$25 Back with $100 Gift Card at Costco.com

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UPDATE: The number of people who enrolled in this promotion has been met.

Last week I reported that Facebook updated their Amex Sync page and added many partner deals. One of the better promotions was spending $100 at Costco.com with your synced American Express credit card and getting $25 back as a statement credit. Immediately, I purchased a $100 Costco gift card online and am happy to report that the $25 statement credit appeared in my account today.

Some things to know about this promotion:

  • This is limited to one statement credit per account (meaning one per credit card)
  • You are only able to sync one American Express card to Facebook at a time – to get around that you can either:
    • Create another Facebook account and link another American Express card to the account
    • Use a family members Facebook account who doesn’t have an American Express card and sync your card to their account
    • After you receive the statement credit, unsync your currently synced American Express card and sync another card
  • You must register the offer for each card you have synced to a Facebook account (this means clicking the “Add to card” option in Facebook
  • If done correctly, you can get a $25 statement credit for each American Express card you have – this is like a 25% discount on future Costco purchases
  • Almost all American Express cards are eligible, this includes (to name a few): Starwood American Express, American Express Premier Rewards Gold, Delta American Express, Costco American Express, American Express Platinum, American Express Business Gold Card, Hilton American Express, Macy’s American Express, Bloomingdale’s American Express, etc.
    • The Citi / American Express cards (i.e., American Airlines Amex Citi card) will work as well, however, if you have any problems and the statement credit does not post, Citi will not be able to help you and you might be out of luck
  • Additional cardholders are eligible for the statement credit as well as long as it is a different credit card number (which is not the case with Citi / Amex accounts)

I think the bullets above should answer most questions, but please do not hesitate to comment below if you have anymore. To learn more about the American Express sync promotions, read this prior Free Money 101 post.



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  1. No need for additional FB accounts, just unsync and resync. Each time you will be able to load the costco.com offer onto a different amex card.

  2. I’m getting a bit worried, as I bought the gift card on 10/31, a day before you, and one day after your statement credit posted mine hasn’t posted yet. I synched my card, registered for the promo and loaded it into my card, but nothing yet. Will give it another day or two.

    • @Michael – Although the statement credit shows yesterday, it actually did not appear in my account till today. So give it a day or two to see.

  3. Great. Thanks for the tip of unsynching the card and synching another one. I hadn’t thought of that. I really didn’t want any part of the hassle of having to create multiple FB accounts.

  4. when you unsynch & resynch a different card using same FB acct: do you have to wait until you get credit for the first card? do you have firm confirmation of this? or can you simply synch, get offer, buy at costco, get confirmation email from amex (i’ve found that’s the key for all amex offers), then can resynch a different card before actually seeing the credit appear at amex site? or do you really need to wait until that credit appears?

    • @guest – I personally have never unsynced/synced for multiple cards (just utilize multiple Facebook accounts), so I cannot speak from personal experience, but just from what I’ve read. I personally would wait until you get the credit from the first card, but no confirmation.

  5. One credit posted. Just ordered my second gift card on a different am ex synced to a different Facebook account. Going to wait for this one to post then do it one more time. I already have 2 Facebook accounts and so does hubby. Created one last year for spam and contests that I don’t want to show up on my everyday Facebook account.

  6. Hi! Thank you the the valuable information. DO you know if we need different costco numbers to do multiple transactions? My wife and I have different AMEX cards and different facebook accounts, but only 1 costco membership number. Do we need more than 1 costco membership number?

    THank you!

    • @SP – I did one purchase as a test and since it worked I went ahead and did 5 more purchases last night all with the same costco membership number. It should not matter, but I cannot yet speak from experience.

  7. Hi! Sorry, additional question. Did you wait a certain time period from syncing the offer to making a purchase on Costco.com? I just sync offer for my wife and I just now. Do you recommend I make purchase right away, or should I wait a day or two?

    Thank you!

  8. What about authorized user amex cards? Will those work? eg. I have a SPG card, and my wife is an authorized user on my SPG card, and both cards have different numbers. If we use different facebook account to sync and buy from costco.com, will we both get $25 credits?

