New-ish Credit Card Offers

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Recently, there have been the addition of some new points and miles credit card offers along with some that were supposed to expire, but are still working for many. I have only listed the newish offers in this post, so for a whole list of existing and top offers, check out the Promotions page.

  • Southwest 50k points is back! The Southwest credit card has been going back and forth between 25k and 50k points. While many do not personally care about Southwest, I am a huge fan of the companion pass that Southwest offers. As of today, the 50,000 bonus points that you earn from the credit card count towards the companion pass. To receive a companion pass valid for the remainder of the year earned and the following year, you must earn 110,000 qualifying points within the calendar year. Since the 50,000 points is available for both the personal and business card, this will get you 100,000 points right off the bat. I went for this offer last year and had great success. I personally would hold off until January 1, 2013 to get my points to post to make the companion pass last longer, but it really depends what works best for you. You can read more about the companion pass and why I love it so much in this prior blog post. Personal card details and application link; Business card details and application link
  • Priority Club 80,000 points is still available! Typically, the Priority Club credit card is for 60,000 points, but many people (including my mom) have been able to apply through the application link directly (which doesn’t specify the 80,000 points) and get the full 80,000. The minimum spend on this offer is nothing, so after your first purchase, you could get the full points. The annual fee of $49 is waived the first year too, but the good thing about this card is that you get a free night annually, which can make up for the $49 fee plus much more. Details and application link.
  • American Airline credit card for 50,000 miles! You will most likely see the 30,000 or 40,000 AA card advertised, but luckily enough their is a 50,000 mile offer that still seems to be working. Again, this takes you directly to the application page, so you will not see the advertised 50,000 mile offer. The minimum spend is $3,000 in three months. Unfortunately the terms & conditions link is not working for me, so is not able to specify all of the information regarding the card. There definitely is a slight risk with this offer, but it seems to be working for many. Details and application link.
  • US Airways for up to 60,00 miles! The norm is up to 40,000 miles, but View from a Wing points out that although this offers states it is for “Chairman’s Preferred Members Only” many non-status applicants have received this bonus. You’ll get 40,000 miles after your first spend on the card, 10,000 miles with a bonus transfer in 90 days, an additional 10,000 miles after your first account anniversary. Every year thereafter you’ll receive an additional 10,000 miles as well. This is a $89/year fee, but waived the first year. Details and application link.

Are there any other more secret or new offers that I am missing? Remember, many of the offers that go straight to the application page have reported to work well, but the risk is yours.


  1. I directed a friend to the 80000 priority club last month. Worked fine and points already posted along with platinum status. I used the 60000 us airways link 2 weeks ago for the other half, received the card and t&c in the mail match as advertised. YMMV, but looks good!

  2. The AA link is for new card holders only. If you already have an AA card don’t use this link, apply for the 2nd one using the normal offer. Otherwise you’ll get turned down, and not be able to apply for another Citibank card for 60 days or whatever.

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