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The End of AirTran, but More Southwest Points!

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As you are all probably aware, AirTran and Southwest pretty much completed their merger on November 1, 2014. While there are some passengers that still have flights booked through AirTran through December 28th, for all intents and purposes, AirTran no longer exists. I wrote about this a bunch last week as there were MANY tricks and…

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Trick to Turn Southwest Standard Awards and Credits Into Points

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Last week I wrote about a trick to transfer Southwest points into Southwest standard awards. This loophole works well if you are trying to book a flight on Southwest that requires more than 19,200 points roundtrip (assuming their is standard award available).  Well, if you would prefer the opposite and currently have a Southwest standard award…

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Southwest and AirTran Extend their Reservation Schedule to January 4, 2015

Southwest and AirTran have extended their reservation schedule until January 4, 2015. Up until now you could only book through October 31, 2014, but now you can go ahead and book travel for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, School Vacation, New Years, etc.! I have gone ahead and made a bunch of speculative flights with points…

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Southwest and AirTran Points Combine + 750 Free Points!

AirTran’s A+ Rewards program is ending November 2, 2014, and all credits currently in your account will be rolled up into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account. All A+ credits will be converted as 1 credit = 1,200 Rapid Reward points. This is the same conversion as transferring your credits now. If you typically earn and redeem…

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Purchase Southwest Points with a 25% Discount

Starting today, there is a promotion where Southwest is selling their points at a 25% discount. While a discount always sounds great, Southwest has a fixed redemption program, so you’ll still not get the value that they are worth, typically. But let’s go through the math to see when it might be worth it to purchase the points…

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More Southwest International Destinations in 2014

Yesterday I posted some exciting news that Southwest will be flying to some international destinations starting July 1, 2014. These three routes include Aruba, Montego Bay, and Nassau. Unfortunately these routes are only available from a select few destinations, but should open up to other destinations in the near future. While there is no set…

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Southwest and AirTran Extend their Schedule to August 8, 2014

While most airlines allow you to book travel 330 days in advance, some of the US lower carrier airlines have a very different booking schedule. Every so often Southwest and AirTran extend their reservations system a few months out at a time. You can now book your flight through August 8, 2014. Until now you could…

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