The end of the bed issue

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Another blog post from Mr. Deals…

I’d like to address an ongoing problem I’ve found at hotels over the years. It might not be something everyone notices, but I’ve noticed it far too many times and most recently on a trip Mrs. Deals and I took.

While Mrs. Deals and I were in Vegas, staying at the Palazzo, it came to my attention one night that my feet were not being comfortably supported by sheets on the bed but by the actual mattress. There seemed to be an issue of the sheets not fully reaching around the end of the bed and as a result I got nothing but raw mattress. So yeah, this is gross, but it’s something I’ve noticed on more than one occasion.

Why aren't you wrapped around the bed

Why aren’t you wrapped around the bed

Now I get it, hotels use fitted sheets because they are likely more uniform and can be used as both a top sheet and bottom sheet. But what I don’t get is the fact that very often I’ll find my feet touching an actual mattress with no sheet on it. This has happened in Hyatt’s, Marriott’s, Hilton’s, the list goes on.

Here’s my observation of the problem. Often times the sheet its excessively wrapped around the top part of the bed where one would rest their head. When you get to the bottom of the bed, there is a little extra slack on the sheet but not enough sheet to fully wrap around the bottom of the mattress. If you are anything like me and you hate the blankets being tucked in so tightly the second you kick out the blankets, boom, it’s time for sheet creep and mattress exposure.

I’m not a very tall guy, maybe 5’10” and Mrs. Deals comes in at about 5’4″. She never notices this, likely because she sleeps in a ball like position, but I notice it all the time and it drives me nuts. That said, I’ve never complained about it, because I’m really not sure if it would make a difference. Typically I just have to tell Mrs. Deals to get up so I can pull the sheet down and tuck in under the bottom of the mattress.

Maybe I should start complaining, I’m sure Mrs. Deals would figure out a way to get some free nights out of it…

You all travel a lot, do you have this problem? What gives?

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  1. Yes! It drives me nuts! I am 5-10 also. I don’t like the sheets not wrapped around the mattress or cramping my toes. I have never complained about it because I feel like this is the fault of my own quirks (none of this bothers my husband or other family members). I also don’t like when the top sheet is too short to cover my shoulders. Sometimes I have to completely remake the bed to my liking. My other bedding complaint is that I usually can’t sleep under a duvet. I just get too hot. Some hotels stock every room with a blanket (thank you Hilton & Hampton). Others will supply one if you ask, but some just tell you that they don’t have any (really?). So, unless I know exactly where I am staying and what bedding they have, I use up valuable luggage space by packing a lightweight cotton blanket.

  2. This annoys me too!! šŸ™ I hate having the sheets all crumpled and mattress exposed at th bottom when I untuck the duvet. It really affects my sleep.

  3. I am neither tall or short. I am 5’5″…..and it annoys the hell out of me. I feel they are putting queen flat sheets on the king bed…not cool! I should never feel the mattress. I have called before and had them remake the bed….under the guise of these sheets have a stain

  4. Yes!!! A few weeks ago my husband had rolled over, “stealing” the duvet. I woke up and realized I had crawled UNDER the mattress pad to get warm. It probably would not have happened if the sheets were well tucked….

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