$15 Amazon Statement Credit with Amex Offers

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There is an EXTREMELY targeted Amex Sync offer that came out this morning offering a $15 statement credit on a $15+ purchase. Ultimately giving you $15 for FREE. I tested it out on Twitter and unfortunately cannot find any registration page on it, so it looks like the only option is to go to your AmericanExpress.com account and see if you were targeted.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.09.16 AM

I received this offer on one out of many of my entire families cards and haven’t really seen it discussed elsewhere so don’t be surprised if you do not see it. However, if you do, know that purchasing a $15 gift card will trigger the statement credit! That means you can purchase a gift card now and apply it to your account to use at a future time. The offer expires December 31, 2104.

Now, before you go ahead and save the offer to your card, check out all your cards on the same account to see if the offer appears for multiple accounts. If so, you will be able to take advantage on all targeted cards, but only if you follow these directions very carefully. Saving the offer to a card will make the offer disappear from another card. DO NOT jump the gun and click the “Save Offer” button just yet!

Directions to sync to multiple cards in one account:

  • Sign into your American Express account on one web browser (for example, Internet Explorer) and go to the “Amex Offers For You” tab.
  • Select your first card in the account (let’s call this “Card A”) and go to the “Amex Offers For You” tab.
  • Sign into your American Express account again on another web browser (for example, Chrome).
  • Select your second card in the account (let’s call this “Card B”) and go to the Amex Offers For You” tab.
  • On the first web browser for Card A, click the “Save Offer” button for the targeted offer.
  • Then go to the second web browser for Card B, click the “Save Offer” button for the targeted offer.

This will only work with different web browsers. If you are in different tabs within the same browser this will not work! Make sure to do this carefully to ensure the offer syncs to both cards. If you have a third, fourth, fifth, etc. card for the same account, you will then need to open as many browsers as you have cards to sync.

Another option to 100% verify you sync correctly is to create a different account/username for every card. This can get quite annoying when it comes to checking accounts, paying bills, etc. but it depends on what works easiest for you.


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  1. I set up multiple accounts. There was an offer for $25 off $75 on Amazon about a year ago. Did not get the current $15 offer. One work around is to use the Office Depot/Max $10/$50 offer and buy Amazon GCs there.

  2. Got the offer on one out of 15 total cards (an AU gold card that I barely use, including for offers). I agree with Michael H, though; I always pull up the various cards in multiple browsers in one tab, but you have to be on the OFfers for you tab (and expanded the list if necessary) on every page before you start accepting them.

  3. Like Michael said, multiple tabs works perfectly fine. Simply duplicate the tab as many times as you have cards (or the number of same offer you got). Then click on the appropriate card in each tab and select “Amex offers for you” in each tab. As long as the offer is showing on each page before you ever click “save offer” it will work.

  4. No Joy. All I got is a bunch of junk stuff I will never use although the $100 back on $500 Conrad hotel wasn’t too bad of an offer.

  5. I do multiple tabs on my iPad, and it works fine. As said above, I just make sure that I have that offer visible for each card prior to adding it to any of them. I haven’t figured out how to add them to authorized user cards on the amex website though, I do those on FB or twitter.

    Didn’t get this one on platinum, gold, or everyday preferred.

  6. I think I am a very smart guy, yet I STILL cannot figure out what this multiple browser/tab “trick” is. It just seems like a work-around for setting up a AMEX login for each Authorized User.

    Let’s assume I have a Blue Cash AMEX, and each authorized user has its own login to the AMEX website. I see the Amazon offer on only one of the AUs. How do I replicate that offer to every other AU and the main account (if there is no twitter hashtag for it)? This is a real scenario that I am dealing with now.

    Also, I disagree with “Saving the offer to a card will make the offer disappear from another card.” I’ve redeemed the Starbucks offer (among many other offers) across every single one of my main and authorized users.

    • @Danny – If you have your own login for every single credit card then you are fine. You will not need to the multiple browser/tab trick.

      If you only see an offer on one card and it is not available via Twitter, then you cannot replicate the offer to any other card. It is only available on the card that was targeted.

      If an offer is available via Twitter then you do not need to worry about it. But if it is targeted, saving the offer to one card if it appears on the other will make it disappear from all other cards that were targeted.

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