Marriott Megabonus Announced: September 15, 2012 – January 15, 2013

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Another Marriott Megabonus promotions has been announced! This time period will run September 15, 2012 through January 15, 2013. While I am typically not a huge fan of the Megabonus promotions I do love how it is only the summer and I already know the Marriott promotion through the beginning of next year. And the best thing this Fall, no credit card restriction!!! In the past the Fall promotion required the use of a Visa credit card. This typically did not work well for business stays as my company, along with many others, require the use of a corporate Amex. Two thumbs up for a positive enhancement here!

The current Megabonus promotion ends August 31, so there is a 2 week gap with no point promotion. However, there is a miles earning promotion with Marriott that ends October 31, so you’ll never be without a promotion for another 24 weeks, which is awesome!

I personally am not able to register (I’ll need to call Marriott to see what is going on), but Mr. Deals was targeted for the stay twice receive a free category 1-4 certificate (up to three certificates). If you were targeted for one promotion, but would prefer another, call Marriott Rewards (1-801-468-4000) and ask if you can be registered for that promotion instead. Typically, they will not be able to change this in the system, but will document this request on your account and manually adjust the points you are awarded after the promotion is over. If you speak to a representative that is not aware of this or says no, hang up and call again.

You can check your targeted offer here: As I mentioned previously, I am getting an error message, but others have been able to register. Make sure you are signed into your account prior to registering. You MUST register for this promotion by October 31, 2012.

Typical offers are (based on past promotions):

  • 2 stays = 1 free night for a category 1 to 4 hotel (expires 1 year from the date issued). Limit of three free night certificates earned during the promotion
  • 2 stays = 5,000 points, up to 20,000 points (8 stays)
  • Weekend stay = 5,000 bonus points per weekend stay for a maximum of 15,000 points (3 weekend stays)
  • 2 different Marriott brands = Earn 2,500 bonus points after staying at two brands in the Marriott portfolio; earn an additional 2,500 points after your third brand and an additional 10,000 points when you stay at four brands (earn up to 15,000 points max)
  • 20 nights = 35,000 points; 25 nights earns additional 15,000 for a total of 50,000 points
  • 15 nights = 25,000 points; 20 nights earns additional 15,000 for a total of 40,000 points

With the current trend of other hotel chain promotions being sub-par, I actually might start considering Marriott more. I personally have been able to get some great value out of my free night Marriott certificates, and pan a fan that they now have a 1 year expiration date, which is awesome. Since I do a bunch of one night stays, I’ll probably put either 2 or 4 of my stays with Marriott during the promotional time frame.

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  1. “The current Megabonus promotion ends August 31, so there is a 6 week gap with no point promotion.”

    Sep 1 to Sep 14 without MegaBonus promotion is two week gap.

    Glad to hear this offer starts Sep 15 since I will be needing Marriott AC brand hotel stays in Spain in late September.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! The link in your post didn’t show me my offer, but logging in and checking out Promotions Central did.

    I was targeted for another stay twice, get 1-4 Cat. certificate promotion. And thanks to Marriott’s awesome BRG (seriously quick response times), I already have two paid stays (BRG stays still count, right?) lined up in September.

  3. This promotion is totally useless, in my opinion. I was very happy when I saw this promotion last year and quickly signed up and began staying at Marriott hotels. After a couple months, I had earned the maximum 3 free hotel nights. GOOD LUCK TRYING TO FIND A DECENT CATEGORY 4!!! I ended up losing 1 of the free nights because literally anywhere I wanted to travel for work or pleasure was above category 4. There isn’t a hotel within 15 miles of Boston that is a category 5+. I ran into the same thing in Los Angeles. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere in Santa Monica or Marina Del Rey for under Category 5. But the only Category 4 hotels were 10+ miles outside LA which would have meant an hour of traffic at the time I needed to go. Same story with Newport, RI, New York City and even small towns in New Hampshire. Even every $99 per night hotel outside Disneyland in Anaheim was Category 5. Just for kicks, I looked up some hotels in category 4 and all of them were very low rated and at least 20 to 30 minutes away from any kind of civilization. If this promotion included up to Category 5, it would be worth it. But I couldn’t even use all these free nights if I tried in Category 4 or below. Priority Club (which has terrible awful customer service so I avoid using those) at least gave you 1 free night at ANY priority club hotel when you stayed 3 nights during a promotion 2 years ago. I gladly stayed 9 nights in order to get 3 at the Intercontinetal in DC!

    • @Dave – So sorry the promotion didn’t work out for you. For some it holds great value, while others the category 4 is a waste. However, just to let you know that there is a Category 4 Marriott hotel in Marina Del Rey. I just stayed there last week. It is about 1 1/2-2 miles from the beach, free parking. It is a perfect hotel depending on what you are looking for. There is also a Courtyard Newport Middletown which is right over the bridge in Newport. While not right in Newport it is a quick drive to the beach and town. You aren’t going to find a category 4 in a major city or beach resort unfortunately.

  4. Would be great if they made their promotion include category 5. Most of the category 5 are under $150 per night and much closer to civilization (they give you a free category 5 and under when you sign up for the credit card). I actually stayed at that Courtyard in Marina Del Rey before. Im surprised to hear it is a Category 4 because I remember it having a nice pool area even though the area was way more urban than I expected. The $30 cab ride to the Santa Monica Pier or $10 to the actual Marina made it tough to have fun there if you wanted to do any drinking outside the hotel. I’ve stayed at the Newport/Middletown which I did not like at all. Wish Marriott would revamp this promotion. I will not even sign up this time.

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