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A few weeks ago I wrote about IHG’s new Fall/Winter promotion called “Into the Nights”. At that time there were a bunch of unanswered questions about the promotion. A few days later I was able to get a bunch those questions answered from the IHG rewards team directly, BUT, there were still unanswered questions. With a few more back and forth emails with IHG and their PR team, I was able to finally get all my answers. The big concern is about free night availability, and what I learned is that the free night awards will have the exact same availability as the free nights that come with the IHG credit card – so that is good!

To quickly recap, this promotion will run through December 31, 2014 and you must register to see which promotion you’ve been offered. Each account has a personalized track with different requirements to meet the maximum points and free nights. You get X number of points for completing each task and if you complete a certain number of tasks you’ll earn bonus points or the option of free nights (anywhere between 1-3 free nights). I was personally offered a maximum of 52,000 points for the completed tasks, and if I completed all three tasks I was offered an additional 52,000 points or 3 free nights.

So here are the FAQs regarding the promotion. I’ve highlighted the new answers I received since the last time I posted this.

  1. When will the free night(s) expire? Free nights must be redeemed by December 31, 2015. This means you must STAY by this date.
  2. Can the free night be used at any hotel or are there restrictions? Free nights can be used at any IHG branded hotel worldwide (pending availability of course). 
  3. Can anyone use the free night earned from the promotion? Free nights cannot be transferred in the system to other members or guests. With that being said, with any free night award, many times you are able to call the hotel directly and put another person’s name on the reservation.
  4. What is the free night valid for? A Free Night is valid only for one standard room night rate and applicable taxes (not including breakfast).
  5. How does availability work for the free night? Redemption is subject to availability of the rooms of hotels specially provided for this promotion. I was specifically told that the free night award would work exactly the same as the free night that you get with the IHG credit card. I was told “it comes from the same pool as credit card free nights.”
  6. Some terms state for stays starting September 1, although registration didn’t begin till September 4. Any idea when the check-in date must have occurred? The promotion started September 4th when the site launched. The Terms & Conditions have been updated to reflect this.
  7. Do stays booked prior to registering count for this promotion (as long as they are during the promotional timeframe)? Yes, but you must register prior to checking out for your stay to count towards the promotion. However, the terms state for the “Download and and book on the IHG app” that you must have booked on the IHG App between September 1 and December 31, 2014. So if you previously booked on the app prior to September 1, I suggest canceling and rebooking.
  8. How do I select the points or the free nights for the bonus? Once you’ve earned your extra bonus you will have the opportunity to select points or free nights. Free nights must be claimed by January 31, 2015 or members will automatically be awarded applicable points.
  9. As long as the rate is a qualifying rate to earn points, will the stay count towards the promotion? Advance Purchase rates count as a qualified rate. As long as the rate is qualifying to earn points it will count towards the promotion. 
  10. Do Holiday Inn Express hotels count as a Holiday Inn hotel or is this a different brand? Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express are different brands.
  11. If you have a stay that runs past December 31, will the nights still count towards the promotion? Must check out of your stay on December 31, 2014. So if you have a stay that runs through New Years, I suggest making two reservations with one checking out on December 31, and another one starting on that date through the rest of your vacation.

Also, some things to keep in mind. This is not direct from the IHG Rewards teams, but lessons learned from the previous promotion and some detailed terms that you might have skipped when registering for the promotion:

  1. For your stay to count for the promotion it must be qualifying stay that earns points normally. For example, free nights, Friends & Family rates, rooms booked through a 3rd party site, etc. will NOT count.
  2. Stays at Holiday Inn Resorts and the Holiday Inn Club Vacation properties count as a stay at Holiday Inn brand. Holiday Inn Express hotels DO NOT count as Holiday Inn brand if that is a specific requirement for your offer.
  3. Stays at InterContinental Alliance Resort properties (such as The Palazzo or The Venetian) count as stays at the InterContinental brand.
  4. The terms state that you must book the Free Nights at least 24 hours in advance and you must cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

While this is an extremely lucrative promotion for many, make sure to fully read the terms for each task to ensure it will count. I know many people got burned during the last IHG promotion. The free night award availability is also a huge question mark as that can really make or break whether or not this promotion is worthwhile. I am hoping to get more clarity on that for you all.

