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UPDATE: This offer is no longer available. Additionally, new members will receive double points, so instead of 75,000 points you can earn 150,000 points! 

Earlier this morning I was reading a post by Frequent Miler that got my attention. When you shop with Open Sky (a slightly over priced online shopping store), you will earn 150 MyPoints points per dollar spent (an online shopping portal that directs you to online merchants). For those that are not aware, MyPoints points allow you to earn points by going through their shopping portal (similar to any other online shopping portal site) and then redeem your points on a variety of giftcards as well as United miles. The point redemptions are not a fixed price, but essentially a $50 certificate will run you between 6,500-7,000 points and 5,000 United miles will cost you 10,100 MyPoints points. The 150 MyPoints points are maxed at $500 spend, thus earning you 75,000 points. That will net you about $550 in gift cards (or more or less depending on what you redeem them for – I personally am looking for a $625 value) or 35,000 United points. This is also a limited time promotion, no telling when they’ll pull it!

How do I go about this? If you are new to both Open Sky and MyPoints, you first will need to create an online account. You can first create a MyPoints account and will then be directed to create an Open Sky account when you click on the promotional banner. You also might receive a $10 credit and free shipping when doing it this way. You are able to earn an additional $5 in MyPoints credits if you are referred from a friend (that friend will earn $5 credit to). That friend must email you the referral link. Feel free to post your email in the comments section if you want people to email you for a referral.

After you create the account, click one one of the many “Get 150 points per dollar – Limited time only” banner ads. This will then take you to Open Sky where you can create an account. Or if you already have an account you can sign in with your username and password. The Open Sky referral program is also unclear, as it states you’ll earn a $25 credit if referred by someone (and the referrer also receives $25 after a purchase – my referral link if you want), but I cannot seem to get that credit working when referring my other email addresses to test it. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know! If you do decide to open the Open Sky account first, just make sure to go through the MyPoints banner ad first to make your purchase.

Once you are in the Open Sky shopping site, browse through to order whatever you so desire. I ordered two Le Creuset items that came to $515 plus tax for a total of $560.71 after taxes. And since I was a new account, shipping was free. These were two items I’ve wanted, but could never bring myself to purchase due to the hefty price tag.

My strategy. I browsed through the MyPoints rewards and found a few gift cards that I will probably redeem for my 75,000 earned points (view gift card redemptions here).

  • $100 gift cards for 11,850 points (best gift card redemption): Express, Macy’s, Banana Republic, Bed & Breakfast, Spa Finder, Omaha Steaks
  • $100 gift cards for 12,100-12,850 points: L.L. Bean, Finish Line, west elm, Pottery Barn Kids, Motherhood Maternity, Williams-Sonoma, Marriott, Sears

There are a bunch of other gift cards in the $10, $25, $50, and $75 range, but will require more points per dollar. These include Hyatt, Lowes, Shell, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, CVS, Cheesecake Factory, etc. There are 75 redemption opportunities. And then you can always redeem for the United miles too. Depending on how you redeem your miles, this could be great! To spend $500 for ultimately 35,000 miles could be great. Or, if you purchase items that you re-sell on ebay, there can be some real value!
I will personally be redeeming 71,100 points for 6 $100 Macy’s gift cards ($600 total). I will then have 3,900 points to redeem for a $25 gift card to a store where I purchase at anyways – possibly even Subway. To me, this is $625 of FREE money as I would be purchasing items at these stores anyways. When you are my age, Macy’s shopping becomes quite popular with wedding registries!
So I spent $560, received my two Le Creuset items, and will receive $625 back. So really I got two free items plus $65 profit! Not too bad for long leaving my computer!

strong>Some things to note:

  • It is still not 100% guaranteed that you will earn MyPoints points. The wording is still iffy (that you might warn Open Sky points instead), although many have confirmed that it will actually be My Points points.
  • Points will post within 30 days of completing the transaction
  • You will have 30 days to return you item (for most items). Items marked “Final Sale” cannot be returned. Return shipping is free.
  • Use an American Express credit card. This will give you purchase protection for 90 days. If the points do not post and it is passed the 30 day return timeframe, you will have Amex’s purchase protection to fall back on. Other cards have this 90 day return as well, but I trust Amex the most when it comes to this stuff. As I mentioned, there is still some confusion in this, but I went for it!
  • This is a limited time promotion. If you no longer see the promotional banner, the deal is dead. I personally wouldn’t take my time with ordering stuff.

