Amex Sync: Spend $250+ at Best Buy, Get a $25 Statement Credit

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American Express just announced another syncing promotion where if you spend $250 at Best Buy you will receive a $25 statement credit. They’ve run this promotion a few times in the past and have been able to maximize by purchasing gift cards.  This promotion is valid for online or in-store purchases and expires September 2, 2014. Keep in mind though, that if you place an order online and it doesn’t ship right away, the billing to your credit card might be delayed which means it will not trigger the statement credit (must hit your credit card by 9/2/14).

Like all other Amex sync promotions, this is only valid for those with an American Express credit card. You then must register for this promotion via Twitter (the twitter hashtag is #AmexBestBuy). I currently do not see this available via, but having syncing through Twitter is even better because you can then sync all your American Express credit cards and take advantage multiple times! My assumption is enrollment will be maxed out soon, so make sure to sync now!

To enroll in this offer:

  • Sync your American Express credit card to Twitter (you can do that here). If you are not sure which card is currently synced with your account, you can unsync and then re-sync.
  • Tweet #AmexBestBuy

How to fully maximize:

If you have no big ticket items to purchase at Best Buy, you can still fully take advantage of this offer and come out ahead! The best part about Best Buy is that they sell other merchant gift cards for purchase. S you can purchase a $250 gift card (or increments that add up to this amount) and that will trigger the $25 statement credit. My local Best Buy does not carry American Express and Visa gift cards, but I know there are some locations that do. They do, however, sell and iTunes gift cards. For gift cards you’d have to purchase the Kindle gift cards as they actually work on purchase and is not limited to books. Or you can purchase a Best Buy gift card to use at a future time.

While this offer is valid for purchases online or in store, it specifically states eGift Cards are excluded. Also, if you make the purchase online, use one of the online shopping portals to increase your savings!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the heads up! Quick question — you said you could buy other gift cards (just not e-cards) and have the promotion trigger, but the rules state that corporate gift cards don’t count.
    Have you had this trigger with gift cards?

    • @Lyn – No problem! I am not quite sure what corporate gift cards are. Gift card purchases definitely count in-store. I have not personally tried to purchase regular gift cards online, but they should trigger the statement credit (just make sure you are purchasing through bestbuy directly and not a third party site). Many times egift cards go through a third party site which makes them not eligible. My assumption is corporate gift cards require a different route to purchase them as well (for large corporations making a mass purchase).

  2. Does the purchase have to add up to $250 before tax, or can it be over $250 including tax? I want to buy something and the total will be about $240 before tax, but over $250 after tax, so I’m wondering if I need to include an additional item in order to trigger the credit or not.

    • @Morah – The total that hits your credit card has to be $250. Doesn’t matter if that includes tax, shipping, etc. So you are all good!

  3. Ordinarily, I get an e-mail confirming my sync deal “worked” before I even make it back to my car, but this Best Buy deal has been several hours and still nothing. Anyone else having a delay between purchase and confirmation?

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