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American Express just announced another syncing promotion where if you spend $250 at Best Buy you will receive a $25 statement credit. They’ve run this promotion in the past and have been able to maximize on gift card purchases.  This promotion is valid for online or in-store purchases and expires December 31 2013. Keep in mind though, that if you place an order online and it doesn’t ship right away, the billing to your credit card might be delayed which means it will not trigger the statement credit (must hit your credit card by 12/31/13).

Like all other Amex sync promotions, this is only valid for those with an American Express credit card. You then must register for this promotion via Twitter (by tweeting #AmexBestBuy) or saving the offer in your account (by going to the “My Offers” tab).

While this is a Best Buy offer, the title of this post states “iTunes, Facebook, and” as well. That is because most Best Buy include gift cards for purchase, so you can purchase a $250 gift card (or increments that add up to this amount) and that will trigger the $25 statement credit. My local Best Buy does not carry American Express and Visa gift cards, but I know there are some locations that do. For gift cards you’d gave to purchase the Kindle gift cards as they actually work on purchase and is not limited to books.

So this is great for you to pre-buy to use at another time or if you have a gift to give someone. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this is valid for purchases online or in store, so if you make the purchase online, use one of the online shopping portals to increase your savings!

There are some other new Amex Sync promotion thats just came out so will write more about those later today. For now, enjoy the Best Buy promo!

Thanks to reader Joey for letting me know!

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  1. do you have an exxon or bonefish grill offer in your amex account? I can’t seem to find the sync offer for it, I hope I can get it on all my amex cards.

  2. Last time they did this they excluded gift cards, but they didn’t consider Kindle gift cards as “gift cards”. Whatever. This time, the small print says it excluded e-gift cards. But that sounds like regular gift cards aren’t excluded. Anyone know? I’d like to buy two BB gift cards for $250 each and buy my iPad that way. I suppose I could get kindle cards, and pay not tax on Amazon, but they don’t have them for sale yet…

    • @Lynda – Amex doesn’t know what is purchased, they just see the total purchase price and that triggers the statement credit.

  3. Hmm, I don’t see the Best Buy offer on my only Amex cards – SPG and Hilton HHonors. Can you register for it via Twitter if it’s not available on your “My Offers” tab?

  4. Thanks for the tip! I find it really funny I made the trip to Best Buy to buy Kindle gift cards that I then used to buy a TV on Amazon. But it saved me another $25.

  5. And thanks for posting the sync promotions. No one else really does that. In addition to the Best Buy I got the credit for Staples, Lowes, and the Tripadvisor credit. That’s a lot of cash back. Love AMEX.

  6. Question on doubling up to buy an iPad via gift cards on Amazon (as mentioned above):

    The best buy offer was offered on my Delta Amex online under “my offers” and I activated it. I then tweeted #amexbestbuy and now its also showing up under my twitter-linked SPG Amex. If I go in and buy $250 Kindle GC in 2 separate transactions with my SPG and then my Delta Amex, will I get the $25 credit on each?

    In the fine print it has this, but I can’t interpret, also wanted to see if anyone had success doing this in the past (or this offer): Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.

    • @Levi – I believe it will work. However, Amex recently changed the way they do their “My Offers” tab which only allows you to register one card. In the past, you could register all cards.

  7. At two of the Best Buys I go to they have a BB Variable load Visa Cards $20-200 with a 5.95 fee, it said debit on it, has anyone been able to set a pin to this card?

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