    • @Stan – From what I’ve read from others, yes. However, I actually do not have any authorized users on my Amex cards so I cannot speak 100% from personal experience. Note that this absolutely will not work for authorized users though with 3rd party Amex cards (i.e., Citi AAdvantage credit card).

  9. I went through the iphone app for this deal under the area marked “Offers Available For You” once you log in. You don’t even need a facebook account to do this. You just scroll to the deal for costco and select add to card. I purchased a $100 cash card at costco.com late last week and am happy to report that I just received the $25 credit on my amex account yesterday!

  10. >antoniokelley > i just saw the offers in my online amex acct as well- question- when linking this way- via amex site directly instead of via FB, did you receive a confirmation email from amex? something like ‘thanks for linking your card’? and then, after purchasing at costco.com, did you receive a confirmation email like ‘thanks for using your synched amex card # xxx at costco.com’?

  11. This is my personal experience to answer some of the questions:
    -When you click “Unsynch card” there is text that says that unsynching your card will not prevent you from getting the credit you’ve already earned.

    -My wife actually does NOT have a Costco membership, so I entered mine and it actually worked, but this is at your own risk.

    -Ironically, my wife got the credit and I didn’t. I SM’d Amex and they said my card wasn’t synched, even though when I login to FB I can see the offer loaded to my card. They said I should I received a confirmation email from Amex that the card was synched to a specific promo (I don’t know if he meant a confirmation email once your card is synched, period, as that is the only thing I received). As comment #22 says, a confirmation email confirming the purchase should come through, but I didn’t get such email (and in any case, if you don’t get it, it’s too late as you’ve already made the purchase anyway).

    -Amex ended up giving me the $25 credit as a manual adjustment, so I’ll proceed with caution and do one purchase at a time.

  12. On another note I just tried with a second card and DID receive both confirmation emails for synching the card and for making a purchase for the synched card, so now it should work.

  13. @GUEST no I did not receive a confirmation email from Amex. I just saw the same credit shown on my account like on the screenshot posted at the beginning

  14. I tried this deal and so far this is my experience. I synced my official facebook account to one of my amex cards (my costco/amex) and bought $100 gift card from costco. Received the email confirming that the promo went through. Then I did the same with hubby’s facebook and amex, but using my costco login and so far nothing. I also created a new facebook account and synced another amex and used my existing costco membership (already used twice) and nothing. The weird part is that Costco confirmed my purchases, but amex online billing is not showing any of the transactions. This was all done Wednesday eve, and it is now Thursday pm.
    I am hoping things will clarify tonight?

    • @Mariana – Is the $100 charge from Costco showing in your “pending transactions?” It took 2+ days for the $100 charge to actually show up on my current statement. If you did this yesterday than give it time.

  15. @dealswelike, the charge is not even showing in pending transactions. oh well, i need to wait and see. no biggie. It’s just that I wanted to use my other amex cards and take advantage of this. but i have time.

    • @Mariana – Give it a few days, I remember thinking it took awhile to post as well, but it did. Trust me, Costco will eventually want your money!

    • @Mariana – I just checked my husbands amex statements and we placed three orders Tuesday all with different amex cards and they are still in his pending transactions, so it looks like it takes some time with the costco purchases .

  16. I successfully got the $25 credit card statement refund on the AMEX card I initially had sync’ed to my Facebook account. However, when I unsynced it and sync’ed a new card, I could no longer find the Costco offer to add to my newly sync’ed card. Anybody else seeing this issue? I do see other offers that I intend to take advantage of on my newly sync’ed card (Simon Malls, Premium Outlets). I also no longer see the $50 off $250 of specifically hotel spending with Travelocity offer. I had previously added that offer to my original sync’ed card; I wasn’t sure I’d end up taking advantage of it, but it’s possible that I’ve lost access to that offer for good?

    • @PH – I personally find the easiest/best method to create a new Facebook account and sync one card to each account. Then there is no syncing/unsyncing.

  17. I’ve received a few $25 credits, but I haven’t seen any credit yet for the Citi Amex card. Anyone get anything from them? How long does it take?

    Anyway, love this play, and can’t wait for Small Business Saturday. More free money.

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