without it being filled of course and fill it once you get through security. I was at LaGuardia airport last week and saw a new contraption that I have yet to see.

This allows you to put your water bottle straight up on the platform and get water from a different spout. This avoids the awkward angle of the water bottle to try to get it filled as much as possible and the germs you may receive by having the top of the bottle touch your old fashion spout. I thought this was pretty cool and hope it is installed in all airports! Have you seen this in any other airports?

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  • sumanth said,

    I have seen this in SFO, and i think this should be mandatory in all airports. But when TSA says no liquids more than 3oz, I have seen many people just throwing their bottles with water before security. It’s easy to forget that empty bottles are allowed.

  • Scottrick said,

    TSA doesn’t have a spot to pour out your liquids and save the bottles (probably for good reason). Most of the bottles I see people throwing out are those TSA caught during the screening process.

  • deltagoldflyer said,

    …or you can also FREEZE it as then it is a solid ;-) per TSA

  • dealswelike said,

    @DGF – have you actually gotten away with that?

  • Lindsay said,

    My gym has these, and they rule. I would love to see them in more airports!

  • emily said,

    they have those at universities too :)

  • dealswelike said,

    @Lindsay – Me too! They are great!

  • deltagoldflyer said,

    @deals – no but the TSA says we can: http://www.tsa.gov/311/311-carry-ons.shtm

    Plus I just go the the skyclub and have a glass of wine, then to the flight and in 1st.. well it is always nice there too!

  • SEE said,

    I had heard about the frozen “trick” as well. I didn’t try it, but on my last trip, I specifically asked TSA screeners at PIT, DCA and LAS if it was permissable. All 3 said yes. It can’t hurt to try.

  • Simon said,

    I saw one of these in ATW (Appleton, WI) airport last month.

  • PatB said,

    Spotted one of these a few months ago at ORD & used it. I thought it was a nice touch.

  • ABadDayOfSkiingOutWestIsBetterThanAGoodDayOfSkiingInTheEast said,

    Hi Deals,

    Excellent point, I’ve been carrying an empty bottle through security for years, ever since the new rules. I drink tap water everywhere, for health and “green” reasons, and the idea of paying an inflated price for a bottle of water (that might not ever actually be consumed) inside airport security really annoys me. I’ve never been asked about an empty bottle and I have had to spill the contents into a garbage bag on a few occasions prior to going through security. FWIW, concourse C at LGA (as of last month) has only one water fountain. It was out of order for a year or so a couple of years ago. Fortunately the nice folks at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels were gracious about filling a water bottle at that time :-) .

    You’re series on the Ultimate Rewards program and cards is excellent, thanks very much. I’ve got Sapp Pref and Ink, applying for Freedom (just to xfer points to Ink then to Hyatt) with my next round of applications.

    Keep up the good work! Thank you.

  • dealswelike said,

    @SkiingFanatic – You can use those Hyatt points at the Hyatt Escala Lodge at the Canyons!

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