Are Marriott Buy One Get One’s Over for Good?

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As I’ve blogged a few times before, Marriott Gold and Platinum elite members have been able to utilize the BOGO Elite Certificates on weekend stays at many Marriotts, JW Marriotts, and Renaissance Hotels. Over the past year, the number of hotels included on the exclusion list has risen, which has been quite concerning. However, it has now been announced that there will not be another iteration of the BOGO in 2011! A Marriott Representative posted on FlyerTalk:

“Hello all,

Due to a re-vamping of the Buy-One-Get-One Elite Exclusive Offers for stay and dining, the offers have been place on hold. There will not be any BOGO’s for stays or dining offered for the remainder of 2011.

We will keep you posted on offers for 2012.

Kind regards,


Marriott Concierge Team

This is a huge devaluation of elite status with Marriott. Typically, upgrades are spotty, lounges are not open on the weekends and there is no requirement to provide breakfast, and the Megabonus promotions are nothing to write home about. These certificates were actually the best benefit of having this elite status. They could be used multiple times throughout the promotional period and gifted to friends and family.

While many FlyerTalk members were less than happy, the same Marriott representative tried to ensure everyone that the certificates will be back in 2012 with enhancements:

Hello all,

I want you to know we understand how important this benefit has been to you. I would also like to reiterate that this benefit is not gone; it has been placed on a short hold. We know how much you look forward to this benefit each year. This is why we have started looking at ways to enhance the offers and process of this benefit. In order to make sure all of the processes are in order and that you get the best product available we need a short time to work out some of the details.

Thank you for your understanding and please look forward to more information on this benefit as we move into 2012.

Kind regards,


Marriott Concierge Team
In my opinion, typically when a hotel chain announces an enhancement, it is a positive spin to say “You will be affected greatly, run to another hotel chain!”
Any other thoughts?! I will be sure to report back in 2012 with these great “enhancements!”



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  1. Makes you wonder, as the most recent version of the offers stated that it was only to be used with the standard room rate and was not valid for use with any discounted rates or rates that included any food such as “breakfast for two”.

  2. Once upon a time, BOGOs were glossy paper coupons that could only be used once. When they went online, there were no controls in place, so they could be reprinted and used multiple times, plus extra copies gifted to friends. So my guess is that MR is working to fix this, and they will return in 2012, but with enforced restrictions of one BOGO of each type per member per period. That’s still 3 free hotel nights per year, which seems like a generous perk.

    • @Swag – I remember those days! If that is the “enhancement” then I will be good with that. My assumption is there will be some technology automation involved. As long as each gold/platinum member gets 3-4/year, then that is still fair. Now, hopefully they will exclude less cities.

  3. Or maybe one use per stay. I could live with that. Not like one person can eat two meals all week long…

    As a decade-long platinum premier, MR is getting a bit stale. Sad really…

    • @Richard – I agree that Marriott platinum is maybe not something so worth acquiring right now. I actually have been focusing my efforts elsewhere.

  4. Seems the old BOGO program could have stayed in place while the enhancing was taking place. I’m not a happy Marriott Platinum member right now, time to reevaluate other programs.

    • @Michael – I could not agree more. I am pretty dissapointed that they still have not communicated anything out. This was the best perk of Marriott Platinum. If they take this away, then no reason to stay Platinum. Get the same benefits (almost) as Gold.

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