US Airways 100% Bonus when Sharing Miles is Back!

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Although I posted about this late Saturday night and probably was one of the first to spill the beans on this deal, I wanted to re-post to remind you all of this great promotion. This promotion ends Friday, December 6, 2013.

Starting December 2, 2013 (Cyber Monday), US Airways is offering an up to 100% bonus when you share your miles. This is different than the 100% bonus when purchasing miles, and can actually be a better promo if you have a friend/family member with a lot of miles who is willing to partake in this promotion with you. This is a tiered promotion, so you will only reap the 100% bonus when transferring 30,000-50,000 points.

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You can share up to 50,000 miles with another account with that account getting 50,000 bonus miles. The cost of sharing miles is actually slightly less than purchasing miles, so this can end up being an amazing deal! You can only share miles in 1,000 mile increments at $10 per $1,000 miles. This means that the cost to share 50,000 miles with a friend, thus giving them 100,000 miles, will cost you $500. However, when sharing miles you will pay a $30 fee per transaction plus 7.5% tax. This makes the total cost $567.50 when maxing out. While person A is out 50,000 miles, person B is up 100,000 miles, thus a gain of 50,000 miles. Person B can than share the 50,000 miles back to person A for the same $567.50 cost. Ultimately, this means you can “purchase” 50,000 miles for $567.50, which can be one heck of a deal for many! As a frame of reference, the cost to purchase 100,000 miles during the “100% bonus on purchasing miles promotion” costs $1,881.25.

While 50,000 miles alone probably won’t get you anywhere internationally, it can be used for two domestic roundtrip tickets, meaning each roundtrip will cost you $284. Probably not the best deal, but you never know. For domestic travel usage I wouldn’t speculatively partake in this promotion, unless you know there is an absolute need with a cost savings. A flight to Hawaii, however, only requires 40,000 miles if you are able to find low-level award availability – which will cost you $460. The real value, however, is for international travel, especially business and first class award tickets, but you must have existing miles in your account (or plan on purchasing or earning them in the future) to be able to redeem for a higher amount.

Some sample award redemptions include:

  • 60,000 miles from the US to Europe in economy
  • 60,000 miles from the US to South America in economy
  • 60,000 miles from the US to North Asia (includes: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Mongolia, S. Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), but for only 30,000 miles more roundtrip you can fly in business class!
  • 70,000 miles from the US to Africa

Remember, you do not have to redeem your US Airways miles only on US Airways flights. When you look for point redemption opportunities at you will only get the availability and mileage required for US Airways operated flights. To fly a partner Star Alliance airlines (which might have more award availability and a better redemption) you can check on the website for availability – this will show all Star Alliance award availability. You will, however, then have to call US Airways to book your flight.

The one thing I hate about US Airways is that you cannot redeem their points for one-way travel, only roundtrip – so keep that in mind. However, you typically can do three-legged trips allowing you to get a higher value out of your points.

This can also be a way to purchase American Airlines on the cheap once the merger goes through (or points are able to be transferred from one loyalty account to another).

Also as an FYI – I was informed that another US Airways purchase miles promo with a 100% bonus will be coming back at some point.

Share Miles Here

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  1. Nice to hear! Thanks for sharing this! I’m going to consider getting some more points again.

    BTW, there’s a mistake on the first sentence – should say December 2 instead of November 2.

  2. Can I share miles with two accounts? Can I share 50K with account A and then share another 50K with account B? And can they then share 50K back to me (so I get 50K x 2?)

  3. Thanks for the heads up! It’s interesting how they only made this promo for 5 days. I believe any new US Airways Dividend account has to be at least 12 old in order to buy/share/gift miles, right? Also, do you think this will be targeted or open to all?

  4. Mate…the interesting thing here is buying soon-to-be American miles for this uber cheap rate.

    It takes a lot of effort to create AA points at this cost level.

  5. Although LH biz and first class are available in theory, is they still unavailable in practice (like for some months now, I understand)?

  6. Will the “cost” of these miles be considered a travel expense… Ie can I use the Barclay arrival card Bonus. Thanks. Also what is the story about having a usair account already created to have this deal work? Thanks

    • @aaroncw – you are ultimately purchasing the points from a third party site so it will not count as a “travel” expense

  7. If I have 18k+ miles, buy 2k miles and look to transfer the 20k to another account to gain the 75% bonus, is that an issue? I’ve already purchased the 2k (to get me to above 20k) but just wondering if I am missing something. Thanks!

    • @Wei – The same card that you use on all your other everyday purchases. This is not coded as “travel”. Yes, if you took advantage in October, you can still take advantage.

  8. 1.1 compares favorably to buying VRs at Charlie Victor Alpha at 0.79 cents and this seems to be a much easier way to get AA miles…but it is a .31 premium and they aren’t Ultimate Rewards or AMEX miles………..

  9. If u use Starwood for ice-cream beans, you get better value than .79 cents due to built in 25% bonus for xfer to AA/US.

    This promo doesn’t make sense for Economy class travel at all. For example, SE Asia requires 80K miles and so @1.1c, u r paying ~$900+tax. But routinely there are promotions of sub $1K tickets to SE Asia and u earn miles on them albeit u may not get a stopover in Europe. But I smell a major deval coming for AA/US!

  10. I don’t travel on USAir often but I have 19.5k USAir miles that expire at the end of May. In order to take full advantage of the 100% bonus, I’ll have to buy 11k miles. At $685 (buy + gift cost), and a trip to SFO in Jan/Feb, is it worth it?

  11. Not if you value your life or your sanity……..They don’t call them US Scareways for nothing……….bend over Dallas here it comes……….

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