A Few More Amex / Facebook Sync Promotions

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Last week I wrote about the many more American Express syncing promotions that were added to the Facebook “Link, Like, Love” app. There were a slew added with some of the more notable ones being Costco, California Pizza Kitchen, The Container Store, and One Kings Lane. There are many others, but those seem to be the most popular and universal.

After I posted the initial list, I noticed some other decent merchants were added to the list:

  • American Apparel: Spend $125, get $25 back (expires 11/23)  – this is valid for online purchases only
  • SkyAuction.com: Spend $100, get $50 back (expires 12/4)
  • BaubleBar.com: Spend $50, get $10 back (expires 3/1/13) – you can also register for this promotion via Twitter instead by tweeting #AmexBaubleBarOffer
  • Peachy Airport Parking: Spend $25, get $5 back (expires 1/5/13) – this is for airport parking in Atlanta which is typically only $7.99/day

Thus far, I’ve gone all in with Costco purchasing $100 gift cards online with my 6 different American Express credit cards. The first one I did last week already posted with the statement credit, but the other 5 still have the charge as a pending transaction, so be patient with this one, it seems to be taking longer than normal. When I am in the suburbs over Thanksgiving, I will probably have a field day at California Pizza Kitchen as well purchasing gift cards in store as it is a favorite lunch location for my mom.

To learn more about these American Express statement credit promotions, read this prior “Free Money 101” blog post. You can also check out a compiled list of the current American Express sync promotions on this blog page.

You can sync your American Express credit card to Facebook here.


  1. I’d really like to get one of those Kirkland Carry-on luggage bags @ Costco, but am not a member. What’s the best method to obtain this? I don’t have one that’s incredibly convenient to me, so signing up for a membership to get the bag seems a little counter-intuitive to me.

  2. Can you please let me know how to sync 6 cards to american express? I’m not sure if you wrote about it already…thank you!

    • @DC – You can do one of two things: 1) Sync each amex card to a unique facebook account; or 2) sync the card, purchase the item to get the credit, receive the credit, then unsyc that card and resync a new card – you’ll need to do this for the amount of cards you have (in your case 6 times)

  3. I found I could sync the cards for the costco office with NO facebook connection. By downloading the AMEX app on my phone, you log in. select “home” on the bottom left, then select “XX Offers Available to You”. Then a screen pops up that says “YourNameHere” Offers… where you can select the Costco Offer. If it’s not there, you already selected it. Just hit the little tab at the top and it will bring you to another screen where you can see what you’ve selected.

    This gets a bit complicated if you have several cards on one login screen. You probably will have to fiddle with it for awhile until you get the hang of it. There is also a help screen that tells you stuff…

    ALSO, you can log in online and click on the card you want to attach the Costco offer to; it shows up on the bottom right of the screen. However, it doesn’t always show up and I have no idea how it does show up… It just pops up and then you can scroll through the offers.

    Offers are tailored to you, so not everything shows up for everyone (or at least that’s what I’ve observed).

    One other thing is you can only get one offer per card (it seems like it only gives it to the prime holder)…

    Anyone else’s experience?

  4. @dealswelike. And scott -Thank you – but I’m afraid that I did what farsighted99 did. I had the mx app and synced it through there. I wonder if I could still do Facebook with another card? Do you know if business mx cards work with the sync offer as well?

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