Earn 1,000 American Airline Miles – Act Quick

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I just received an email from American Airlines where they are giving away 2 business class around the world tickets for one lucky winner. The first 20,000 people to register and play this silly game at a chance to win the tickets will automatically get 1,000 AA bonus miles. You can play the quick game here. Remember though, this is limited to the first 20k so act quick!

This was sent to me to promote gold status so I am not sure if this is targeted. My flight I about to take off so unfortunately I cannot look into this more and no wifi on Continental! Also, playing this game on an iPhone is slightly challenging.

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  1. The game loads for me but I can’t interact with it after clicking play. I’ve tried several browsers but no luck. Tips from anyone else?

  2. Same here. I just let the timer run and I got to the enrollment page, but then it said ‘ you must register through the game’ or something along those lines. I guess I didn’t get anything!

  3. @dealswelike, that link has the same issues. I got through the whole game without getting any points but the last page didn’t load.

  4. @dealswelike @Hao, My data point… Just let it goes to the very end. It did not take the mouse, but if you entered the data, and then tab to the next one… When you get to the registered button, it would let you go through. I am ranked near the bottom since I cannot click anything as well… Thanks.

  5. Used iphone and got it to work until the end when it says ” The registration process must be accessed through the game.”


  6. Got to the last page, also got the “you must register through the game” error. It won’t load on either of my Android phone browsers. What a bummer.

  7. Same here – iphone worked but not allow to register after finishing the “game”. On the PC cannot click on anything during the game, and cannot register either.

  8. Just go through http://fly.oneworld.com

    The link given in the post is a link to mobile devices: …./mGame… in the URL. That’s why you guys couldn’t click on anything.

    It seems like the game for AA has problem on the desktop version as well. I got an msg: “ERROR PLACEHOLDER”.

  9. @Hao, I clicked in the first name field, put in name, and tab to the next field, put in last … in the AA account field, put in AA number, tab, tab, get to the Register button and hit Enter. It would tell you that you are ranked ####. Oh, I used Google Chrome browser. Hope this helps…

  10. I played on my android since my web browser wasnt working. Got 18k points and then if failed to load the registration page :-/

  11. When I get to the end (scoring zero, since mouse input not working), when I try to register, I get the error “* – The registration process must be accessed through the game.”

    As an aside, my ranking shows “Currently, you rank 17913 out of 18712 participants.” so it looks like they’re getting close to 20K entries already.

  12. Congratulations!

    You made it through Go For The Emerald.

    Currently, you rank 1 out of 21399 participants.

    Sucks it took so long to load–took 17 minutes to finally get to play (using 3 different browsers)!

  13. The site is broken now because it is trying to load some javascript from github that doesn’t exist anymore 🙁

    I just hope mine went through – it said that I was x out of 9k when I hit submit off of the iphone but I don’t know if it really worked or not.

  14. Well it’s up to 24k now. I have tried it a few times and the latest was after I actually received the email sent out to elite members. Looks like this time the site worked with mouse over firefox and at the end it didn’t give me the ” The registration process must be accessed through the game.” error, however it just flat out died and refresh started me over (great…)

    Who knows how this is going to turn out. over 24k people have played but obviously not everyone got confirmation of anything so maybe they will get off easy only giving out 1k miles to those that actually got through in that first 20k batch, ha. awesome….. big fail for AA.

  15. Although my entry was somewhere around 23500 mark, I got a confirmation screen that 1000 miles will be posted to my account.. However did not get any email nor my account was credited…

  16. Played on my home computer with Firefox just now and got all the way through! It said I was one of 47,000, so who knows what’s the deal with the sweepstakes entries.

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