It’s about time for another Amex Twitter Sync promotion. This time you can purchase a $25 American Express gift card for $15. All you have to do is tweet ” #BuyAmexGiftCard25” from your Twitter account. Like all other promos twitter/sync promos, this is only good for those with American Express credit cards and you must sync your card prior to tweeting.

UPDATE: This promotion has ended. It seems like the gift cards sold out within 12 hours.

To take part in this promotion:

  • Sync your American Express credit card to Twitter here
  • Tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25 – you will then get a confirmation that your tweet has been received
  • You will get a confirmation that your tweet has been received (go to your “Connect” tab)
  • IF you are given a link to update your information, go to that page, enter your information (credit card billing address, expiration date, 4-digit card ID), and click the “I Agree, Submit” button
  • You will then have to go to the “Me” tab and delete the already tweeted #BuyAmexGiftCard25 tweet (this is only for those that had to give the credit card info)
  • Re-tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25 – you should receive a confirmation from Amex (go to the “Connect” tab) (again, only for those that had to give the credit card info)
  • Go back to Twitter and tweet #ConfirmAmexGiftCard25  – you only have 15 minutes to do this
  • Verify you get an email confirmation
  • The gift card will be sent to your billing address on file
Filling in this information will order your $25 gift card and will only cost you $15. This is the same as $10 in free money! Remember, you can liquidate this gift card through Amazon Payments to get the $25 paid back to you. 
This promotion ends March 3, 2013, but can always end early if the maximim number of people have been met. Also, this is limited to one card per Twitter account. If you have multiple cards, sync them to separate Twitter accounts – if you want to take advantage more than once.

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or suggestions expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

  • Sean said,

    Nice. Thanks.

  • Rachel said,

    Thanks for the info! I retweeted their tweet and couldn’t figure out how to delete it since there’s not a delete link for retweets (only tweet you’ve authored). Apparently all you need to do is click the retweet link and that takes it back, effectively deleting it. Can you tell I only use Twitter for AmEx promos?

  • greek2me said,

    After tweeting, entering my card info, deleting orig tweet and re-tweeting still not getting any reply back from Amex. See Mr Pickles tweeting he and others also having same problem.

  • Ian said,

    Thanks! It took a while to get the second reply from AmexSync, but finally it arrived. :)

  • Rasputin said,

    waiting for the second reply.

    I noticed a $1 charge from some mailing company in cincinnati, OH on my card. I don’t use my Amex card or Twitter for anything except Amex sync these days.

  • Rasputin said,

    This is great. I deleted my original tweet and tweeted again after entering the info on Amex Sync. Now, I do not even see Amex’s post about adding info about synced card. I am not sure if it is Twitter or Amex making things sooo user ‘UN”friendly.

  • Christine B said,

    I love free money and Deals We Like!

  • Jimmy Y. said,

    Well it took around 43 minutes for me to get the reply tweet and I missed the 15 min. deadline… Round 2…

  • Rasputin said,

    @Jimmy, are you having any luck with round 2? No luck for me

  • Jimmy Y. said,

    @Rasputin, it’s been 14 minutes now since my tweet. I’m hoping that I get the retweet in 25 or so minutes like before.

  • Jimmy Y. said,

    @Rasputin, just got the retweet tweet so it took 19 minutes this time.

  • Rasputin said,

    @Jimmy, I got the retweet #confirm thing and after that got purchase confirmation email in 7 minutes. Finally, it worked.

  • Carlo said,

    Thanks! It took about 45 minutes but got it :)

  • Neerav M said,

    Thanks for sharing !!!

  • Amit said,

    I was able to complete this entire process within 2 minutes. I did not delete my original #BuyAmexGiftCard25 tweet as listed in the instructions above.

  • Ozaer N. said,

    still not working for us..keep getting this: @twitteruser Sorry, we’re having trouble processing your request to purchase $25 Amex Gift Card. Pls try again or contact @AskAmex

  • Mary M said,

    Thank you! It took me awhile to figure out how to tweet, but finally got the confirmation notice.

  • DanR said,

    Gift card is no longer available as of 8:18am ET. Response from AmEx.

  • Shane said,

    Just tried this morning and got the following: “Sorry, $25 Amex Gift Card is no longer available. Check out more products & great offers at” Looks like this is dead and I missed it. :(

  • SW said,

    sold out

  • SW said,

    sold out

  • PH said,

    @Rasputin: The $1 charge is from the fulfillment company. This is part of a whole initiative that AMEX is launching. After running a few trials this week, they’ll probably be pushing (or have already pushed) for other companies to do the same. That then becomes a way for AMEX to promote itself to those other companies’ customers — “this great deal is only available if you have an AMEX card”.

  • John D said,

    Whoo Hoo! Received the gift card via UPS Express delivery today. AMEX is really working this promo. Hope there are more in the future. Thanks for the heads-up dealswelike! Great introduction to your site.

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