Last Day for 100% Bonus when Buying InterContinental Points

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Last week I posted about a pretty good promotion with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) where you can get up to a 100% bonus when purchasing their points. If you are able to purchase at a 100% bonus this means you are purchasing at a rate of .58 cents per point.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.35.11 AMThis can be a great value to purchase points as many people commonly purchase points at .7 cents per point through the “Cash & Points” loophole (Method where you can essentially “purchase” points at .7 cents per points by making a reservation using the “Cash & Points” option and if you cancel the reservation you will get the “Cash” portion back in points. The “Cash” portion of your reservation is essentially buying points at .7 cents per point). Of course though, make sure to do the math to make sure that purchasing point at .58 cents per point is actually worth it for your specific situation. I also would not purchase points speculatively as you never know what will happen to loyalty programs down the road.

Some examples where purchase IHG points is worthwhile:

  • InterContinental De La Ville Rome – You can purchase 100,000 points for $575. This will get you two free nights in Rome (or any other hotel that requires 50,000 points for a free night, for example Bora Bora or Moorea). This means each night will cost you $287.50 which includes all taxes. Even during the most off-peak time, you most likely will never be able to find a room at this hotel that cheap. And you’ll probably NEVER be able to get that hotel rate in Bora Bora!!
  • Point Break hotel – There is an entire list of Point Break hotels that only cost 5,000 points a night! So let’s say you want two nights at one of these hotels you can purchase 7,000 points + a 3,500 bonus for $94.50. Purchasing a low amount of points will only get you a 50% bonus, but if you are looking for many Point Break nights you can purchase at a 100% bonus and get those nights for even cheaper. You can read this prior post discussing Point Break hotels.

Now, if you plan on taking advantage of the current “Into the Nights” promotion and were thinking of doing mattress runs (where you check into a hotel for the sole purpose of points when you do not really need to stay at a hotel), do the math to see what your cost per point will be. I was able to figure out that I can get my cost per point down to .35 cents per point for the promotion so that is much superior then the rate of purchasing points. But, if you are looking to rack up a bunch of IHG points, you can definitely take advantage of both promotions. Just make sure to check hotel availability and that the cost of purchasing points is worth it.

You can purchase points here.

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