Reader Question: How Quickly Do Southwest Points Post?

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I received an email from reader Robbie last night in regards to the Southwest Airlines companion pass. I have copied an excerpt of it below and am hoping that you as readers can share your experience with us!

Late last July, I got the SW Business and Personal cards for 50k each. I didnt activate them until recently and then I went and used my business card two times last week. A day or two later, I read about the awesome companion pass (don’t know how I missed it) and how I just need to earn 10k to get the companion pass in the same calendar year as the two 50k bonuses. I won’t be able to spend the 10k this year, but I can do it easily early 2012.  I also want to earn it in early 2012 so I can get the pass for almost 2 years. I have not used the personal card yet, but I stupidly used my business card last week.

I called chase to ask how I could delay the points posting. They said that the bonus points will definitely not post until 6-8 weeks after the statement closes. As my statement will close Dec 2, this would work out for me. But, in my experience, chase bonus points post right away.

Do you guys have any idea how long these points take to post? Any idea how I can delay it? It’s too late the void the transactions and the chase manager told me that even if I am refunded, it will register the bonus, because it was for the first transaction on the card.

I was emailing back and forth with Robbie last night, and I will be honest – I am not sure how quickly they post. The Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card was the first credit card I ever got – my dad got it for me when I was young to help me build my credit (we were a huge Southwest loyal family)! At that point, it was a very different program – you received credits not points. In my experience, even when they say it takes 6-8 weeks for the bonus offer to post, there are times it can post the very next day from your statement close date (i.e., American Airlines credit card).

Question for my readers: If you recently got the Southwest Credit Card, how long did it take for the points to post after your statement close date? Please comment with your experiences below!

Some possible suggestions for Robbie (not guaranteed to work):

  1. Move the statement close date to December 28th, but wait until November 29th to do this. This will at least buy you a few extra weeks. But… they could post the very next day on December 29th.
  2. Have Chase take your Rapid Reward number off of your account (for now). This will make it so there is no RR number to post the points to. Come January 1st, have your RR added to the account for the points to post. Again, there is no guarantee that they will have a post date in January, as it could be backdated.

Any help, suggestions, feedback to help Robbie is much appreciated! I am sure he appreciates it as well. I understand the anxiety here, being able to get the companion pass easily with the Southwest Credit Card is huge, so let’s help Robbie get it!!!

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  1. I got the personal SW card about 2 months ago and my points posted very quickly (3 days max) after the statement closed with my first purchase. I think if Robbie changes the statement date, the points will still post in 2011, no matter what a csr says. One note of caution: I would be prepared to have the other points post this year and the extra 10k for the cp, as well. I would hate for Robbie to miss out on the cp for next year, as 1 year is better than none.

  2. Like the others… right after statement closing date. Your best bet is to meet the 10k points before the end of December, and you’ll enjoy the 12 months of companion pass. Too bad you won’t enjoy it for 23 months. I’m in the same boat myself 🙁 If you’re worried about meeting the minimum spend, you get 2 pts for every 1 dollar spent on Southwest gift cards. $5k of gift cards will post 10k pts to your account. That might help a bit.

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