Mr. and Mrs. Deals First Trip

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Given that we just returned from celebrating our two year anniversary, I thought I would talk about the very first trip Mr. and Mrs. Deals took together as a couple. We had been together for just under a year and decided it was time to take our first vacation. So where better to go when you are a “dink” (dual income, no kids – term I just learned)? DISNEY!

So why Disney and not some cool destination where a couple of young 20 somethings can party it up? I really have no idea. What were we thinking…

Oh now I remember. Mrs. Deals had two free Airtran award tickets due to a bump or something and Orlando was the only availability for redemption. Go figure. And why the heck would anyone wait around the airport longer for an Airtran ticket? That should’ve been a warning sign for the future.

Truth be told, Mr. Deals had been to Florida maybe once before in his life which came as a shock for Mrs. Deals who had spent so much time traveling south to see her grandparents. Now, I had been to Disney before, but in California, but for some reason Mrs. Deals had it in her mind that space mountain at Disney in Florida was just way better than space mountain in Anaheim even though I don’t think she’s ever been. I’d love any opinions on this from readers, because to me they were both the same. I think the real difference was the log ride in Orlando got me more soaked than the one in Anaheim. I digress…

So we went to Disney and stayed at some sports themed hotel. Come to think of it, it’s pretty shocking it wasn’t a chain hotel. I mean Mrs. Deals was starting to really travel and was slowly forming her obsession with points and miles. We were there for just a long weekend and ran around like kids going on roller coasters and eating funnel cake. All in all it was a good time, and I’m going to be scared to death when I go back one day with kids.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next Sunday!

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  1. Looking forward to your Barbados TR.
    Thanks for your suggestions. We arrived here safe and on the second day, I got an extremely sharp pain in my abs from 4am till 8pm. I ended up seeing a doctor. I think it’s my appendix. Once I get back to the states, it’s going to have to come out. Until then, I’m walking around here like I pooped in my pants. 🙂

  2. Ahhh, the All Star Sports Resort. I worked at Walt Disney World for many years (and at All Star for about a year), and know the property well. And I’ve also worked at Disneyland so I can speak from experience on both coasts. Going with kids is a whole different story – I don’t know that first hand, but I’ll still say it with confidence. Let me know if you need advice or recommendations. Your blog gives me advice most days of the week so it’s the least I can do!

    Forgot to say, I think splash mountain in CA gets riders more wet – the log is thinner (FL is a two seater per row) and the water flows right over the top sometimes. But it’s all about who you ride with, weight distribution, etc, so as we say on the blogs…YMMV.

  3. We have used Airtran several time. The first time was from MEM to ATL to MCO for two people round trip $250.00 to Disney. The return flight from ATL to MEM, now that is only a 1 hour flight was full and they asked for volunteers. We took the offer. Two free round tickets. Used those free tickets to SEA for our first Alaska cruise. Well on the return ATL to MEM, full. We took them up on it again and went back to SEA May 2011 for another Alaska cruise. On that return from ATL to MEM, you guessed it, full. We took that one also and friends of ours did it for a total of THREE times that evening. This past Oct for our 25th wedding anniversary we went back to Disney and was just two people shy from full. Oh well, for total of $250.00 we saved about $3000.00.

  4. I have never used AirTrain.

    I’m a single 20 something (barely), and my other single, kidless friends have been going to Disney at least once a year for years.

    We have a blast! Although, I shudder to think what our trips will be like as friends start marrying and having babies.

  5. @Mike – uhh, have fun? TMI…

    @Shawn – the log ride in Orlando absolutely soaked me. I think I must’ve shielded Mrs. Deals from the brunt of the water

    @Kevin – that’s just awesome!

    @WanderLuster – yeah, i have a feeling those no kids fun trips will turn into vegas 🙂

    @jayson – it’s pretty sweet

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