Amazing Deal at Sharper Image + Noise Canceling Earbuds

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UPDATE: There is a Living Social deal where you can purchase a $50 certificate for $22.50 ($25 – 10% off using promo code TREAT). Also, many are reporting that the cash back sites will not give credit for gift card purchases or using a gift card to make a purchase. I personally have not experimented yet myself, so I cannot speak from personal experience. Make sure that when making your purchase you are okay with the price if you do not receive cash back from any of the portals. Here is some quick math of the earbuds taking into consideration the Living Social deal and if the cash back does not come through.

  • Purchase the $50 Sharper Image certificate for $25 – 10% off using promotion code TREAT
  • Purchase a $200 Sharper Image eGift Card using promotion code ECARD25 which will cost $150
  • Add the Noise Cancelling Earbuds to your card and use promotion code AFF30, this will bring the price down to $269
  • Apply the two $100 Sharper Image gift cards first, then apply the Living Social gift card number
  • You will ultimately be paying $269 + 10.95 for shipping – $100 gift card – $100 gift card – $50 gift card = $29.95
  • Your out of pocket cost was $150 for the eGift card + $22.50 for the Living Social + $29.95 for the balance – $25 for the Amex Sync promotion = $177.45

I recommend going through one of the online shopping sites regardless in the hopes of getting cash back, points, or miles, but no promises!


Back in November I posted about a way to get up to 46% off a Sharper Image purchase. Well I just received an email from Sharper Image letting me know that all eGift Cards are currently on sale for 25% (the expiration date for this is unclear). While 25% off is great, you can actually fully maximize this deal and ultimately get up to

  • First, sync your Amex card with The Sharper Image Amex Sync promotion by tweeting #AmexSharperImg. The promotion is that if you spend $125 or more on a single transaction you will receive a statement credit for $25. Learn more here
  • Second, go to and search for The Sharper Image. Click on the “Get Cashback Now” option which is advertising 12% cash back. While the terms do not state that it cannot be combined with a coupon code, it doesn’t list any approved codes. Anyone have experience getting cash back while using a coupon code at The Sharper Image? No where in the terms does it state that it cannot be combined with a coupon code. Some are reporting not getting their cash back from Black Friday deals, the following portals will work though as the coupon codes are listed:
  • Lastly, on The Sharper Image site, purchase $175 worth of eGift Cards (a $100 + a $75 gift card) using promotion code ECARD25. This will cost you $131.25.

With the three promotions listed above, you will ultimately be purchasing a $175 for $106.25. You will also get $15.75 back from This alone is a 48% discount, which is great for simply purchasing a gift card that you can use at a later date! However, your savings can be even great! When you go to redeem your gift card, go through these steps:

  • As you did previously, access The Sharper Image site through Again, the terms do not state using coupons will make your purchase non eligible for cash back, but it does not state any eligible coupon codes.
  • Shop for your desired item and during checkout apply coupon code AFF15 which will give you $15 off a $150+ purchase. There are other coupon codes as well that you can use that might be better depending on your total purchases: AFF10 – $10 off $100; AFF15 – $15 off $150; AFF30 – $30 off $250;  AFFRSHIP – free shipping with $50+ purchase. These coupon codes expire December 31, 2013.

So now if you purchased a $190 item, for example, you will get $15 off, bringing your total down to $175 which is the amount you have in gift cards. You will also receive $21 cash back on total purchase amount of $175. Keep in mind none of my math calculates tax or shipping cost as that varies based on what you purchase and where you live.

So now you are ultimately getting a $190 item for $69.50 (plus tax and shipping). This is a 63.4% discount!!!

If you are looking at getting Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds (the headphones are sold out) that are selling for $299.99 your final price would look like this:

  • $280 in gift card purchase – 25% off = $210
  • 12% cash back from TopCashBack on the $210 purchase = $25.20 cash back bringing your price down to $184.80
  • $25 statement credit from Amex = total price of the gift card purchase is $159.80
  • When you go to purchase the item, using promotion code AFF30 will bring the price of the item down by $30 = $269.99
  • Shipping cost on this item is $10.95 = Total cost is $280.90
  • 12% cash back from TopCashBack on the $269.99 purchase = $32.40 cash back

So at the end of the day you are paying out of pocket $210, but getting $25 back from American Express and $56.70 back from TopCashBack. Ultimately this $299.99 item plus shipping is costing $127.40!!!!!

Some caveats to the deal:

  • I believe you are allowed to use a maximum of three gift certificates per order (some are reporting 1 per order so that might require you to purchase a different denomination in gift cards) – if anyone has a different experience please comment below
  • You are counting on an online shopping portal to give you the cash back – while I’ve personally had great experience with, sometimes using a coupon code can negate the transaction and this one doesn’t specify, again, please comment with any personal experiences. Other cash back portals are paying the following:
    • Ebates – 6% (coupon codes are listed, so using a coupon will work)
    • Mr. Rebates – 10% (coupon codes are listed, so using a coupon will work)
  • If you want to purchase $350 or more in gift cards, divide your purchase into two and sync two different Amex cards so you an get the $25 statement credit twice!
  • You might be charged sales tax depending on where you live

Anyone find any additional savings or purchase a great item?!

