Briggs & Riley Luggage at a Discount

Via RueLaLa (one of my favorite online shopping discount sites), you can purchase a variety of Briggs & Riley luggage pieces at a decent discount. Shipping is a fixed $9.95 (which then gives you free shipping for the next 30 days) and you have 30 days to return the product if needed.

I personally do not have a Briggs & Riley suitcase, but have heard good things. Now, you might be able to get this luggage for less elsewhere (outlet store, Bloomingdales massive sale with F&F discount), etc. But overall, they do look like great prices. Additionally, these bags have a lifetime guarantee where you can send them back and have them fixed or replaced (if needed).

Additionally, if you do not want to spend a massive amount on luggage, head over to Points, Miles, and Martinis blog as he is giving away a free piece of luggage just for entering his contest!


  1. Whoever designed RueLaLa’s website should be fired immediately. Any website that asks me to give my email address and/or other details before I can even browse their wares is a strict NO NO.

  2. @Rasputin Actually, for flash sale sites like Rue LaLa, having to become a member before browsing the items on sale is a standard practice. It’s not a traditional e-store.

  3. @Katherine, coming from the User Interface and User Experience field, I think that is a bad UI design. They may have their business reasons, but it is still an inexcusable UI crime. We are paid to avoid these kind of bad design decisions.

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