Many New Amex Sync Offers

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American Express just released a ton of new Amex Sync Offers – some available via Twitter (which means the offer is available to everyone and you can take advantage multiple times with all Amex cards), while others are only available through your American Express Offers tab (or Facebook Amex Offers app) so you’ll have to see which offers you’ve been targeted for. If the offer below does not include a Twitter hashtag, it is only available through your account which unfortunately means targeted.

As you are probably well aware, I absolutely love the American Express Sync concept and have received a bunch of statement credits due to making purchases with a registered Amex credit card. At the bottom of this post you can read more about registering and syncing an eligible Amex card.

So here are some new offers that I’ve added to my standing Amex Sync page

  • Toys R Us / Babies R Us: Spend $25+ in-store, get a $5 statement credit. Expires 12/31/14.
    • Tweet: #AmexToysRUs
    • Tip: Purchase a $25 gift card in-store with all of your Amex cards to maximize your savings.
  • PetSmart: Spend $25+, get a $5 statement credit. Expires 12/31/14.
    • Tweet: #AmexPetSmart
  • Hyatt Place Hotels: Spend $150+, get a $50 statement credit. Expires 2/28/15.
    • Tip: This is valid at Hyatt Place only, not other hotels under the Hyatt umbrella
  • Mountain Hardware: Spend $150+ online, get a $30 statement credit. Expires 12/19/14.
  • Verizon Fios: Spend $75+, get a $25 statement credit. Expires 5/31/15.
    • Tip: Valid for Verizon Fios service only, not Verizon wireless. You are able to take advantage of this twice per account.
  • Spend $350+, get a $75 statement credit. Expires 12/31/14.
  • Spend $200+, get a $50 statement credit. Expires 12/31/14.
    • Tweet: #AmexZappos

Remember, these promotions are only valuable to those with an American Express card (non-Corporate or prepaid cards) and is only a one-time statement credit. If you have multiple Amex cards, you will need to sync them to different accounts. If they are not available via Twitter and you see them in multiple Amex cards, make sure to follow these directions FIRST prior to registering! If they are only available through your American Express account, make sure to follow these directions FIRST prior to registering to see if you can sync the offer for multiple cards.

You can learn more about the Amex Sync promotions in this prior blog series:


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  1. does not appear to be working. Tweeted #amexsaks and @amexoffers replied it was not an offer – did I miss something?

    • @Eric – There is no twitter hashtag for this deal. You will only find this offer in your “Offers For You” account (if you were targeted).

  2. Perhaps people would ask questions like Eric’s if you learned to distinguish between Amex Offers and Amex Sync deals…

    I’m hoping that one day you’ll read my comment and care.

    • @Jake from MSP – I’ve read your comments many times. I appreciate your suggestions and have started using the terminology Offers more. You’ll notice that I use Amex Sync Offers. I personally like the terminology “sync” as it means you do need to sync your card to the offer, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter,, or TripAdvisor.

      Now, if a reader fully reads the post, they will understand that some offers are available via Twitter while others are only available via the “Offers for You” tab (and many times targeted). This is all laid out and when an offer is available through Twitter I include the hashtag. When it is not available through Twitter there is no hashtag which means targeted. I will ensure to make this more clear on my next post if I need to.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Thanks, Jake. Yes, I appreciate the info, but just a little feedback – it’s frustrating when you refer to Amex offers which are on our account web pages by using the word Sync – which clearly means the deal is available through sync (usually twitter, but not exclusively on amex offers for you).

    Amex sync, by definition, can never be targeted. Only Amex offers (for you is assumed) when one says amex offers, just as when one uses the word sync it is (reasonably) assumed that they are referring to an offer that can be activated through Twitter (typically, although not exclusively Twitter). Thanks and I hope this helps.

    • @Eric – No problem. As I mentioned in my comment to Jake, my posts clearly indicate that some are available only on Twitter and others only through your account (and those ones are targeted). The ones available on Twitter include the Twitter hashtag. I did not include the Saks twitter hashtag as there isn’t one. I will make this more clear next time that if there is no hashtag then it is not available through Twitter.

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