40% Bonus Back When Transfering Membership Rewards to Delta Airlines

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Through September 30, 2011, for every 50,000 American Express Membership Reward points you transfer to Delta Airlines, you will receive a certificate for 20,000 Membership Rewards points back (that is 40% rebate!). You will receive the Membership Reward points back in the form of an electronic certificate via email within 6-8 weeks following your transfer. If you need the points back immediately for other redemption opportunities, it is not guaranteed the certificate will come through right away.

You must register for this promotion prior to transferring your points to Delta. Unfortunately, this promotion cannot be combined with any other transfer promotions, such as the current 50% bonus on all first time transfers. If you have already registered for the 50% bonus promotion, my gut assumption is that is the promotion you will receive and not the promotion described in this post. If you would like to change the promotion tied to your account, I would suggest calling American Express Customer Service to see what they can do for you. I cannot guarantee they will be able to change it, but worth a try.

The main benefit of the 50% bonus transfer is that you will receive 25,000 MQMs if you transfer 100,000 points or more. MQMs (Medallion Qualifying Miles) count towards status and lifetime miles. If you do not need the MQMs then the 40% point rebate is in fact a better deal. Additionally, the 40% rebate promotion can be applied for all transfers, not only first time transfers like the 50% bonus promotions.

If you were to transfer 100,000 Membership Reward Points, this will equate to:

  1. 50% bonus promotion: 150,000 Delta Miles + 25,000 MQMs
  2. 40% point rebate: 100,000 Delta Miles + 40,000 Membership Reward Points; this means that 60,000 MR points = 100,000 Delta Miles (67% bonus)

Additionally, you can earn more Membership Reward points with the current credit card sign up bonuses discussed here (reports for 75,000 points for the personal card and 100,000 bonus for the business card).

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  1. So let me get this straight . . . I transfer 50K of the 75K I got from the Premier Gold card bonus and it turns into 70K miles. I transfer 50K of the 75K my husband got and turn that into 70K miles. I transfer 100K from the Business Gold Card and turn that into 140K and my husband does the same thing netting another 140K. Then I transfer the remaining 25K in my account to my husband so he can combine that with his remaining 25K in order to transfer 50K and earn another 20K bonus. Long story short. Last Friday I had no Delta Skymiles. After September 30, I will have 490,000. Can I just say, you guys ROCK!

    • @Kim – thanks for the compliments! You are definitely making me laugh over here due to all your excitement, which I love! Just want to make sure my post was clear though. There are currently two promotions to transfer to Delta: 1) 50% bonus, so your 50K MR points = 75K Delta miles; or 2) 40% rebate, so your 50K MR points = 50K Delta miles and then you will receive 20K MR points back, meaning that it actually only cost 30K to transfer to receive the 50K. Does this make sense?

      The credit card bonuses are definitely the best and quickest way to earn points! Also, AMEX typically does not allow you to combine MR points if your name is not on the account as an additional card member, but let me know. Also, try to call AMEX and ask them for code 6664 to be applied to your account to see if you can get the 50K bonus (10K per month or billing cycle for every 15 transactions). This is just for the premier gold card (not the business card).

      Glad you are enjoying this and cannot wait to hear about your vacation when you use these points!

  2. @dealswelike, what’s not to get excited about??? I know people dislike SkyPesos, but I am based in SLC, which is a Delta hub and Delta works so much better for me than other airlines. I recently looked into flying from SLC to Seattle on American and it would have taken me 10 hours. I can drive it in 13.

    Anyway, I digress . . . I read on Lucky’s blog awhile back (in the comments) that points could be transferred to others. However, I’m not sure whether he meant someone else’s MR account or a FF account. I guess I’ll see when I get the points.

    I’m grateful for the replenishment of my account as my husband and I just cashed out a bunch of Skymiles to fly to and from Italy First Class. We are taking the kids to Cabo and Myrtle Beach next year, so these miles will be great!

  3. @Kim – you absolutely have everything to be excited about! Delta definitely works well for some than others.

    I recently had a problem with American Express where they would not allow me to transfer my husbands Membership Reward points to my account (neither of our names are on the other accounts or credit cards). However, they did allow me to transfer my points into my husbands Continental account – they told me it was a one time thing, but have to believe there is no documentation of that, and if you push enough you can do it. If, in fact, you are able to transfer your Membership Reward points from one account to another, please let me know! If your name is on his account, or his name is on your account than you absolutely can do it. Looking forward to hearing your success, please keep me posted!

    I have heard to Starwood property in Cabo is great!

    • @Sara – it is for each 50,000 point increment you can get the 20,000 bonus back. If you transfer 100,000 points you will receive a credit back of 40,000 points.

  4. Do you know if they run these promotions frequently? After speaking with a rep, it doesn’t look like I will get my points (from the card applications last week) in time to make the transfer by the deadline. Should I hold onto the points and wait for another bonus offer?

    • @Kim – just this year I believe there has been 4 or 5 promotions to transfer your American Express points to Delta miles. If you do not get your points in time, I would not worry as another promotion will come along at some point.

  5. I received this email from Delta. Is it the same promotion? Also, is it a good deal?
    Thanks, Sandy

    Ways To Get A 100 Percent Bonus
    Need more miles to get to your dream vacation?
    Now our offer is even better. For a limited time, when you buy, gift, or transfer miles, we’ll throw in a 100% mileage bonus to help you get to your next vacation quicker.¹

    Buy miles for your account and we’ll give you a 100% mileage bonus. Or transfer or gift miles to friends or family members and we’ll give the recipients a 100% mileage bonus.

    What a great way to help yourself or those close to you get the miles needed to book those Award Tickets.² Miles can be used to book Award Tickets to our more than 350 destinations or for merchandise, gift cards and more on SkyMiles Marketplace.

    Hurry! Offer ends September 30, 2011.

    • @Coachsandy – This is actually a different promotion. When you purchase or transfer miles (from one account to another), you will receive 100% bonus on those miles. To purchase miles you will pay $0.035 per mile (must purchase in increments of 2,000). So let’s say you purchase 30,000 miles (to essentially get 60,000 miles), that will cost you $1,050. Delta miles have been incredibly inflated recently, so there is no longer a set in stone amount that will get you the miles you need to redeem your free flight. However, if you are able to transfer miles from one account to another, the price is significantly reduced at 0.01 per miles (with a $30 processing fee per transaction). So if, lets say, a family member has 30,000 miles, you can transfer those miles to your account (resulting in 60,000 miles), for $300 +$30 fee = $330. So while you are only receiving 30,000 additional miles you are only paying $330, where for 60,000 new miles you are paying 3 times the amount at $1,050. Transferring the miles is definitely a great option to top off another persons account if they are short miles, but you need to be strategic about it. One mile at a time did a great analysis and explained his strategy on transferring the miles: http://boardingarea.com/onemileatatime/2011/08/14/my-math-challenge-for-yall-regarding-deltas-100-transfer-bonus/

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