TSA priority, bag size or security?

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Not sure how many of you caught this article from the New York Post late June. I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s the summary: A TSA guy didn’t realize the security x-ray machine was unplugged, officials discovered it, and as a result the terminal had to be evacuated and everyone had to go through security again. Ultimate chaos.

So while I personally wasn’t too interested in the details of the story, it got me thinking. What’s really TSA’s priority, our security or the size of the bag we are bringing on the plane? I mean seriously, it is a non-stop effort ensuring that our bags fit into those stupid mini-size bins. Often I travel with my roller bag and many times it is stuffed to the max. The bag I use is from Burton Snowboards (I love their travel bags) and it doesn’t expand in size, but you can just overstuff it if you want. It has fit on every flight I have ever been on (aside from the puddle jumpers) without any problems. However, where I do run into problems is in the TSA lines. You’d think they would be more concerned with the contents rather than the size (I guess size does matter).

So the TSA always has those bag size measurement boards where you have to fit your bag into the rectangular contraption to see if they will fit on the plane. My past few trips I’ve been subject to the mockery that is trying to fit one of those bags in those things. Every time my bag has not fit in there. I’ve seen laptop bags that wouldn’t have a chance getting in there, but are waived right through the TSA line. Now, after I’ve pulled enough crap out of my bag and shoved it in my backpack, (which would likely not fit in one of those things because of the extra crap) I usually make it through security. When I finally get through security and go to put all the stuff back in my bag, it has 100% of the time gotten on the plane just fine. Come on TSA, do you really have to make me go through all that work just so I can reverse it after I get by you?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is what’s more important here – fitting into that little metal contraption that no bag with more than 2 days worth of travel necessities will ever fit into, or protecting the safety of us travelers?

Discuss amongst yourselves…

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  1. I wish I could that three minutes of my life back. What is the point of the bag sizers? What is the point of tnis post? Same. None.

  2. I’m pretty sure it was a metal detector that was unplugged. Anyone would be able to see the computer monitor was off if it was an x-ray machine. I don’t understand your correlation to the mishap with the metal detector and the bags being checked for proper size. I’ve never seen TSA question the size of anyone’s bag or check that it meets an airlines carry-on regulations.

    • @Mac – You are correct, that was a slip. Mr. Deals of course meant to say metal detector, not x-ray machine. Not to worry, I will speak to him about this 🙂

  3. I have never seen TSA check bag sizes. Occasionally airline contractors, especially in my experience AA, will be at the entrance to the security lines at some airports.

  4. I have also never seen a bag sizer at a TSA checkpoint. Or maybe they’re there and I just ignore them. Certainly I’ve never had them ask me to use one.

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