What did you buy?

Thanks to the Frequent Miler and View from the Wing for sharing this deal!

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  1. […] Last month, OpenSky was offering 150 points per dollar (up to $500), which would pretty much make everything on the site “free” (free in that you would receive the money back in gift cards).  I did not post about it because it was risky at the time.  The terms weren’t clear as to whether you would get MyPoints (awesome!) or OpenSky status points (to… do… what?)  Deals We Like covered this extensively. […]


  1. If you click on the banner, it specifically states:

    “OpenSky points are different from Points earned in the MyPoints program and may not be used for MyPoints rewards.”

    I don’t think they would have put this on here if they were going to give you mypoint rewards.

    • @Sean – That is where the confusion comes. It doesn’t state though that you’ll be earning Open Sky points, or MyPoints. MyPoints is an online shipping portal (similar to a Chase UR portal) where you receive their currency by making a purchase elsewhere.

  2. Just ordered a Mophie battery pack and a bunch of stuff for my new apartment – shelving units, plates, bowls, wine glasses, and a knife sharpening stone.

    Haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do with the points yet. I can break even with Amazon gift cards, make a little profit with some other retailers, or take a small loss with Paypal. Will probably do mostly Amazon, with a couple of small amounts at Panera and Starbucks since those are places I go regularly.

    This is a great deal – hopefully it works out! (If not, I charged it to my Starwood Amex.)

  3. Just be aware, that they don’t always credit for your points. I used MyPoints for 2 years and had several instances when my points weren’t credited. I once earned 4,500 points on a purchase with Estee Lauder that they wouldn’t credit to my account, despite the proof I provided. After my second email, I logged in to find my account had been closed. As well as every other person I had referred. They wouldn’t give us a reason or let us redeem the thousands of points we had earned so far. While 150 points per $1 is an amazing deal, be prepared for the possibility of not getting credit for your purchases.

  4. Sounds like you’re planning to redeem for $625 in Macy’s GCs. Note that Macy’s GCs can be obtained for 90 cents on the dollar from cardpool after TCB. So $625 in Macy’s GCs is worth about $562.50. The other day you valued UR at 2 cents per dollar. I would think 37K depositable UA miles would be worth a similar amount to you. You would need to value depositable UA miles less than 1.5 cents. My guess is 1.5 cents is probably closer to what you really value UR at. 🙂 I’m on the fence as to which way I’m going to go. I wouldn’t pay 1.5 cents for depositable UA miles, but I don’t really buy stuff at Macy’s either, so Macy’s GCs are worth less than 90 cents on the dollar to me.

  5. BTW, I noticed my MyPoints account was closed last night when I attempted to sign in. There was a message to contact them, but I was in a hurry to get in on the deal so I just signed up for another MyPoints account. Based on Ariana’s comment above and some of the comments I’m seeing on other blogs, it would appear I was shut down because I used a referral link from someone that got shut down for whatever reason. I can’t remember which Blogger’s referral link I used last year, but I had singed up to get 750 UA miles. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me from getting my points as it sounds like MyPoints actually threatened one person who contacted them about a closed account not to sign up again. Sounds a lot like the Jetsetter fiasco. We’ll see… Just another reason to use a card with return protection.

  6. I got the bonus mail from mypoints today and when i got home i tried to click on the link and it tells me this offer is no longer available but the email stated that points could be obtained until 9/30.

    • @Cathy – Unfortunately it is dead. It also said in the promotion that it will last until the number of points have been obtained. Not sure what that number was, but it clearly was hit,

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