Free Money at Office Max + Chase Ultimate Reward Points

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UPDATE: There is currently a glitch in the system where this deal is not working properly.

Starting today, you can purchase $250 in Visa gift cards and get $15 off – up to two per customer.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 8.45.50 PM

A few scenarios to take advantage:

  • Purchase two $200 gift cards (comes with a $6.95 fee each) and a $100 gift card (comes with a $5.95 fee). This will allow you to take advantage of the two person maximum of the $15 off per $250 purchase. This will cost you $519.85 – $30 = $489.85. With this scenario you will earn $10.15 in free money and 2,449 in free Ultimate Reward points. The Ultimate Reward points are worth at least $30, but I’d value it closer to $50.
  • If the $100 gift cards are not available, then you’ll need to purchase three $200 gift cards (costing $6.95 each). This will cost you $620.85 – $30 = $590.85. With this scenario you’ll earn $9.15 in free money.

While going through this effort for about $10 in free money might not be nearly worth it to many of you, it still is free money! But, the real kicker though is if you pay with a Chase Ink card you will earn 5x points on your purchase since Office Max is an office supply store. Scenario #1 will result in 2,449 free Ultimate Reward points worth at least $30, but I personally value it closer to $50. With scenario #2, the purchase will result in you earning 2,954 Ultimate Reward points. These UR points can be valued at a minimum of $40, but I’d personally value it closer 40 $60. While scenario #2 will earn you a dollar less in free money, the Ultimate Reward points earned provide to be more valuable.

You can then cash out the $500-$600 Visa gift cards via Amazon Payments. And since it is the beginning of the month, chances are you have not hit your $1,000 maximum yet!

You can learn more about the four different Chase Ink cards here.

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  1. Total bust today at OM. No $250 cards and various card combinations to $250 or $500 amounts would not take accept the rebate.

  2. I went to our OD in the Charlotte area and was advised the system had a glitch and when they rang up the gift cards it would not take the $15 off, and they were unable to override it. they advised me a help desk ticker had been opened to remedy the problem but had no timetable if and when it would be fixed. I asked if a 2nd OD I was aware of had the cards, and was advised that OD did not have capabilities of processing the gift card transaction due to something about its lack of internet or DSL connection. I did not ask for specifics. All in all, a wasted trip this morning.

  3. This deal is not working on their computer system because supposedly not set up properly by their corporate; Came back home empty handed; Could not buy it with rebate? They got my contact details once the issue is resolved they will call me; let us see what happens!

  4. I went to OM at opening time today (3/2/14) and purchased three $200 cards. As reported, the computer system was not offering the $30 discount, but the manager simply put through a $30 “return credit” on my Ink card, so it all evened out w/o any fuss.

    • Asked if they had any more cards besides display and they had 200$ cards in the back. Ended up getting 4×200 and ended up just canceling activation fee since trying to hit MS.

  5. I was able to get some OM to refund my CC the $30 others wouldn’t do and pulled ALL $200 GC off the shelves… I hope OM get’s it working in the AM…

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