Transfer your BMI Miles to British Airways Avios

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As I laid out for you a few weeks ago, the online tool is now available to transfer your British Midland International (BMI) miles to British Airways Avios. Points will transfer as a 1:1 ratio. Now, the one caveat is that transfers can only be made between individual accounts and not to BA household accounts. If you currently have a BA household account and have many BMI miles you’d like to transfer over, I’d highly suggest disassembling your household account asap. UPDATE: Readers have been able to transfer their miles over even with a household account, so see if it works for you!

Even if you do not think you have any BMI miles, make sure to double check! There was a promotion awhile ago where you would get 1,000 BMI miles just for creating a new account. Good chance you probably forgot about that, and if so, you are 1,000 British Airways points richer!

How to transfer your miles:

  1. Log into your British Airways Executive Club account (if you do not currently have an account you can create one here)
  2. Halfway down the page you’ll find a section called “Your Options” – underneath that click “Combine My Avios”
  3. Click the red “Combine My Avios” button at the bottom of the page
  4. Select “bmi Diamond Club” from the “Select your Programme” drop-down and enter your bmi membership number and password (you can sign onto your bmi account here to find your membership number)
  5. Enter the amount of miles you want to transfer from bmi to British Airways (you cannot transfer the other way) and click “Review Combine my Accounts”
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Combine my Avios”
  7. Your miles have transfered over
Note: Ensure your contact details (name, email address, date of birth) are all up to date and match in both your BMI diamond account and British Airways Executive Club account. Also, if you have any status with British Midland’s Executive Club program, you are also able to apply for a status match with British Airways.
This is a quick and easy process and many of you will be 1,00 British Airways Avios points richer! I know I am!


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  1. I followed these instructions to move my 1000 miles from BMI to BA Avios, and it did not work. I now have 0 miles in my BMI account and the miles are not in the Avios account. Hmmmmm………

  2. I have a BA household account and was able to transfer BMI miles over yesterday without issue. So, before you dismantle the household account, you might want to try the transfer anyway!

  3. Worked just fine for me on the first day – July 2nd – transferring from individual BMI accounts to BA household account.

  4. I transferred all my BMI miles (nearly 125,00) over to BA Avios using the tool. The transfer went fine. I check later to see what flights I could book and all my miles were cancelled and called Expired Avios. Any ideas?

  5. @dealswelike – yes I did and it has been resolved and the mileage returned to me. Apparently as I hadn’t used my BA account for some time, it was deemed ‘dead’ even though the expiry date is jan 2013 unless I use it. BA in-deaded the account and my mileage is available. Phew ! They did say it was a problem they were aware of.

  6. Is anyone else having the problem of getting the link to work? For starters, I can no longer find on where it says Your Options – Combine My Avios. But, by searching on for BMI, I found the following link:

    This is where it gets real fun. When I click on the button that says Combine My Avios it opens up The Executive Club summary page (with your points, travel, etc.) WITHIN a frame of the existing window. I tried this a few times and only managed to continue opening windows within windows.

    This happening to anyone else? Any suggestions?

  7. I have been trying to transfer miles from BMI to the BA Executive Club but every time I try it says ‘Session timed out, please Login again’ Very frustrating. Also BA phone line says ‘extremely busy. Please try later’ Even more frustrating!

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