Purchase US Airways Miles with up to a a 100% Bonus

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For the month of May, US Airways is offering up to a 100% bonus when purchasing US Airways miles. I was happy to hear that this promotion was coming back a few weeks ago, but wasn’t able to disclose this information until the offer actually started – which is today! US Airways runs this type of promotion quite often so this isn’t any breaking news, but it is a great way to get US Airways miles for cheap and potentially American Airline miles once points become transferable. I say potentially for the AA miles as I do not want to give any false hope – as of right now we aren’t 100% positive how the transfer of miles will work, the ratio, and when this will begin. With this promo, you can purchase the miles with the following bonus breakdown:

  • Buy/gift 5,000 – 9,999 miles, get a 25% bonus
  • Buy/gift 10,000 – 19,999 miles, get a 50% bonus
  • Buy/gift 20,000 – 29,999 miles, get a 75% bonus
  • Buy/gift 30,000 – 50,000 miles, get a 100% bonus

I’d personally only purchase miles at the 100% bonus rate as the other ones won’t give you a great value.  This offer lasts until May 31, 2013 and is maxed at purchasing 50,000 miles per account. For the purpose of this post, I did the math for the 100% offer since that is really the only offer I’d recommend buying miles at.

Should you take advantage of this promotion?

While there is no cut and dry answer, this promotion could be great for some of you. Those who primarily redeem for domestic travel will most likely not see the value, but for those that desire business and first class on international flights, this could be a great deal!

Typically, miles are sold for $0.035, but with this promotion you can think of each mile costing $0.0175. If you go all in, the 100,000 miles will cost you $1,881.25. These 100,000 miles can be used for a round-trip business class ticket from the US to Europe. Purchasing this ticket will typically cost you at least $3,000 (on the super conservative side). Remember though, you will not earn miles when redeeming, so there is that opportunity cost as well.

You can check out the US Airways award chart here to see the number of miles needed for each route. Also remember that if you have the US Airways branded credit card you’ll get 5,000 miles off your round-trip flight. Award seats are capacity controlled, so just make sure to look up seat availability prior to purchasing any points.

I actually have yet to purchase US Airways miles during this promotion, as I am up to my ears with American miles that I still need to redeem. I personally do not like buying miles speculatively without a specific redemption award in mind (unless I can purchase them for really really cheap!). This promotion seems to appear at least every other month, so if you have no immediate need, you can always hold off till the next time the promotion runs (assuming it will).

You can purchase miles here.

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  1. Why are bloggers not talking about the huge loss of Stsr Aliance international saver award availability this summer? Try finding flights from EU or Asia to the US. You can get out but you can’t get home.

  2. Question: When purchasing with a 2x travel rewards card, ie, Chase Sapphire Preferred, do miles purchased on that card earn 2x travel points or just standard 1x purchase?

    • @D Bird – Typically they only get 1x points since the transaction is through points.com and not the airline directly.

    • @D Bird – US Airways miles are purchased through points.com which does NOT trigger a “travel” purchase. Only 1 point per dollar spent unfortunately.

  3. @Unhappy flyer. I have a trip to Europe planned and have my return flight on UA from BRU-ORD. I booked the flight in February and availability was great for lots of spots in Europe then for the summer. Now is a different story. I think its just a matter of it being so much closer to the summer that many people have booked flights for summer travel and thus award availability is slim. Maybe some will open up as the time gets closer.

  4. @UF : is that a coordinated response across Star to black out the summer season, or that demand is so high they have zero incentive to give saver seats ?

  5. Jackie – we don’t know. We thought it was just UA at first but could be broader. It is more than the summer but the summer is particularly badly hit. UA may be moving to a model of only giving out last minute savers. Terrible for planning of you want to use them. There is a thread in Flyer talk united section on Saver award availability. Its a long thread – cut to around page 59.

  6. Also remember that in July and August most airlines are running business class specials for good prices.

  7. I do not follow the math. You say the miles are 0.0175 per mile. If total cost is $1881.25 for 100k, then cost per mile is 0.018. I assume the additional $131.25 is for tax? Regardless the cost per mile is 1.8 cents

  8. I like Avianca miles much better for *A. Usually I plan for March-May or Sept-Nov when traveling to Europe. Summer is not the best time to enjoy the old continent unless you go to Scandinavia.

    These miles will become AA miles, and will be more valuable once the merger takes place.

  9. I’ve been buying miles from US Airways and using them to fly business class on All Nippon for the past five years. My wife’s family lives in Japan so we go to visit about 2 our of every 3 years, flying out of Dulles or JFK. The US Airways star alliance chart is the best, at least for Travel to Japan. It is only 90K miles to fly from the US to Narita. Up until last year that came out to about $1,350 before taxes and fees for a business class flight to Narita. The actual discounted ticket from the ANA website is usually in the range for 6K to 8K. The cheapest ticket I’ve ever seen from JFK or Dulles to Narita was $3,300 a few years ago (both Air Canada and United). You’re travel time needs to be flexible, and you need to do your homework and be patient when you call in, but it’s really a steal when you consider the value. I have a bunch of miles stock piled and I just hope the transfer 1:1 to American miles.

  10. @D Bird. I don’t know about Chase Sapphire Preferred, but i got double miles on my miles purchase for using my US Airways Mastercard (Barclays). I wonder if using AMEX premier rewards would get 3X for travel for a miles purchase?

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