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I’ve written about Plink many of times in the past (here, here, here, here, here, and here). To quickly recap though, is a loyalty rewards website where you can earn points while making IN STORE or ONLINE purchases at various merchants (the way you can earn the points depends on the particular merchant). Depending on the dollar value of the purchase, you’ll earn a certain number of “Plink” points which can be cashed out for a variety of gift cards (i.e.,, Zappos, Walmart, etc.). It is a similar concept to the Airline/Hotel Dining Rewards program where you connect your credit card to the program and then earn points when using your registered credit card.

As of today, Staples has joined as a partnership and you can earn Plink points when making purchases in-store or at This is great for those who are all about the free-after-rebate products at Staples. Unfortunately though, the Partnership with Old Navy and 7-Eleven has ended.

Number of points you’ll earn with each Staples transaction:

  • 50 Plink points when you spend $15 in a single transaction
  • 125 Plink points when you spend $30 in a single transaction
  • 300 Plink points when you spend $60 in a single transaction

When redeeming Plink points, 1,000 points = $10 gift certificate. This can definitely add up if you frequently shop at Staples or are a big rebate person like I mentioned previously. For example, if you purchase some software that is free-after-rebate you’ll earn the points for shopping through one of the online shopping portals plus the Plink points! This will be a great way to double dip going forward, especially most free-after-rebate deals are more than $60, so you can easily earn 300 Plink points each time.

In the past there have been certain promotions for signing up, spending $X at a certain store and earning enough points to cash out for a $10 or $20 gift card. Currently, no such promotion exists, but for signing up you’ll earn 500 Plink points which is worth $5. It also doesn’t require you to spend anything at a participating store. If you are in no hurry to sign up for and shop at Staples, you can always wait and see if a better promotion comes along and sign up then. Usually these bonuses are for new members only. UPDATE: If you only earned 200 points when registering for a new Plink account, Plink will be manually updating your account to reflect the 500 points. 

How this works:

  1. Sign up for Plink here and you’ll earn 500 Plink points
  2. Link your credit card to your Plink account – I know many do not trust this concept so the choice is yours (I’ve been doing it since the Spring and have not had any issues)
  3. Add the merchants you’ll be shopping at to your Plink Wallet account
  4. Read the terms of each merchant and shop in-store or online and earn Plink points

In my experience the points have taken about a week to post, and they all did post – no follow up was needed! At this point you can cash out those points for gift cards at the following stores: iTunes, Tango card (which can then be redeemed at many merchants such as: Target, Home Depot, Pottery Barn and REI, etc.),, Walmart, Kohl’s, Barnes & Nobles,, and Zappos. Right now you can only cash out in $5 and $10 increments, but they are adding the option to cash out for more soon. I personally have cashed out thus far at and it has been an extremely easy process.  Just recently I cashed out and I received the certificate within minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Note: The Plink link listed is my referral link, feel free to add yours to the comments section as well.

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  1. Made over $130 on there with 7-11 gas and Taco Bell in the past 4 months. Now they will both be gone. Looks like they are adding circle K when 7-11 goes according to an email I received but no details as of yet. I was double dipping on gas with the 10% off using plink and 5% off gas using ultimate rewards. Both gone now. Time to find the next game!

  2. I’d cry over the loss of 7-Eleven but hey, they were partners during Q3 when “gas stations” were a bonus category on Freedom.

    Staples is good because they carry a lot of useful gift cards that let you get 5X for Southwest airlines, Applebees, iTunes, Amazon, etc. And hey, an extra $3 for every $60 in spend is a nice bonus.

    As far as it being equivalent to the 7-Eleven offer last quarter though? Not quite. Staples doesn’t sell any variable value VISA GCs. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything over $100 honestly. So sure you could buy a $100 GC for $4.95 and get $3 back from Plink, but since you can get $500 beans at CVS for $3.95… I’m not sure this is really a game-changer.

    Still, a nice bonus partner. Worth creating a plink account (you can have more than one) and checking on it every so often.

  3. I signed up using your link and linked a credit card. However, I just received 200 PP. What happened to the 500 PP? Thanks.

    • @lingang – sign out of your account and back in. Is it still only 200 points? If so contact the support team at they will adjust it for you

  4. Okay, so at CVS I can spend $3.95 and get 500 beans = 500 UR.

    At Staples I can spend 5x$4.95 = $25ish, get back $15 from Plink, for a total outlay of $10. An extra $6ish. And for that I get 2500UR. So an additional 2000 UR for $6. Or $1.50 per 500 UR. So I guess yes, better than CVS, at least for UR.

    Still, going to be a major pain in the a** just with the calling (I don’t think they have the Vanilla VISA’s with the default PINs, just the Metabank ones) and the hassle at Walmart to xfer to BB. Quite the pain. $5000 in Bluebird at $100 each. Can you imagine if you don’t have a working Money Center machine? Yikes!

  5. I have the same basic question as GK. If I went to spend 300 dollars at Staples, am I capped at 300 points unless I break the purchase up into multiple orders (say by buying gift cards).

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