Are you all expert travelers?

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Compliments of Mr. Deals…

This past week Mr. Deals had a quick trip down to Atlanta (hotlanta as I like to call it). While traveling I noticed something both at LGA and ATL. Everybody these days is an elite traveler or considers themselves an expert traveler. What’s that all about?

So it started out at LGA. I get my ticket in the American terminal, group 2, sweet. I head over to the security line to prepare to strip off half my clothes and get touched awkwardly by TSA people (I kid I kid). As I’m walking to the security line I notice the priority access line is quite long, but the line for us second class travelers was free and clear. #WINNING. I get up to the TSA guy who scans my ticket and notice that the priority access line keeps getting funneled into the other security lines. I guess it doesn’t pay to be priority access huh…

The return flight from ATL had a slightly different experience but still made me wonder if everyone is an expert/elite traveler. At ATL they have two options for security lines, “expert” travelers and then “casual” travelers – i..e, people with kids. From what I gathered, there was really no rhyme or reason for getting into the expert traveler line. If you have kids, you basically are not allowed. So I sized up the lines, and chose the “casual” travelers lins. Once again I flew right through.

You know what, when it comes to security, I’m happy to be second class. Enjoy the lines “experts.”

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  1. True, the so called “expert” lines at ATL are sometimes longer than the family – casual lines. But true “experts” use the TSA Pre lane (important to note it is not a line) and breeze right by both “expert” and “casual – family” lines 😀

  2. But sometimes there’s just one single mother with a stroller and three infants that screws up the line at the last minute… Still, I just look at whatever’s fastest. The biggest problem, IMO, is when the elite line just feeds into the all the others. As with freeways, traffic jams happen when people try to merge.

  3. Or stick to a small airport and it won’t matter which line you choose 🙂 Probably 80% of my flights from home have more TSA working than people in line…doesn’t usually work that way when I’m flying back from my destination though!

  4. @jamison – ATL is the first time I’ve seen that. I imagine it will become more common

    @The Weekly Flyer – Ah, the TSA Pre lane, I noticed that.

    @Scottrick – ha, I like the traffic jam analogy

    @New Girl in the Air – Living in NYC, there’s no such thing as a small airport – although Westchester is small, just limited options

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