British Airways Avios eStore Promotions Pulled (Nordstrom and Realtytrac)

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A few days ago I posted about an amazing way to rack up on some British Airways Avios points. While I was able to get in on some of the promotions, they both have now been pulled – bummer! Here is the current situation of the two promotions:

Deal #1: Make a $50 or more purchase via the British Airways e-store and you will receive 36 points per dollar spent!

The British Airways eStore has updated their site and all Nordstrom purchases will now only receive 4 points per dollar spent (instead of the previous 12x points). Additionally, the triple point promotion (on top of the regular 12x points) is no longer listed. You are still able to enter the code and a confirmation is given for the triple points, so that is positive, I am just not sure if I 100% trust it. The previous promotion that was giving 36 points per dollar spent was supposed to last until February 14th. It was blogged about heavily and really was an amazing deal! I was able to do some retail therapy and get my mom her birthday present, while earning a free flight (or two)! My assumption is that it was a mistake in the system and it actually was supposed to be 4x points + triple points = 12x points per dollar and instead on the site the full 12x points per dollar was listed and then giving you an additional triple points.

Now, the good news (well hopefully) is that for all of those who made a purchase prior to today, the full 36x points are showing as pending. You should all be able to see these pending points in your account as they post pretty quickly (within a day or two). Since the points are still pending they technically could be pulled, however, I have a good feeling that we will receive them – or maybe that is wishful thinking?!

Like every other “it is too good to be true deal,” it is always worthwhile to jump on the deal early (if not immediately) as they can get pulled quickly and typically do not last until the promotion expiration date. If you are still interested on getting in on the 12 points per dollar spent, I would take a screen shot of the promotional code being accepted in the case you need to fight for it (which will be challenging). If the promotion is 12 points per dollar, that is still good, but is not a reason to go on a shopping binge. If you were going to make purchases anyways, then great, if not, then no reason to buy just to buy (and earn awesome points)!

Thanks to Jon reader for pointing this out!

Deal #2: Get 3,000 British Airways Avios points for FREE with a 7-day free trial from Realtytrac

This one has been fully pulled and free trial memberships are no longer eligible. Unfortunately, those that got on the deal prior to it being pulled will not be receiving the 3,000 points either. On your account you should see both a credit and debit for the 3,000 points. I was hesitant that I would receive the points anyways, so I am not surprised at all. Giving out 3,000 points for a free trial membership is a lot of points (although their goal is for people to forget to cancel and charge them the $49.95 monthly fee)! While I would have been psyched to see an additional 3,000 points hit my British Airways account, it is what it is. It took about 1 minute of my time, so no waste at all. Although the terms and conditions clearly stated that free trials are eligible, both parties involved are blaming someone else and not taking responsibility. I am interested to see if any curtsey points come out of it, but I am not holding my breath.

Either way, make sure you cancel your account prior to the free trial expiring. Your account might have already been closed automatically anyways, but make sure to 100% verify.

Thanks to The Points Guy for the update!

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    • @TWF – Agreed. I made two separate purchases (one on my account and one on the Mr.’s). Not sure about returns, sure we will find out soon enough!

    • @Collen and Chris – Is each item posting separately at 12 points a dollar? If so, that is correct. If you take a look at the screen shot on the post you’ll see that the regular 12x points are posted individually and then a day or two later another two lines will post in your transaction history as pending. These two lines will post as an additional 12x points for the entire purchase amount. That help?

  1. @Colleen, same here. I have a feeling that 12x is the best I’m going to get. I’d be curious to see if anyone actually got 36x per $.

  2. My Nordstrom purchases are showing at 12/$ and there is one additional bonus line, so I’m totaling 24/$… weird. I’m not showing the “Nordstrom Bonus Avios” line that you’re showing. Ideas?

    • @David – that is strange that you are only seeing one bonus line instead of two. When did the one bonus line appear? Wait a day or two and see if it makes it on there. If not, might require a phone call. I have screen shots of the promotion if you need, just let me know.

  3. hmm, i have this
    02/06/2012 Bonus Avios $0.00 Pending 39960
    02/06/2012 Nordstrom $2,165.00 Pending 25980
    02/06/2012 Nordstrom $1,165.00 Pending 13980

    Total purchases would give 12 miles = 39960
    Then triple would be another 39960 * 2 = 79920 but i only got bonus 39960, making it 24 miles per dollar

    anyone get the full 36?

    • @Tom – It looks like you are in the same boat as another reader. It seems as though some show 24x points, while others show 36x points. Wait a few days and see what happens. As mentioned previously, let me know if you need a screen shot of the promotion if you plan on fighting this one to get the full miles.

  4. For $165 worth of items, I’ve got the 12x pending for each item, listed separately = 1,900 points, plus one bonus line of 12x = 1,900. I’m still missing one more bonus line of 12x/1,900. I’ve got the screen shot proving the 36 point promo so fingers crossed the second bonus posts. All the posts came on 2/8 so it makes me nervous 1 bonus is missing.

    • @Rebecca – I am keeping my fingers crossed for you as well. Great job taking a screen shot! Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

  5. Mine are also showing as 24x points only, not 36. =( I made my purchase on Wed 2/8. Hopefully the last 12x points show up in the next few days.

  6. I also am only showing 24x. I could use that screenshot if you don’t mind sending it, I’m going to call and fight for my other points if they don’t post in a couple days.

  7. I also fall under the catagory of 24X points despite receiving an email from British Airways EShopping about the 3x Promo– as a data point, made my purchase on Feb 3rd.

    I do have screenshots of the purchase process using the promo code offering the 3x miles through Nordstrom using the BA Eshopping site.

    Hopefully this is will straighten itself out without having to fight for the miles with Cartera Commerece..

    • @Max M – I agree. Cartera isn’t too liked in regards to their customer service, so hoping no one has to go that route either. Keep me posted.

  8. I also am only showing one bonus at 24x, would you please send me a screenshot? My Realtytrac bonus is not showing at all.
    Thank you!

  9. I have all the lines needed, but still pending…
    02/08/2012Bonus Avios$0.00Pending45600
    02/07/2012Bonus Avios$0.00Pending51598
    02/07/2012Nordstrom Bonus Avios$0.00Pending51598

    So hopefully soon, trying to book my new years plans 🙂

  10. Darn, I am only showing the 24x as well. Forgot to take screenshots, i’m having bad feelings about this one… Could you send me a screenshot my way? Thank you!

  11. just logged into my BA account and saw that all of my pending points for this promotion went to approved. 14333 points for about $390 bucks. Not too bad!

    02/03/2012Bonus Avios$0.00Approved4778
    02/03/2012Nordstrom Bonus Avios$0.00Approved4778

  12. UPDATE:

    I’m not sure if Cartera runs the BA eStore, but all I can say is I’m impressed by their customer service.

    The double miles completely posted to my BA account, so I decided to fill out the missing miles form on the BA eStore page for the missing triple miles– and did this on a Saturday. [I did receive the targeted email from the BA eStore/Nordstrom’s for the 3x mileage offer]

    I received an email back from the BA eStore *THE SAME DAY* — on a Saturday—saying that they have manually credited the miles, but it will take a little bit for the miles to actually hit the account.

    Sure enough, the miles show as pending on my BA eStore page.

    I’m very impressed with the quick and efficient customer service with the BA eStore!

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