Significant Gift Card Savings at CVS

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Through November 27, you can get some great savings on some great gift cards purchased at CVS:

1. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard: Purchase a $150 PayPal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard, use your CVS card, and you’ll receive $50 in ExtraCare Bucks. You can then load this to your PayPal account and it is essentially $45 in free money ($50 in extracare bucks – $4.95 the cost to purchase the card). You can send money to friends/family member for free to unload this back into a bank account. PayPal will shut down accounts that unload this back into their own account. Note, I have yet to go to CVS to purchase this myself so will find out the details in full later today or tomorrow morning.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.19.53 AM

2. Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic: Purchase a $100 gift card to Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic, use your CVS card, and you’ll receive $25 in ExtraCare Bucks. If you shop at one of these three stores often that is an easy 25% off your purchase and can be combined with other coupons/offers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.23.13 AM

3. iTunes: Purchase a $75 gift iTunes gift card, use your CVS card, and you’ll receive $20 ExtraCare Bucks.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 7.25.05 AM

For those not familiar with ExtraCare Bucks at CVS, they print on your receipt and can be used right away on another transaction. The only thing is you cannot split up the amount amongst different transactions, so a $50 ExtraCare Buck has to be used on a $50+ purchase. The ExtraCare Bucks can only be used at CVS so if you shop there often then you can think of this as free money at CVS. Extracare Bucks do expire a few weeks after they are earned.

This promotion is limited to 1 per CVS card. I will definitely be heading into CVS today! Keep in mind that some cities have different CVS circulars and this promotion cannot be found in all areas (like NYC).

Enjoy some free money!

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  1. FYI, Extra Care Bucks are also restricted use and cannot be used on gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, and a variety of other things.

  2. I don’t follow this math. “You can then load this to your PayPal account and it is essentially $50 – $4.95 it costs to purchase this card.” 150-50(Extrabucks)+4.95=$104.95. How are you getting $50 plus the 4.95 fee?

    • @scott c – it was poorly written on my part. The card costs $4.95 to purchase and then you get $50 free so ultimately you are making $45.

  3. @scott The $150 gets loaded into paypal which you can transfer back to your bank, meaning you are not losing any money on it besides the 4.95 fee to activate. By doing so, you get a free $50 extra bucks.

    So you get $50 extra bucks, but have to pay 4.95 fee… meaning you basically get a free $45

  4. This offer expires Nov. 27, and I think that CVS ExtraBucks expire pretty quickly (not sure when), so you need to earn and spend your “free” money sooner rather than later.

    Using your ExtraBucks: “Excludes prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products. No cash back. Tax charged on pre-coupon price where required.”

    • @miles – that is correct. Extracare bucks expire a few weeks after they are earned but some stores will take expired ones.

  5. I just purchased the prepaid PayPal card and the extrabucks expire 12/24/13.

    Also, how do you send it to friends and family for free? I chose that option and when selecting payment option prepaid card, it said there would be a $4.65 fee.

    @Jeff The paypal deal was not printed in my local circular (other gift card deals were), but I checked my store circular online and it was listed there.

  6. I went back to my local CVS and found a $4.95 “PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard.”

    According to the package instructions, you purchase the card, then activate it, then add funds (cash only, presumably at CVS). Is that what everyone else is seeing?

  7. @Miles: yes, this is exactly what this is. Just be aware you are buying this in order to get a permanent prepaid card with very high monthly fees (read the foldout). This is not a deal for the paypal reload card (same as vanilla reload) that you can simply load into your paypal account and do whatever without any fees (besides the purchase fee). @Dealswelike: I believe you are wrong in the description about this card and misleading people that don’t want to read the fine print about this deal but will rush to buy it and get stuck with $4.95 monthly fees (on top of the $4.95 purchase fee) and almost impossible to get your money out without penalties…good luck!

  8. I just tried to buy the PayPal card at 14:30 EST and activation failed. They are supposed to be waiving activation fees on all AMEX gift cards as well, but that also does not work. I tried two local CVS and it was the same at both. Perhaps their activation servers are overloaded. Good luck!

  9. I LOVE CVS……..I just came home with $95 Extrabucks… money………$25 for the Gap….$20 for iTunes and then $50 on a MyVanilla card because the manager could not find a reload able PayPal Mastercard so he overrode the cash register and gave me two $25 Extra bucks………..But I do a LOT of business there buying my monthly allotment of Vanilla cards so they do know my face………And amazingly they have solved the VR supply problems and they ALWAYS have VR on the rack………I am grateful to Deals We Like, CVS and to Boarding Area! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. My local CVS didn’t have the Paypal deal…but they did have the others. I asked the manager and she had not heard about it. Is this a regional deal?

  11. Just got the updated email. I used your referral code. For those who want to pay it forward, my referral code is 2222987035

  12. Update

    Once you purchase your card, you will have to use the card and bring it to a zero balance and close the card or the card will be charged another $4.95 fee from PayPal. This fee is a monthly fee that will only be charged if there is a balance on the account. To avoid the extra fee, use your card at any store to buy a gift card or buy a smaller amount and you can withdraw cash. You should select “DEBIT” on the keypad and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to get cash back.

    There are conflicting reports on when you are actually charged that additional monthly fee. I’ve heard within 30 days and some of you have even said as quickly as 12 hours or 36 hours but I can’t confirm either one yet. Be sure to read the details on the paper that comes with the card as well as checking out the PayPal Prepaid site.

    Best bet is to buy your card, register it, use it to buy gift cards at any store you shop at often, then close the card.

  13. Got two giftcards here in Newington, CT! They knew all about the deal and were super polite and helpful. If anyone needs a referral code, mine is: 2995402897
    Thank you so much!

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