Star MegaDO 5 Booking Tomorrow!

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The booking site for the Star MegaDO  opens TOMORROW, Monday May 19th at 12pm CST! Many of you are probably asking yourself, “What the heck is a MegaDO?” And it is totally understandable. Essentially this is an event partnered with Star Alliance and Marriott giving you the a behind-the-scenes travel opportunity. It is a three day tour starting in Canada, stopping in Arizona, and eventually ending in San Francisco flying Air Canada’s A321 (yes, an Airbus) where you will meet other obsessed travel junkies, tour some cool air crafts, and earn some points and miles. It is essentially a party on a plane. If you are looking for a quite ride, this is probably not for you!

I unfortunately had to cancel for the Star MegaDO 4 due to a work conflict and will not be able to go on this one (you can see why here, but ultimately I do not think the timing works best for me as I’ll have a 4 month old at home). I did, however, go on the OneWorld MegaDO which is a similar concept, although it was partnered with the OneWorld Alliance and Hyatt.

While, it is a pretty steep cost for this event, there could potentially be some cool perks. My assumption is both Star Alliance and Marriott will extend some sort of promotion limited to just folks on the flight. While it has not yet been announced, I have high hopes that it will be awesome – at least the challenges/perks in the past have been

Schedule – you can see the official complete itinerary here, but to summarize:

  • Tuesday October 22, 2013: Arrival in Toronto, no program (optional, so you can arrive Wednesday instead if you prefer)
    • Host hotel: Ritz Carlton Toronto or Toronto Marriott Downtown
  • Wednesday October 23, 2013: Breakfast at the host hotel, registration opens at 8AM; 10:00am –  Buses to Rimowa’s factory (tours and BBQ); 11:00am –  Buses from the airport to Rimowa’s factory for people arriving Wednesday morning; Return back to the hotel at 4:00pm and welcome reception hosted by Marriott
    • Host hotel: Ritz Carlton Toronto or Toronto Marriott Downtown
  • Thursday October 24, 2013: 9:30am –  Buses to YYZ for a day with Air Canada. Return to the hotel at 4-5PM and a reception hosted at hotel by Air Canada
    • Host hotel: Ritz Carlton Toronto or Toronto Marriott Downtown
  • Friday October 25, 2013: 7:30 – Buses to YYZ, charter departs at 9:30; fly to Tuscon, Arizon at 11:15am and go to AF base; Return back to airport to fly to San Francisco; hangar party hosted by United Airlines from 6-8:30pm

Price – these prices just include the chartered flight. You will still be responsible for paying for the nightly negotiated rate at the hotels  and for the positioning flights to Toronto and home from San Francisco:

  • Business First — $2,799 all in – earns 15,00 EQM
  • Tommy Class Emergency Exit Row — $1,999 all in (extra Legroom and No One Next to You)  – earns 7,500 EQM
  • Tommy Class — $1,799 all in (Middle seat blocked, so no one next to you) – earns 7,500 EQM
  • Economy Class — $1,199 all in – earns 2,500 EQM
As of right now they are still working on being able to get the United miles in additional to the Air Canada Aeroplan miles.

Yes, this is not a cheap trip. This is not advertised as some deal or anything, but one of those cool “once in a lifetime” opportunities – although for many this has been a “many times in a lifetime” trip. Assuming the least expensive costs, you will be paying $1,199 for the flight, let’s say another $400 to go to Toronto and home from San Francisco, and then $450 on hotels (estimated as they have not yet been determined). This will bring you to a grand total of around $2,000 give or take. Now the good thing is that you really will not incur any other costs as food and activities are included.

Tickets will go FAST. In the past, they usually didn’t last longer than 30 minutes or so (if that!). So if you really do want to go, make sure you are on the megado booking site right at 12:00pm CST (or a few minutes before). Goodluck!

Are you thinking about going?! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Hey. If I ever spent $2000 for a junket like this, I’d be divorced so fast I wouldn’t know what hit me.

    There was a time, DOs and other events on Flyertalk/milepoint were done on the cheap. Keep it affordable and they will come. Well, as many of us have aged, we have a few extra dollars in our pockets. Heck, some even have the big bucks for a multi-day event. The online world has sure changed.

    editorial comment >> please don’t spend money that you don’t have.

    Shameless plug for the very affordable BRT (Brooklyn Reality Tour). Info on Community forum on Flyertalk.

  2. Agreed, dhammer53. Also, over time, there has been such an explosion in the “travel blogger” category, and for these folks the cost is tax-deductible or, for press, a reimbursable expense. I think the % of bloggers on these Mega-dos is quite high. While their rate is the same as an “outsider”, their true cost isn’t.

  3. Sigh… Another overpriced event for bloggers and forum owners to expand their brand… +1 to dhammer – wish I could do the BRT this year – next year totally in! Glad some ppl haven’t lost the spirit

  4. Went on a one of these a while back, it was mostly a young single crowd who are into lots if drinking, felt very out if place as a familyman. Never got to enjoy the cities we went to, just the hotels & airport. Was very rushed.

    • @Bald Army Guy – Sorry you didn’t enjoy. But you are correct, this is definitely not a way to see the cities, although this one might allow you to see Toronto as there are multi-days in this one location, instead of three nights all in a different city.

  5. There’s no need to rush, this won’t sell out that fast. Besides being expensive, potential attendees should be aware that the logistics on the last SMD were a total clusterf*&k and the organizers disown all accountability

  6. Sold out, and in for two tickets. My wife and I are looking forward to it. I think it’s safe to say we all enjoy low-priced, yet high-value vacations (if not FREE) and this seems like a unique experience. My first – and a reward to myself for the success I have had obtaining points & miles, finding loopholes, working hard to maximize, and I deserve this. Hope some others agree instead of everyone just bashing this thing.

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