New Amex Syncing Promotions with Facebook!

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It has been awhile since we’ve seen some new American Express sync promotions and I was thrilled when reader Joey emailed me yesterday morning letting me know that the site has been updated. If you read my Free Money 101 post you’ll know that there are currently three types of American Express money back promotions: 1) Twitter; 2) Facebook; 3) Foursquare. Currently these new promotions posted below are only available via Facebook (or the American Express iPhone app), but I am sure they’ll be available via Twitter and Foursquare soon.

Now, I check all three options daily (it is part of my morning ritual!) but these new promotions were not linked to my account. However, upon finding out about the promotion I was able to see them via the Amex iPhone app. I also signed into Mr. Deal’s Facebook account and was able to see the promotions there. I will try to find the direct link for the top promotions if you do not see them on your Facebook account.

Remember, you must first sync your American Express credit card to Facebook and then add the offer to your card by clicking the “Get Offer” button.

There are many offers available, so I’ve only listed what I assume to be the most popular ones:

  • California Pizza Kitchen: Spend $25, get $10 back (expires 12/31) – this one is now available via Twitter as well (tweet #AmexCPKOffer)
  • Spend $100, get $25 back (expires 12/31) – this is for online purchases online (direct offer link:
  • Henri Bendel: Spend $200, get $50 back (expires 11/30)
  • The Container Store: Spend $25, get $5 back (expires 12/4)
  • Simon Malls: Spend $50 on a Simon Mall giftcard, get $10 back (expires 12/31) – this is an extension of the promotion from this past summer
  • Premium Outlets: Spend $50 on a Premium Outlet giftcard, get $10 back (expires 12/31) – this is an extension of the promotion from this past summer
  • Phillipe New York: Spend $250, get $75 back (expires 12/31)
  • Border Grill: Spend $50, get $10 back (expires 11/30)
  • Geisha House: Spend $50, get $10 back (expires 11/30)
  • The Darby Restaurant: Get 20% off (expires 12/12)
  • Yoga Works: Spend $100, get $20 back (expires 12/14)
  • One Kings Lane: Spend $100, get $20 back (expires 12/17)

Look at the terms for each of the promotions, but typically purchasing a gift card works. I’ve done this for many of my American Express sync promotions and have received my statement credit every time! I will add these promos to my “Free Money” tab at the top of the page.

Also, this is one per American Express card/Facebook account, however, if you have multiple Amex cards to take advantage with, you can sync them with friends/family members Facebook accounts (or maybe you have a few different accounts just for yourself)! I am personally thrilled for the Costco and CPK promotion!

Enjoy your free money!

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  1. The Costco deal only works on I believe. But it should work for buying a Costco Cash card to use in-store.

    Now we need some new Twitter deals. I think there are only two active deals left after today.

    I haven’t seen anything on Foursquare for a couple of months now.

    • @Joshua – I just purchased a costco cash card online and received the “Thank you for using your synced card” email. The $25 credit will take a few days to appear on my statement, so I cannot 100% promise anything. But with anything else I’ve always purchased gift cards. American Express just sees the charged total essentially.

  2. Has anyone tried this with AMEX branded Citi AA cards? I synced and it didn’t reject it, but never got the sync email like I did with my other AMEX cards.

    • @HikerT – I have not yet tried it with an AMEx branded Citi card. I’ve read a decent number of reports that some have been successful, while others have not. The issue is, if you do not receive the statement credit, it is Citi you are calling and they won’t do anything for you.

  3. I’ll probably give it a try. Probably safer to buy merchandise instead of cash card for that one, then return if the statement credit doesn’t post.

    I assume reloadable cards are a no go?

    • @HikerT – Definitely let me know if it works. No loss since Costco has the best return policy. Reloadable cards are definitely a no-go unfortunately.

  4. @DWL Just a tip! Since AMEX Sync on FaceBook customizes the offer according to your likes, if you do not have any “likes” it will show you way more number of offers (probably all available) then otherwise 🙂

    • You need to sign in with your username/passcode for the card you have, I signed in with my Amex personal account and was able to pull my SPG Amex card from the drop down option.

  5. I bought costco cash card last night. Received the email confirmation for the purchase from costco but never received any email from Amex thanking me for using the synced card. Hmmmm….I hope the purchase was good for the$25 statement credit.

    • @sandy – Some times those emails never come but I still get the statement credit, it really is strange how it works. However, did you sync your card and add the offer to your card prior to purchasing from

  6. @dealswelike-I sure did! Thanks for having your blog!! I appreciate all of the deal and tips you published! So you know if we can sync and unsync so that i can get the deal under two of my AMEX account?

    • @Jim – Yes, if you have multiple American Express credit cards and they are all linked to different Facebook accounts.

  7. Sorry for my very basic question, but how do I find these merchants on FB? I’m on the Amex Sync page on FB, I see some offers but not all like the Container Store one. How do I see all of these?

    • @Jenny – With Facebook not all accounts are showing all merchant offers – which is quite annoying! Hopefully some of these will be soon available via Twitter. I had to sign out and in a few times and finally the more popular ones showed on my account.

  8. Did you end up getting your statement credit for the costco cash purchase? I still haven’t pulled the trigger because I am waiting on your experience.

    • @Joshua – The $100 charge is still in my pending transactions. Once that hits my assumption is the $25 credit will hit. I will be sure to update when this happens.

    • @Andy – It doesn’t show. If you aren’t sure which one was synced you’ll need to unsync and resync. You will then need to re-add the offer to your card by selecting the “Add to Card” button on the Facebook application.

  9. Hi, I just unsynced and synced another card for costco offer, but it said the max number of cardmembers have registered for this offer. =( So offer is no longer available. Anyone else get this message?

    • @DC – Unfortunately the maximum numbers of offers have been met. If you’ve already synced your card, then you are good. All of the amex sync offers have maximum enrollments.

  10. Yes, this works. I bought a $100 Costco cash card and then used that online to buy something at

    My $25 refund occurred in 3 weeks.

  11. What does this kind of thing cost the participating businesses? I have some restaurants that I would love to promote like this.

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