Small Business Saturday is Here!

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This is a quick reminder that Small Business Saturday is happening today, Saturday November 24th. I’ve written about this in extensive detail before, so I will let you read the previous posts to find the specifics, but a quick recap:

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Where did you use your FREE $25?! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Please note: Not all merchants are participating this year. In my area, it’s a meager and disappointing list. FYI, wine and liquor stores are not included in 2012.

  2. Sitting in a Panera in upstate NY enjoying my coffee 5x more than the next guy. That’s the good news. The other good news? I’m about to go online and order 24 $25 gift certificates at a local store I shop at all the time. I warned the store mgr what I was up to ~ she was curious so I gave her the abbreviated all things ff spiel. She now knows her credit score is 768, has a Chase Sapphire and Ink Bold and 10k points coming her way, and is dreaming about Europe. We all win.

  3. Wine and liquor stores are most definitely on the list. Search for them by name and they’ll show up on the map at The directory listing only includes a handful of small businesses, but the map feature has them all!

  4. This is very misleading by AMEX. Even if they’re on the list (because they accept AMEX), there are not a participating retailer. The devil is in the details which states alcohol is excluded.

    I’ve spoken to a couple of wine retailers, and that’s what they’re telling their customers.

  5. I went to two places which were listed on the AMEX small business site, and each told me they did not accept AMEX for payment. What a joke.

  6. I remember seeing something about no alcohol way back when we first started hearing about this promotion, and since then it disappeared. I did spend $25 at a liquor store (enjoying it right now!); but I think they must have changed their minds about liquor because there are several on the list. And since I don’t see “no liquor” mentioned anymore, I am just going to assume they changed their minds. But if not, I got plenty more restaurants, shoe stores and whathaveyou that I spent $25 at to make it up…

    I’ve been shopping for several hours, and haven’t had such a good time since I can remember. I spent a lot of time picking places (mostly restaurants) that I knew were small businesses, and I was a bit surprised most of the establishments didn’t seem familiar with “Shop Small,” but oh, what a great bunch of dinners I’m going to have to not too far off. All hail the gift card! Thanks, Amex. I love you! I will use your cards forever.

  7. This is all I ended up seeing about alcohol, but it would be strange wording to exclude alcohol.

    “Small businesses that promote any of the following are not eligible for the Program: pharmaceuticals, drugs, politics, pornography or sexual aids, diet aids, gambling, liquor, tobacco, firearms/weapons, or any sensitive topic with respect to current events

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