without it being filled of course and fill it once you get through security. I was at LaGuardia airport last week and saw a new contraption that I have yet to see. This allows you to put your water bottle straight up on the platform and get water from a different spout. This avoids the… Read full article

Although the Global Entry program was introduced last July, I  had not really spent much time looking into it. However, after a 15 hour flight home from Hong Kong last week the last thing that excited me was waiting in the customs line for 30 minute. While in line, I took a Global Entry flyer… Read full article

After a 20 something hour trip and a last minute trip fiasco (more on that later) I arrived in Thailand a few days ago. My first stop is in Krabi beach at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort. I haven’t spent much time at the hotel as I’ve been out and about seeing the beautiful islands… Read full article

While there are clearly 100+ ways to save money while traveling, I wanted to highlight some of the quick and easy ways if you are on a budget. If you have some thrifty ways you have saved on your travels, please feel free to share in the comments sections below! I will be adding to… Read full article

Now when searching for various flight options, you can use Google Flight Search. This capability, launched today, will allow you to type your flight information into the search bar and view all available flights. Once you select your outbound flight, it will give you all the return flight options on all carriers and your total… Read full article

Starting today, actually, Delta has changed the cancellation policy for all award tickets regardless of when the ticket was purchased. Going forward all award tickets must be cancelled at least 72 hours in advance of your flight to get the miles redeposited back into your account (free for Platinum and Diamond elite members, $150 per… Read full article

View from the Wing posted an incredibly detailed explanation on an extension for airline taxes that expired last night at midnight. Due to this, it seems as though right now you can purchase some tickets without having to pay all of the taxes, resulting in a fare reduction of about $20-$30. Essentially, some federal taxes,… Read full article

Last Sunday I flew from Birmingham to Toronto via Dallas. I was on an evening flight and trying to go standby on a flight 7 hours earlier. I called American Airlines multiple times prior to the flight to see if I could get my flight changed through their $50 Confirmed Same-Day Standby policy. This policy gives passenger… Read full article

Capital One Rewards has recently released some travel statistics that I found particularly interesting. It has to do with the earning and redemption of credit card rewards. With all the recent credit card promotions, especially Capital One’s most recent “Match My Miles” promotion, I only thought it was appropriate to share these stats. Nearly 60… Read full article

A close friend of mine is getting married in Puerto Rico in June. To me, a destination wedding is an excuse for another vacation in addition to the rest of the vacations I’ve planned or will plan this year. It by no means will replace a vacation. I had already booked my flights with American… Read full article

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