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  1. I bought the Bose noise-cancelling headphones on a Black Friday deal through Sharper Image, purchased through TopCash as well. Unfortunately, TopCash has still not credited the money (over $50) to my account nor have they given me any credits from the referrals I’ve made. I do not recommend purchasing through the website, especially if you are relying on TopCashback to save money and make the transaction worth it. Stick to Ebates instead.

  2. Same experience with TCB, stick with another cashback website.

    Also, I believe you can only use one gift certificate per transaction now. This wasn’t the case during Black Friday but I guess a lot of people stacked the Living Social certificates.

  3. I also went in on the November deal and bought the Bose Quiet Comfort over the ear headphones. TopCashBack did not capture my purchase so I filed a missing cash back claim. Hope to get the cash back eventually. Normally had great success with them though.

  4. 12% cash back from TopCashBack on the $225 purchase — how are you getting the $225 if the giftcard is coming to $210 after the 25% off code?

  5. Thanks so much! This is awesome. I was looking at these headphones today. I used FatWallet, which is offering 7% back. The site allowed me to enter up to 3 gift certificates plus the AFF30 code. I used a $200 and a $75 gift certificate to buy the headphones.

  6. I bought the earbuds a couple of weeks ago, paying 180 after everything. You are only allowed 1 gift certificate per order (I used the living social certificate deal). Because of the problems with topcashback, I went with big crumbs at 9.4% and already got a confirmation email on the total amount. Hope that helps!

  7. Gift cards came through fine for me. I had a slightly different approach, combining $230 of gift cards (a $200 plus a $30, using AA referral at 6 miles/$) with a Living Social $25 for $50 deal using the LASTCHANCE10 (10% off) coupon and a referral from Chase Ultimate Rewards (5 UR/$). Then I purchased from The Sharper Image via, with whom I’ve never had any problems. Net cost:

    $172.50 ; $230 Gift Card
    -$25.00 ; Amex offer
    $22.50 ; $50 LS coupon
    -$33.70 ; Topcashback referral

    $136.30 Total

    Plus, all the miles I’m getting I value conservatively at ~$24.

    A day earlier, and I would have done even better, but the 3000 miles for $250 on AAdvantage E-Shopping ended yesterday. :/

    Not bad at all. Thanks for the heads up!


  8. Amex says if you unsync a card offers registered for will still be good. Can you double dip by using one card to buy the gift cards and another to buy the actual headphones?

  9. You can use multiple egift cards and Livingsocial deal. Make sure to enter Livingsocial code last. Once you enter the Livingsocial code, you will not be able to add any other gift card code.

    • @matt – many rebate sites will give you credit even when using a gift card. However, need to go by others personal experiences with the sharper image as I have not yet experimented. Although I will be tonight!

  10. @Matt – I think you’re right this deal is flawed because my total is $.90 not $280 so I don’t think rebate sites will give you the second discount

  11. Per Mr. Rebates FAQ:

    Are purchases of gift cards or payment via gift cards eligible for cash back rebates?
    Some stores do offer cash back for gift card purchases as listed in the Gift Cards category. However, any store not listed in that “Gift Cards” category do not offer cash back for gift card purchases.

    Purchases made with gift card redemption or gift certificate redemption as the full or partial payment method are not eligible for cash back rebates.

  12. Add another to the list who didn’t receive credit from TopCashBack for this the last time around.

    Given the significant price difference now, am planning on rebuying and then returning them with amex return protection.

    Ordered the gift cards, but still waiting for them to show up… so much for instant delivery!

  13. Gift cards finally came but now the coupon code is coming up as invalid (tried aff30 and aff33870). Does anyone know of any other coupon codes for the $30 savings?

  14. The AFF30 code worked for me, and I went through Mr. Rebates for 10% cash back. AFF 30 was a code listed with Mr. Rebates, so am sure CB will work. If you buy now, Sharper Image is giving you back 20% as a gift card that you can use till June.

  15. When did you order, Naina? I still get invalid code. And now the QC20 is out of stock. I hope i’m not stuck with $230 in gift cards!

  16. Ugh… code works if I’m not logged into my account, so I could’ve used it and created a new account. Didn’t even think of that since I was automatically logged into their site 🙁 Hopefully the QC20 comes back in stock otherwise I have $230 of Sharper Image gift cads that I will never use 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. I ordered on Friday, 12/27. I also immediately got $25 back as a Sharper Image GC, for the part of my order that is already shipped. Also got confirmation from Mr. Rebares for $28 CB, even though I paid entirely through GCs

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