Purchase American Airline Miles at a Huge Discount

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Through July 8, 2016, you can purchase American Airline miles with a pretty generous bonus offer – you’ll receive a 10% discount plus up to a 100,000 bonus depending on the number of miles you purchase.

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You can purchase a maximum of 150,000 miles, get 100,000 bonus miles, and then pay 10% off the normal price. Ultimately, this will give you 250,000 miles for $4311.19 – which means you are buying miles at 1.72 cents per mile. I believe this is actually the best American Airlines purchasing miles promotion we’ve seen in quite some time.

When it comes to purchasing miles, as a rule of thumb, it typically is only lucrative for those wanting to fly business/first class. For those who are content with economy, usually the numbers do not add up, but you’d have to check the math and see if it is worth it.

Should you take advantage of this promotion?

While there is no cut and dry answer, this promotion could be great for some of you. As mentioned before, those who primarily redeem for domestic travel will most likely not see the value, but for those that desire business and first class on international flightsthis could be a great deal! Remember though, you will not earn miles when redeeming miles.


You can check out the American Airlines award chart and OneWorld alliance award chart to see the number of miles needed for each route.

I will personally be opting out of this promotion as I have more than enough American Airline miles so to purchase more miles when I have no need at all just doesn’t seem worth it. Also, since I typically redeem for economy class seats, this seems anything but worth it for me. I also hate speculatively purchasing points. If you know of a trip you’d like to be taking, do the math and see if it makes sense. If you’ve been eager to take that business class Cathay Pacific flight to Asia, for example, this could be the perfect opportunity!

Will you be taking advantage?


  1. I stay in Singapore and have quite a few American Advantage miles. But can’t seem to redeem them. Every time I want to travel east to Dubai nothing seems to be available. Any advice?

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