Today is the last day for…

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The last day of the month typically means the end of many promotions. While I blogged about a few of my favorite ones yesterday (US Airways 100% sharing bonus and Radisson free night certificate), I still wanted to compile all the promotions and make sure you do not miss out. Especially for those without power yesterday, here is a recap to ensure you are on the ball and do not miss out.

Today, Wednesday October 31st is the last day for…

  • Earning 100% bonus miles when sharing US Airways miles. You can “share” up to 50,000 bonus miles with a friend/family member and earn 100% bonus miles (the account you are sharing the miles with will be the one who earns the 100% miles). The cost of sharing miles is actually slightly less than purchasing miles, so this can end up being an amazing deal! You can only share miles in 1,000 mile increments at $10 per $1,000 miles. This means that the cost to share 50,000 miles with a friend, thus giving them 100,000 miles, will cost you $500. However, when sharing miles you will pay a $30 fee per transaction plus 7.5% tax. This makes the total cost $567.50. While person A is out 50,000 miles, person B is up 100,000 miles, thus a gain of 50,000 miles. Person B can than share the 50,000 miles back to person A for the same $567.50 cost. Ultimately, this means you can “purchase” 50,000 miles for $567.50, which can be one heck of a deal for many! Read this prior blog post to fully understand the value of this and if it is a good deal for you. You can share miles here.
  • Registering and booking your Radisson hotel to qualify for the free night certificate promotion. You must register and book your Radisson hotel (US, Canada, and Caribbean hotels only) by TODAY! However, the reservation can be through December 31, 2012 to qualify for the promotion. This will then earn you one free night certificate to use at ANY Radisson or Radisson Blu certificate in the US, Canada, and Caribbean through December 31, 2013. This is limited to one free night certificate per account. For example, you can book a one night stay of $70/night and earn a free night certificate that can be used in Aruba which can go for $400/night. Register now and book your Radisson hotel here.
  • Earning 3x miles with Marriott. If you were participating in the Marriott Summer MegaMiles promotion where you were earning 3x miles after your second stay, that bonus ends today. Make sure to change your earning preference over to points and enroll in the Fall/Winter MegaBonus promotion to earn bonus points or free nights (depending on what you were targeted for). The MegaBonus promotion goes through January 15, 2013.
  • Getting your free $5 at McDonalds. Through the American Express syncing promotion, you can enroll in the McDonalds promotion where you get a $5 statement credit with a $5+ purchase. You must first sync your American Express card with the Twitter sync site, Tweet #AmexMcDs, and spend $5 at McDonalds. Even if you have no desire to eat McDonalds today, you can typically purchase a $5 gift card and that will trigger the statement credit. This is limited to one per American Express card/Twitter account. To take advantage multiple times, you must sync your Amex cards with different Twitter accounts and register each one.
  • Opening a Citibank checking account and earning up to 30,000 American Airline miles. You can earn up to 30,000 American Airline miles by opening a Citibank checking account. Within 60 days you must: 1) meet the minimum spend on the debit card (which depends on the offer you open), and 2) set up direct deposit to the checking account for 2+ consecutive months. I’ve done this offer in the past and eventually ended up with my promised miles, but it did take a few too many phone calls. Also, in the past year Citibank has been sending out 1099 forms for miles earned, so you do risk the chance of receiving a 1099 in the mile. They also have been putting a high value on each mile (from what I’ve read it is 2.5 cents per mile). For amounts less than $600, companies are not required to send a 1099, however, that does not mean you are not supposed to report it as taxable income (side note: I am not an accountant!). This means that the 30,000 miles could potentially generate a 1099 form, but the 15,000 mile offer will not. Make sure to read this blog post to fully understand the promotion and the directions on how to open an account.
If you know of any other deals ending today, feel free to post them in the comments. While I try to get every deal, it is inevitable one or two will slip by.
Enjoy your Halloween and my thoughts/prayers are with you all who are affected by the storm.


  1. citi checking account: 2) set up direct deposit to the checking account for 2+ consecutive months.

    Does this mean the 2nd month direct deposit have to be within the 60 days?

  2. oh what I wanted to ask was:

    1. direct deposit to the account for 2+ consecutive months, both of the direct deposits have to occur within 60 days of account opening day

    2. direct deposit to the account for 2+ consecutive months, the first direct deposit have to occur within 60 days of account opening day

    which one is true?

    • @Peter – The way I read it (and this is my interpretation) is that you must have just set up the direct deposit (and I guess have at least one transaction) within the first 60 days.

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