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Another blog post from Mr. Deals…

First off, thanks dad for filling in last week. Since he was just in town chatting with Mrs. Deals, I know he’s already working on material for his next post. Good chance he will forget to do something important and Mrs. Deals will scold him with frustration!

Alright, back to the regular program here. I have a bit of a dilemma. I figure I’m about 2,000 miles shy of getting platinum status and I don’t have any AA travel for the foreseeable future. This all has to be done by December 31st so I’m getting close. For some of you folks, 2,000 miles is just in a days work, but for me, it is going to require some serious scheming/planning. Do I dare say mileage run?

I’m not going to lie, I always laughed at those that were doing mileage runs. Yeah, that’s probably most of you reading this. I just didn’t get it, give up 3 days of my life to sit in the flying bacteria tube, deal with my ears popping, mediocre naps sitting up all for a few extra miles for my next vacation? Just didn’t seem worth it to me. Oh boy how times have changed. Here I am close to reaching the highest status Mr. Deals may ever reach in the skies and I may have to swallow my pride and just hop on a plane for a mileage run.

What to do, what to do? Here’s the thing, for me to do it, it’s going to have to be cheap and easy. I don’t think I have the patience for something like this. Mrs. Deals is going to want me to try to get bumped too so we can get some more AA vouchers for future flights (I actually tried this just last week with no luck). Chances are I’m going to have to route one of the flights through O’Hare to keep it cheap. I may as well book a hotel there too because chances of delay/cancellation are about 100%.  Why can’t I just get on a plane out of JFK, fly 1000 miles in one direction, have the plane turn around (without landing) and bring me back. I figured that would only take 6 hours or so right? I think I could handle that.

So, what does everyone think, should I go for it or what? I may put out a poll on Twitter but since @mrdealswelike barely has any followers, keep an eye out on @dealswelike

At least I have gold and can get an exit seat!

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  1. I feel the same way about mileage runs – I just can’t fly somewhere and turn around and fly back. Some years I go visit my mom or my sister for a couple days. This year I’m going to Maui for three days because I found a great fare. Yes, there is the extra expense of a room, but i get to have some fun too!

    As long as i can keep my status without a huge expenditure, the benefits are definitely worth a bit more time in an airplane seat. I say go for it!

  2. ill never accept a voucher or caqsh for being bumped, my time is much more valuable .As for mileage runs, the closest i get is similar to the post by AAL.

  3. I only made AA Gold this year and boy do I really miss the Platinum. AA in general tends to treat their customers pretty crappy so I didn’t know how good I had it until I didn’t have it anymore. Turns out you’re just treated a whole lot better. The perks are ok but I find gate agents are more apt to reassign my seat now than they were before cause as one told me I’m “just a Gold.” I also really miss the double miles Platinums earn.

    If it’s only 2,000 miles just book anything to make it happen. Besides, the double miles you’ll be earning as a Platinum alone are worth it.

  4. If your planning much travel next year on AA I would go for it. It’s worth the run. At least your located somewhere with a decent AA gateway to plan such a run. I would plan a trip south for warm weather and just enjoy a nice weekend.

    • Best news ever – My husband got out of the shower this morning saying, “I think I have to do it!” Music to my ears! Now we just need to figure out exactly how many miles he needs.

  5. just book a quick weekend to Miami. Enjoy the beach and sunshine for a day or 2 and go home. Short inexpensive flight that will earn you slightly over 2k miles.

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