If you decide to partake in this promotion, goodluck and enjoy! Any other questions you have?!

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  1. Have had two recent stays (Saturday and Monday) that were credited to IHG account but not this promo, we’ll see how long this takes.

  2. Would be great to find out if you need to check out of a hotel before 12/31/2014. I have a stay that spans new years and its unclear if that would count towards the promotion.

  3. Been getting conflicting info whether government rate counts. Rewards rep thought so. Rep did tell me the “book early advanced rates” that are non-refundable will NOT count towards the promo even though those rates are only available on the IHG site itself. You can see the terms of the promo but the advanced purchase rate is not mentioned in the terms as non-qualifying. Who knows, maybe you get a different answer depending on the rep, which is sad. What is mentioned in the terms is that IHG can do whatever it wants. Was told AAA rates count by the rep and various blogs report AAA has worked towards a promo.

  4. Did they address the issue with people not yet being able to see their offers? As more time is lost will adjustments be made in the ending date or is it just tough luck for the affected members?

    • @Bill – Technically you need to be the one who stays at the hotel. However, many hotels will let a friend/family member check in early if you call and put their name on the reservation if you are “arriving later”.

  5. I got the following reply from ihg regarding Holiday Inns. Are they sending out conflicting info?

    Thank you for contacting IHG Rewards Club regarding your account. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Into the night offer: Stay at Holiday Inn hotels includes, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites.

    However, Stay More, stay 3 nights at any hote. lThe nights do not have to consecutive or made at one property. We hope this clarifies your query

    • @Mike – This is based on people’s experience from the last time the promotion was run, but I’ll reach out to IHG and inquire again.

  6. The comment Kent made about being told advance purchase rates not counting makes me nervous. I already booked 1 stay as AP and it’s been billed already. I called IHG and the rep told me it should count. It would be nice if I can have definitive confirmation on this… or perhaps I should just call up IHG and change the rate to best flexible rate for peace of mind?

  7. Dave, I also e-mailed IHG rewards about the Advance Rate. The person responding to the e-mail said the AR DOES COUNT! so this was in conflict with the rep on the phone I had previously. Here is the e-mail. Maybe a spelling and grammar class wouldn’t hurt but I get the point.

    Dear Mr. Kent,

    Thank you for contacting IHG Rewards Club regarding your account. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your account.

    Please be advised that qualifying rates are rates include most business and leisure rates.
    AAA, Government Rtaes and Advance Purchase Rates are all qualifying.

    Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact IHG Rewards Club Service Center again.


    Rhondanita R. Laureano
    Account Manager
    IHG Rewards Club

    • @Kent – Thanks for sharing. I’d assume that advanced rates do count. As long as the rate qualifies for earning points typically it should qualify for the promotion.

  8. @ Mike. I received this e-mail today. There is conflicting info going out. It seems the reps aren’t sure but are commenting as if they are sure. In the end, it will be software that will decide your fate.

    It’s been reported on other blogs that HI Express did not count the last time and the rep below confirms the same for this promotion, or at least she thinks so.

    Dear Mr. Kent ,

    Thank you for your response.

    Please be advised that Holiday Inn Express is not included on the list of hotels that counts toward the Into the Nights: Change Your View offer. To earn points for this specific offer, you need to stay at Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Club Vacations and Holiday Inn Resorts.


    Angelika Blanche T. Lantin
    Account Manager
    IHG Rewards Club

  9. I’ve completed what was asked for three of my tasks now. The standard points from the stays have posted, but all 5 ‘offers’ still show as 0 progress. One of the stays happened 10 days ago (booked it the day before via the app). Anyone actually got any progress posting on the promo page?

  10. I have completed all required parts of the promo and have been having no luck getting anything the company to do anything to fix the dashboard to reflect this issue. I have filed many cases and nothing. Its sad that IHG is such an untrustworthy customer and this is how they treat their customers. I have platinum status and it doesn’t even seem too hold weight or help with the company. Just wanted to know your thoughts or ideas.

    • @Mikeb – It seems as though many people are having issues. And I agree, very poor customer service in regards to this promotion. Who are you emailing?

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