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Here is another American Express statement credit promotion (although might be limiting) where you can get $20 free by using your Amex card at a participating merchant. To celebrate the Shop Small Big Break winners (sponsored by American Express, where a few businesses won $25k), American Express is honoring the cities where those small businesses are located.

There are five winners, thus five local areas represented: Raleigh, Cumming (Georgia), Carol Stream (Illinois), Anaheim, and Staten Island.

How does the $20 statement credit back work? Between September 29 and October 7, spend $20 or more in a single purchase at a qualifying small business in your area to receive a one-time $20 statement credit! All the terms state that it must be an in-store purchase, so not sure yet if any online or over the phone purchases will work. It also looks like you can register for multiple promotions, if you happen to randomly be in those areas within the same week, and as many American Express cards as you have (similar to all other American Express statement credit back promos).

Since this is a spend $20, get $20 back, you really can get $20 for free! This is a one time credit per account, but you can sign up and use multiple Amex Cards for more free money! This is for transactions at small businesses in each local area. I’ve listed the participating merchants on below as well, although with many of the other Amex Shop Small promotions, even if they aren’t on the list, but just a small business, you’ll still get the statement credit – not yet confirmed, but better safe than sorry by just sticking with the list given. You can check out the specific zip codes in the terms at the bottom of each registration link.

Registration is limited, so if you live in one of these areas, sign up quickly before it gets filled.

If you live in one of these areas, enjoy your free money! If I have any success with a phone/internet order, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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  1. for this in the ATL area this is broader than Just Cumming: Offer valid in-store at qualifying small businesses in or around Cumming, GA that reside in Alpharetta, Cumming, Duluth, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, and Suwanee, and are in the following zip codes only: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30023, 30024, 30028, 30040, 30041, 30075, 30076, 30077, 30096, 30097

    This covers businesses in a pretty wide area north of Atlanta

    • @sil – for all other similar Amex statement credit promotions, yes you can make the same purchase on the same date at the same merchants. Gift cards included as well.

  2. Thanks for this. But is anybody else finding the map of locations to be difficult to work with? I’m panning and zooming to find stores closer to me, but can’t get it to display consistently. Any clues?

    • @dan – the participating merchant list is quite challenging. I also have a gut feeling that all small businesses along they have a billing address in the participating zip code list will work.

  3. Are you sure you can get $20 per city? Would hate to spend $20 each of the 5 cities and only end up $20 credit. Where can we find out?

  4. Slightly off topic, but if you have your amex linked with your twitter account, you can get a $5 statement credit if you have a McDs purchase of >$5, you just have to tweet #AmexMcDs.

  5. You have listed Alpharetta but I do not see any small business listed except in Cumming via link. What’s the best way to search for Alpharetta, Roswell, and etc small businesses that are qualified? Thanks

  6. I’ve found the best way to capitalize on these types of offers are to find online retailers, preferably “medium sized” businesses that offer gift cards. Not necessarily SMALL – and I define “medium” as having multiple locations, sometimes throughout the US. For example last time I was able to use my AmEx cards to purchase Small Business Chicago, which included “Taste of Chicago” – and on our next visit to Chicago, we took our family out to dinner at Lou Malnatti’s pizza. 80% of the bill was paid for by this promotion, not including tip. If anyone has any suggestions for “medium sized businesses” to use this with, please let me know. Also, re: McDonalds, worked like a charm. GIT IN MY BELLY!

  7. To the savvy retailer in these cities.
    1: Put together something (anything) you’d be willing to sell and ship for $20.
    2: Promote it on Flyertalk/Milepoint, here, etc.
    3: Allow people to place phone or internet orders (even if it’s not how you do most of your business)
    4: Profit!

    • @Andyandy – I agree. What a great way to get so many orders in one day! The issue with the Provincetown one this past summer is that they weren’t even able to fill the mass number of orders they were receiving. But I agree with you!

  8. @Richard It does not work with Prepaid Amex cards.

    Thanks for this! People are reporting that the Staten Island one is dead now.

    Anyone have any good online places for the other cities? Like a place with gifts?

    • @Deals Seeker – You are right, Staten Island is dead, darn 🙁 I wasn’t able to register and I am even in NYC, able to utilize it. Oh well, lesson learned to register quick! I haven’t done research yet on any good merchants in those cities yet.

