Bonus 2,000 American Airline Miles for Online Shopping

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This is a reminder that today is the last day for the 2,000 AA bonus when spending $35 (cumulative spend) through the AAdvantage shopping portal.

I just received an email that I’ll receive 2,000 American Airline bonus miles for only spending a cumulative of $35 through the AAdvantage shopping portal. Shopping portals are the best as you receive bonus points/miles for simply making the same purchase you would have made anyways. It just takes one extra step to start at the loyalty programs website and then clicking through to the merchant you are looking to shop with – you are ultimately taken to the merchants website and make your purchase as you would normally.

aa shopping

While others might have been targeted for another lesser bonus, it looks if you just sign in through that specific bonus site anyone can receive the 2,000 miles – at least it appears that way to me? I signed in with other family members AA number and the 2,000 bonus mile promotion still appeared, so even if you were not targeted (or targeted for a less promotion) you still might be able to take advantage of this one.

This promotion ends today, September 30, 2013! I do A LOT of online shopping so for me to spend $35 will be a piece of cake. This is also a good way to keep your miles active for another 18 months!

Has anyone had their bonus miles appear to their account yet? If so, where you targeted for this promotion and any luck purchasing gift cards?

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  1. My email and those my friends have received all say 1,000 rather than 2,000 miles. Do you think you were targeted with the higher amount due to your status?

    • @2thepoint – To be perfectly honest, I do not purchase gift cards through online shopping portals often so I cannot really say based on personal experience. If anyone has any experience to share that would be great!

  2. i too received this email offer but i have had bad experience with aa’s online shopping portal. I rarely received miles from the online portal. Not even on purchases made without using coupons. It is hit or miss and i no longer use it

  3. I dunno..Frequent milers lab says that sears physical gc got counted going thru aa portal…using this deal + plink sounds like a good deal..i wonder if capitol one’s venture one kmart 10% off deal might be able to work as well..

    • @bitachu – Since you need to make the transaction online you won’t be able to combine with Plink as Plink points is for in-store only purchases.

  4. Took a shot with both the Wife and Myself. For me I did the Safeway 650 points for a new order thing with yet another new email address. We’ll see how it all posts.

    Thanks for the info regardless.

  5. I think it is targeted for those that haven’t used mall in awhile. My husband and 9 year old son got the 2000 mile offer…I got zilch. I have used the shopping mall but not in a year. I stopped because I had so many issues, but I have been using the Southwest mall (also run by Cartera) and have had ALL my orders post for the last year with no issues what so ever. For years I was a regular emailer to Cartera for missing orders but they have improved greatly.

    The terms and conditions state that gift cards DO NOT count.

    • @Kelly – Regarding gift cards it depends on the merchant. Some merchants, gift cards slip through and end up counting where others really won’t count. It all depends on how the merchant reports the transaction.

  6. Lucky you, you got the 2k offer! BTW, gift cards are excluded from the bonus.

    From the fine print:

    Returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus.

    Thanks for the mention!

  7. My husband and I (with separate AA accounts) each ordered some magazine subscriptions, which are at 30 miles per dollar through at least today; remember that most subscriptions give you access on many tablets and the Kindle as well for no extra cost, so this is a great way to get, say, two years of Entertainment Weekly and walk away with over 3000 points!

  8. I got an email offering 1000 points. Last night, I used your link showing 2000 bonus points and made a purchase. We’ll see if my hubby will get the bonus points.

    I’m new to this exciting & wonderful ways to maximize points or miles to use for travel. Can I use any credit cards at any of the shopping portals..Ultimate Rewards, AAshopping and still get the associated miles earned per dollar spent? Also, at this latest offer, do I have to use my CitiAAdvantage credit card to get the 1000k or 2000K for shopping at AAdvantage shopping portal.

    Thank you for sharing this tip. I enjoy following your blog and learn so many useful tips.

    • @lena – with the shopping portals you can use whatever credit card you want! Enjoy getting obsessed with the world of points and miles!

  9. Thanks for your reply. I’m already hooked and wished I had , own about this. With just 2 credit apps each in July, hubby and I have a little over 200k points (and ready to apply for more in Oct./Nov) as i’m gearing up for going 1st class to Asia sometime next year. So excited about this opportunity as we’ve always travel economy with our hard earned money.

    Keep up the good work and I truly appreciate your blog.

  10. Well, you can slice everything after the question mark off the URL in this post, and see the offers with no identifying/targeted link. => 1K miles => 2K miles

    (Of course, I tried promo3, promo4, and promo5, and none of those work.)

    But the terms say “when you shop through this email “, and the link that the “shop now” button goes to is the same in both cases: It’s possible that visiting the bonus page drops a cookie to identify the bonus that should apply, but I can’t be sure.

    Since I wasn’t targeted at all, and since AAdvantage Shopping doesn’t have a great history of resolving disputes, I won’t be risking the $35 on this one.

  11. I got an email offering 2000 points. Made a purchase for $37.77. So now, if I am reding this correctly, I should see 2000 points added into my account sometime before the end of the year.

    “Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account.”

  12. I actually never received an email, but when following your link and logging in to AA it then gave me a big red button in the middle of the 2000-mile offer saying “shop now and get a 2000 mile bonus”…

    We’ll see what happens. I needed some 7 miles/$ slippers anyway 🙂

  13. I made a $50 Staples purchase on 9/11 and got the points for the purchase a couple weeks ago, but have NOT gotten the 2000 bonus. I was not targeted but used the links provided by bloggers. Has anybody actually gotten the bonus points or does it really take 8-10 weeks? I’m just wondering if I should make another purchase tonight or just wait another month…

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