Marriott Megabonus FAQs

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Marriott runs the SAME EXACT promotion every so often. While I wish they’d come out with something more exciting, I like that I can predict what the next promotion will be and the time frame. Typically it runs two weeks after the last promotion ends. Marriott just announced when the new Megabonus promotion will start (Sept 15 – Jan 15) and I posted about it yesterday. Many of the newbies had some questions about how this promotion works, so here are your questions answered:

If I have a one night stay September 14 through September 15, will it count towards the promotion? Unfortunately no it will not count. Since the Megabonus starts the 15th your stay must include the night of the 15th. Now if you have a multi-night stay that starts before the promotion begins and includes September 15th then it will count, for example a two night stay checking in September 14 and checking out September 16 will count.

If I have a one night stay January 15 through January 16, will it count towards the promotion? Yes it will! As long as you check in January 15th it does not matter when you check out.

I have a 4-night stay. Am I able to split the reservation into two separate two night stays to count as two two stays? Technically no, but it all depends on how the hotel puts it through the system. If you have two reservations back to back the hotel can still count it as one stay when they report the stay to the Marriott reservations system, so it really depends. If you actually check out and then check back in without the front desk person linking the reservations you will have a better chance, but it really depends. There are times I’ve lucked out with this.

What consists of a stay? A stay is defined as the length of nights between check in and check out. A stay can be one night or two or three or four, etc. For the stay 2 times, get a free night promotion, you just need to have two separate stays regardless of how many nights the stay is for. One night stays DO count!

I noticed that there are better offers available for my needs, am I able to change my offer from the one I was targeted? In the past Marriott always allowed you to change your offer, however, the past year they stopped allowing this. But, for this promotion and the one that is currently in affect, Marriott has been allowing members to change their offer when calling. You will need to call Marriott Rewards, tell them that a friend received another offer that would be better for your upcoming travel habits and you’d like to be enrolled in that promotion instead. The agent will not be able to change the offer in the system, but will document this and once the promotion is over will manually change the points/free nights you should earn. If the agent has no idea what you are talking about ask to be directed to the Platinum line, as typically those agents are more knowledgeable in this.

If I was able to sign up for the 5,000 points per night offer plus the targeted Megabonus after, will I earn the points/free nights for both promotions simultaneously? While I personally didn’t receive the 5k per night promotion so cannot test this myself, if you were able to register for both promotions then yes they both should count for every stay during the overlapping dates.

Does this promotion apply to previously booked reservations, or do I have to cancel and re0book? All reservations during September 15 and January 15 count regardless of when you booked them. You do not need to register prior to booking your reservations. You do need to register for this promotion by November 15th though to have all your stays count.

It applies to previously booked reservations, correct? I don’t have to cancel and re-book now that I have registered, right?

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    • @thebone – it was a targeted promotion. You’d see it in your promotions in your Marriott account if you were eligible. I wasn’t targeted either.

  1. I’ve had luck in the past by checking out and back in for multi-night stays and counts as individual stays. This time I forgot to do that, but is there any way to split them into separate stays after the fact?

    • @jon – I do not believe there is anyway to go back after the fact. Especially because in the terms back to back stays technically count as one stay.

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