Reselling those “Deal-a-Day” Deals

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While this isn’t travel related perse, it will very much be a deal related post and might help you snag those deal-a-day purchases you missed out on or get rid of the ones you purchased on a whim and have no usage for!

My mom called me two days ago letting me know that she purchased 4 roundtrip ferry tickets to Nantucket. She buys these Groupon and LivingSocial purchases ALL THE TIME, maybe too many times. She sees the word deal and goes full forth. She is their prime target. Those who just buy without a real purpose. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! While she uses 99% of the deals purchased, these ferry vouchers will most likely not be used. She asked me to re-sell on Craigslist. I am personally not the biggest Craigslist fan as you can get a ton of scam.

After a quick Google search, I found a website called CoupRecoup. It is a resale place for Groupon-like purchases. It is super easy to use and for a 3% fee, you’ll get paid via payal (or you can do it for free, but it requires some work on your end). You can also purchase past Groupon-like vouchers that you missed out on. Some even sell their voucher for less than what they paid just to recoup some of the loss.

Since I speak about these deal-a-day sites often, I wanted to let you all know about this 2nd hand market site. Oh and if anyone has a trip to Nantucket and wants to purchase ferry tickets, let me know. Yes, shameless plug for helping out my mom.

Note to Readers: Those who subscribed to my “Act Now” text message alerts might have received this LivingSocial re-sale post this past Saturday via text message. This was supposed to be sent out via my normal Deals We Like Twitter account NOT my DWL_Alert Twitter account. This was a mistake on my side as I am not used to managing two Twitter accounts, so I sincerely apologize. Please accept my apology and I will not be abusing this service I put in place. I hope you understand (and forgive me!!!). Thanks!


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  1. I see a surprising number of duplicate items.

    For example I looked at the The House of Bespoke suits, there are say 8 for sale, but the group-on is still active?

    I wonder if this is a national deal that keeps getting sold, or if instead there is some sort of scam/scheme going on where it makes sense for people to buy offers just to resell?

  2. I received a text message regarding this deal. I was under the impression that you would only send out text alerts when a “cannot be missed” deal was available. You would agree, this would not qualify. I suggest being very careful with your choice of deals you choose to send a text alert about. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of unsubscribes.

    • @Vishal – I just sent you an email regarding this. You are 100% correct, this was a mistake on my part as it was meant to go out from my regular Twitter account, not my DWL_Alert twitter account. When I put it on twitter, I did not realize I was not signed back into my main account as this is my first time maintaining two Twitter account. I really do apologize and hope you (and others) understand this mistake.

      I really do feel bad about this, as it was not the attention. Rest assured that this text message service will only be used for “Act Now” type of alerts. These will include: 1) Act now for free points, 2) One day airline sale; 3) Flight error glitches, etc.

      I hope you (and others) understand. Again, I am sorry about this!!!


  3. @Vishal, please show some respect to the author of the FREE blog that you read, honestly i am getting so sick of rude and ungrateful people ,getting something for FREE and act like they paid a million bucks subscription, i am just another reader of this blog among many other blogs and i appreciate the time and effort these blog writers put into their work.

  4. Hola Savvy Deal Guy ~ I happen to think this topic falls under the good-deal category and appreciate that you put it on your blog. As a merchant who has launched a couple of deals on Groupon, we are very happy for clients to come to us direct if they miss a deal or the deal doesn’t quote match their needs — we can often pass on the same deal or excellent discounts because Groupon takes a huge cut and we can just pass on that savings to the client who comes direct. Keep up the great work on your blog!

  5. Thanks to the bloggers who put up with rude and inconsiderate readers with such humility and humbleness.
    I totally agree with Pilot.
    @ Vishal, please please show some respect to our generous bloggers for finding time to write such interesting blogs and sharing these valuable info.

  6. Is this coup recoup site genuine? please post some review because the deals posted on this site looks too good to be true.
    $60 /night stay in a resort in Las Vegas, sounds like a scam.
    The given website doesn’t take any responsibility for the transaction made on their website.

    • @Shoaib – It is the internet, so you never know. You pay via PayPal so you can see what their policies are like if there are false transactions.

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