  9. Sign up for LastPass, FREE downloadable software for automatically filling in your information in forms, and create identities for yourself with your credit card information. This will speed up the registration process immensely! For instance, I create an identity for DealsSeeker1 with my Penfed CC info, DealsSeeker2 for my Citi Amex CC info. and so on, until you have used up all your credit cards. Then just fill the form each time with each identity!

    @dealswelike I will email you my research when I’m done.

  10. Okay, I have some info for The $20 AmEx Deal:

    Registered for 4 cities but I’m starting w/ Raleigh & it seems to be quite the challenge. Especially b/c descriptions for many of the merchants don’t seem to be accurate. A good number are miscatagorized, non-existant or even closed down.
    **i.e: In Raleigh, there’s a merchant entitled: BLACK (listed under gifts, etc). My Google results brought me to various sites re: upper middle class black residents in Raleigh but no business called Black. So until more posts pop up here about which stores do online shipping, you’ll prob need to search ea individual listing, like I am.

    Another issue: I haven’t found any sites (incl the official Amex one) which actually lists the websites for ea. indiv. biz. Online now-shuffling back & forth between tabs (the Amex full promo page and Google) to figure out what the heck each store sells. At this point, the time investment is pretty steep, so turn on some football, grab a cold one & search away your Saturday! The few “shipping friendly” retailers I could find will likely sell out of their under $20 stuff pretty quick!

    Took a break to post here so still haven’t moved past Raleigh yet. But here are my finds for the “least out of pocket” that offer shipping:

    *Azurelise Chocolates in Raleigh-
    9 piece gourmet chocolate box (you select ea. piece)-
    $15. Cheapest shipping is $11.30. I’m in Cal so might not be as much for those closer to NC.

    *Ida Claire Gifts in Raleigh-
    Mostly fru fru stuff-a flashback to sorority days w/ most everything, pink, preppy & monogrammed. A few sale items around $20 but even those are horribly overpriced. Still, anything UNDER $20 ships for $3.50 (Note that they want you to call in your credit card # to complete the order, for safety reasons.

    *Eco-Dilly, Raleigh-
    A pretty reasonably priced shop that specializes in recycled, repurposed planet-friendly goods. Most seem to be totes, wine bags, etc. Cute, colorful & several things for under $20. 6 pages of stuff to order online but not terribly varied merch. Shipping seemed midrange.

    Hope to see more info posted for the other cities.
    Happy Shopping!

    • @Wendy – Thanks for sharing this. I am going to take a better look into the potential stores tomorrow. Hopefully we can find some good stuff!

  11. Also in Raleigh:

    Here’s another good possibility for spending that $20:
    Luxe Apothecary, Raleigh-

    Store looks quite promising. Sells higher end beauty stuff & looks like online orders are common based on their web setup. However clicking on ANYTHING on their landing page keeps bringing me to some technical register report of some kind. Obviously a glitch. Will call store to see when it’ll be fixed. As it is now, prices can’t be viewed either. Will update when I learn anything new.

  12. I received emails confirming that I will receive $20 and that I have met the conditions. I did these transactions on Sat 9/29. I picked up grocery stores from the web link which was provided.

  13. Sorry for the confusion. I picked up a grocery store from the Amex link which was shared in the post. Basically I changed Zip code and picked up a grocery store. There is no online store for this.

  14. Just spoke with the owner of Azure Chocolates out of Raleigh. He was very accommodating and I requested he charge $20 to each card and send me one giant gift card – no problems. Obviously the payment hasn’t posted to my AmEx statements yet, but with the end date 2 days away, I figure I will just email customer service at AmEx and they always credit the amount anyway. Plus, I feel good knowing that I can help a small business out. and bury my face in CHOCOLATE.

  15. Yes the map was very difficult to use. I’m not sure why they just can’t print an alphabetical list of businesses by zip code. I went to Kerr Drugs in Raleigh and Brandywine Cellars in Durham. Did not get a confirmation email on either one, not sure if they are doing that this time. I am hoping this is not another promotion that I have to request the credits; had to do that last time with Small Business Saturday. For some reason Amex’s system only automatically credits purchases at certain businesses and not others. At least if these work I’ll know where to go for November 24th.

  16. Azure Chocolates out of Raleigh did not automatically credit for me..looks like I will have to hunt this down by calling AMEX…….anyone else?

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