I got a great email a few days ago from JetBlue letting me know that they’ve done away with their point expiration policy and the points earned will never expire! This is great since JetBlue had a rather annoying expiration policy in the past and required you to earn or redeem points once every 12 months to keep your account active. And earning points for activation purposes could only be done by flying, not through partner activity like most of the other airlines.

Going forward, the JetBlue points you earn are your for good – no keeping track on when they expire, no losing points due to non-activity, etc. There is no fine print or anything!

I think this is a GREAT enhancement and hope that some of the other airlines follow along as well (although most are easier to keep your account active). Good job JetBlue!

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  • Stefan said,

    Um, where have you been? This is last week’s news:-)

  • dealswelike said,

    @Stefan – been taking care of a three week old.

  • John said,

    Unlike other poster, I had not heard. Thanks for the FYI.
    I avoided Jet Blue due to their policy. This change is good news for me and them!

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