A. said,

    I’m taking my wife and son on their first trip to Disney World next spring, unless our next child is here by then! If that’s the case, I’ll be going to crazytown by myself!

  • cyndi said,

    driving down US 1 to the florida keys

  • Lauren said,

    We play on going away to a destination in the Carribean islands either this November or in March so would love to use both there!

  • Million Mile Secrets said,

    Out Thanksgiving trip in November in Toledo.

  • dwh said,

    Wedding in Carmel!

  • ordfreqflyer said,

    Using it to visit my family back in Chicago as I am getting transferred to Toronto while my family will be staying in Chicago for another 12 months (employer is not going to pay for trips back to family).

  • Hansel said,

    Trip to Madrid with my wife for our anniversary.

  • Kristi said,

    Trip to Costa Rica.

  • erndog said,

    I in for a weekend trip to Northern California!

  • Simon said,

    Trip to Lake Tahoe!

  • Rick said,

    Trip to New York.

  • bk3day said,

    I too will be in NOLA soon & looking forward to using a National car to see the sights outside the city.

  • Riann said,

    Hawaii (on frequent flier miles, of course..)! (and the gas card would be great for Hawaii too – I’ve heard I am going to go into shock filling up the rental car at the pump there!) Every bit helps…

  • Kozi said,

    I plan to use the car for a trip to Salem, MA for the autumn festivities!

  • airshadow said,

    trip to Savannah!

  • Fargus said,

    I’d use them to rent a car in Puerto Rico on my honeymoon!

  • Conway said,

    Heading to Kauai for our honeymoon in October and we haven’t book our rental car yet! Would love to use it there!

  • Evan said,

    I’d use it to take our new baby to visit family this fall!

  • Glenda C said,

    I would use them for a tour of the Southern Utah National Parks. I’ve heard they are beautiful.

  • Jeffrey said,

    Taking a wine country trip in November. This would come in handy.

  • Angela said,

    I’d use them to drive from San Fran to Napa Valley!

  • ASen said,

    I would use my rentals days and gas card in Hawaii. Rental and gas both are so expensive there!

  • Manny said,

    I would you it to take a road trip Niagara Falls.

  • Dan said,

    I would use the free days and gas card for a ski trip in Maine.

  • Bryan Long said,

    I am getting some repairs done to my car in the next week or two and a car rental would be perfect for that.

  • LA said,

    I would take my boys on a trip to Oregon!

  • Ceyda said,

    To visit friends in LA since I need a car to navigate that city!

  • Rajnish said,

    Next month i am going to Vegas, i will use it there.

  • Shruti said,

    Will use it on upcoming San Diego trip.

  • Andrew said,

    Road trip through the Rockies!

  • Nish said,

    I’d love the gas card to use on my next road trip to Vegas ;)

  • Hans said,

    I would use them for Catalyst in Atlanta.

  • Tom said,

    Planning a trip to Brazil. Would take the rental from CT to NYC and do some sight seeing before our departure.

  • Jennifer said,

    In Chicago later this month.

  • SEE said,

    Planning several trips for college football weekends. A free rental and gas card would definitely come in handy!

  • Nguyen said,

    Will use it for a trip down to Los Angeles, California.

  • SC Flier said,

    I’ll use my free rental days in Hawaii.

  • Krishna said,

    We have a planned vacation in Honolulu, HI during Thanksgiving. As you know car rentals are skyhigh in HNL and i am looking to use the free rental days from National to cruise around in Tropical Hawaii. As a National Executive Elite im hoping to score a cool car.

  • Nadine said,

    I would use the rental to drive north from Massachusetts to the Vermont/New Hampshire area to see the foliage.

  • Jenny said,

    I’d love to use them on my honeymoon to Maui with my new husband! We haven’t been there yet and are really excited about planning this trip. This would definitely help!

  • Isaac said,

    I’ll use it toward an upcoming San Francisco trip.

  • Jordan said,

    Hope to use it on Maui (free rental day)!

  • Henry M. said,

    I’d drive from San Frracisco to San Diego on Hwy 1 and enjoy the scenery and cities along the way. Road Trip!

  • renee said,

    I will using my free rental for a ski trip to Colorado this winter.

  • Kerry said,

    Would use this for wheels for my soloists for the Montana Early Music Festival!

  • David said,

    We would love to drive up to New England for some fall foliage.

  • Bhumik said,

    I’d like to use the rental in Hawaii during my mini-honeymoon trip.

  • Jon said,


  • Jonathan said,

    Nashville and the gas card to make it to a UT game in Knoxville.

  • Lindsay said,

    Use a free day in Napa Valley. Gas for fill ups to the wineries!

  • Shannon said,

    I’d use in in Honolulu this December!

  • David said,

    I would use it for a trip to Maine to go skiing

  • susan pope said,

    Going to BWI for my college roommate’s son’s wedding. Need a good car! Glad I can go, but it is Hard to believe we got this old!

  • phsu said,

    I am just talking to my boss (wife:)) for the Thanksgiving 2011 vacation — to Sedona AZ.

    However, it is so expensive to rent any cars in Phoenix airport which we are in the debating mode.

    The free gas card & car rentals will definitely help…

    Thanks for this invitation.

  • Tina said,

    Key West, FL — the free rental car + gas card will help us to remove our worry for aged car we have

  • Peter said,

    Sedona, AZ during Thanksgiving 2011.

    The free rental & gas card wil help to reduce the impact for the high rental car price in Phoenix.

  • Susan said,

    I would use it for an upcoming trip to Palm Springs.

  • Michael L said,

    I”d use them for a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. I love National Car Rental – being able to pick your own car is an amazing benefit.

  • worldtraveller2 said,

    Trip along PCH in Southern California would be nice. National Car Rental is a one!

  • ben said,

    i hope to go to orlando with my gf. We were both never there before. Im currently national emerald executive elite!

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  • P said,

    Toronto through the holidays!

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  • Tarria said,

    I would like to use the free rental car + gas card to take my Grandchildren to KINGS DOMINION…

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