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How I Earn the Southwest Companion Pass Year After Year

I’ve held the Southwest Companion Pass since 2008! That is 10 years where I’ve been able to have a friend or family member fly with me for almost FREE an UNLIMITED number of times on Southwest! I have truly saved thousands of dollars with this pass, which is amazing! It is by far my favorite benefit in…

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Many Money Saving Google Express Promotions!

Google Express is running some pretty awesome promotions right now where you can save a good amount of money on many of your everyday essential purchases. Google Express allows you to shop at some of your favorite stores, such as Costco, Target, Whole Foods, Toys R Us, etc. without having to leave the house! There is also no extra cost for this extremely convenient service. I personally love that I can combine convenience with a good deal!

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Purchasing SPG Points Can Sometimes be Cheaper!

Starwood currently has a promotion out where if you purchase their points you’ll receive a 35% discount. This offer is available to everyone and you can purchase up to 30,000 points through December 29, 2017. Now many people were wondering if purchasing points is actually worth it, especially with a discount. While I would never suggest purchasing…

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