Last year I came across a newish site called The Fancyit is many times considered similar to Pintrest but you can actually buy products from it. I think of it as a place where you can buy a wide array of random stuff while linking to your social media networks to read reviews and see what your friends like. It is not a deal site but has some really cool and unique items. It is essentially a aggregator site (if you want to think of it that way) with a bunch of businesses selling their random and funky products. Items cost anywhere from a few bucks to over $500, so there is quite a range.

So although this is not a deal site, there is currently a coupon code for $20 off a $20+ purchase – use coupon code 20OFF16 at checkout. So if you are able to find a $20 item, or a bunch of items that total $20 or more, you are just paying shipping (of $4.95) plus the dollar amount above $20. I personally searched through the $1-$20 list, where there are THOUSANDS of items to select from and saw a travel hoodie pillow. I actually saw this item presented on Shark Tank a few months back and thought it was a cool concept then, although never really looked into buying it. Now that it is only $4.95, I figure I’ll give it a shot. I do like the idea of having a travel pillow and some sort of barrier between me and the seat cushion that everyone else puts their head on. UPDATE: Yesterday this item went out of stock, but it is now back! You can get grey or black now, or red for pre-order to be shipped in June.

As I mentioned above, there are THOUSANDS of items to select from so you by no means need to utilize the coupon code for a travel pillow – it was just the item that caught my interest and I thought would be of interest to many many travel enthusiast readers! If your item is less than $20, unfortunately the coupon code will not work so you’ll need to fine another item to add to your card. Remember though, items can sell out and promotional codes can always be pulled at any time.

You can sign up for The Fancy here and browse through their many products. Anyone purchase one, or ever use this type of travel pillow before? Any other cool products you purchased for almost free? I must admit, some of the items are absolutely hysterical and looking through the extensive list was quite fun!

Disclosure: This is a referral link, but please feel free to add your referral link to the comments section for other readers to use if you decide to sign up for The Fancy!

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or suggestions expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

  • Jonathan H said,

    Signed up through your referral. Please use mine!

  • Nick B. said,

    I actually bought the travel hoodie pillow, but I’ve found it is a much narrower pillow than most travel pillows.

  • Andy O. said,

    Signed up using Johnathon H. above. Please use mine once. Conga line!

  • ram said,

    They will have it available in red now! Bummer!

  • Joseph said,

    Got Andy’s now mine conga conga conga!

  • will said,

    So everyone wants there own referral instead of using the bloggers??? Talk about lame and bs

  • Stephanie said,

    It’s back in stock! 11:45AM PST. :) Red is still for pre-order though.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Stephanie – Great, thanks for letting me know!

  • Andy O. said,

    Hi Will;

    Did you see this at the bottom of theis blog post?

    “Disclosure: This is a referral link, but please feel free to add your referral link to the comments section for other readers to use if you decide to sign up for The Fancy!”

    We are just doing as suggested. Cheers!

  • Groobie said,

    Awesome! I wanted this when I saw it on Shark Tank. :) Great coupon! For less than $5, it’s certainly worth a try.

  • Kalboz said,

    Thank you for posting. Used your above published link to buy the red hoodie but the website is very hard to navigate … reminds me sorta of the website.

  • dealswelike said,

    @kalboz – I agree, I am not a fan of the site layout either.

  • Kevin G said,

    Got Andy’s now mine conga:

  • Tonei said,

    I used Kevin’s – mine is

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