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UPDATE: This worked for me last week but now getting reports that multiple gift card purchases are not working. I am testing out a few things and then will get back to you all. Gyft is currently not allowing me to use Google checkout to pay for my purchase.

Last week I wrote about an opportunity to purchase a $15 gift card from the website Gyft for only $10 and get a free $5 Toys R Us gift card. The $5 discount on the gift card is for new members only, but the free $5 Toys R Us gift card is for anyone and can be earned once per account. My previous post primarily covered the $5 discount component so make sure to read it if you are a new member, but this post will cover the $5 Toys R Us gift card promotion (thanks to Frequent Miler for reminding me of this). 

The website Gyft sells well over a 100 different merchant gift cards and many of them start at a $10 denomination. They are currently running a promotion where if you purchase ANY gift card you will receive a $5 Toys R Us gift card as a bonus. To receive this bonus gift card you must check out through Google Wallet (it is really easy and essentially just charges your regular credit card). You can earn this bonus once per account, so make an account for everyone in your household and then you can apply the $5 Toys R Us gift card to the same Google Wallet account. You have until December 27, 2014 to purchase the gift card and January 31, 2015 to use the promotional gift card.

Free $5 Gift Card

Now, the best part is that Toys R Us sells gift cards to many merchants. So if you have no desire to get a free $5 Toys R Us gift card, you can take it to the store and purchase another merchants gift card. As of last year they allowed you to purchase a gift card with a gift card, so I am really hoping they still allow this. If anyone has experience with recently doing this, please let me know. I am going to check it out myself this weekend. Gift cards sold at Toys R Us varies by store (you can also use it at Babies R Us), but include: Amazon, iTunes, Subway, Burger King, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesdays, Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut, UNOs, Outback, Dunkin’ Donuts, Cracker Barrel, AMC, Ticketmaster, Regal Movies, Xbox, Shell, eBay, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

How to take advantage:

  • Go to and search for Gyft. This will allow you to get 3% cash back on your purchase. If you are new to this online shopping portal you will also get a $10 bonus.

Free $5 Gift Card

  • Sign up for Gyft and search for a gift card to purchase. Remember, the $5 bonus Toys R Us gift card is with every purchase, so you want to purchase the minimum required ($10). Remember, if there is a gift card you want to purchase but it is not available from Gyft but available at Toys R Us, purchase a $10 Toys R Us gift card to then use in store to purchase another merchants gift card (i.e., Shell Gas gift card). Some popular gift cards from Gyft include Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Sears, Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, etc.

Free $5 Gift Card

  • When you check out, make sure to select the “Buy with Google” option.

Free $5 Gift Card

  • Your $5 Toys R Us gift card will be sent to you via email. The subject line is: “Payment Processed (Claim Your Promo Card)”. At the bottom of the email it will give you an option to claim your Toys R Us promo code.

Free $5 Amazon Gift Card

  • Save the Toys R Us promo code to your Google Wallet. I downloaded the Google Wallet app on my iPhone so I have the gift card readily available.

Free $5 Gift Card

Remember, the $5 bonus gift card for any merchant only works if Toys R Us still allows you to use a gift card to purchase a gift card. If not, then you’ll only be able to use the $5 bonus gift card at Toys R Us or Babies R Us on merchandise there. I will confirm this myself on Saturday, but if you have any recent experience, please comment below. Thanks!

Ultimately you are spending $9.70 ($10 – $0.30 from top cash back) and getting $15 worth of gift cards. This means you are getting 34% off your purchase! Or, if you were going to purchase a gift card anyways, you can think about it as a free $5 gift card. Toys R Us allows you to use up to five gift cards per order.

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  1. Just a note, Ebay stopped selling gift cards (they started just selling paypal gift cards) about a year back so unless Toys R Us is the exclusive seller of them I doubt they have them. They could perhaps have paypal gift cards but I would doubt it as those are basically like Visa gift cards.

    • @Dan – Thanks for letting me know. That list of gift cards was compiled from over a year ago. This weekend I will be doing an update on inventory there!

  2. Can you combine the “free” gift cards? Say I buy $100 in $10 increments of ToysRus gift cards and get $100 in $5 increments of extra…can I combine those 20 extra $5 gift cards to purchase one item online at ToysRUs?

  3. When i go to add the gift card on my second purchase, it brings me back to the first gift card. Anyone have any luck getting the second or more gift cards to load to their accounts?

  4. Isn’t there a Limit of 1 Promo Card per customer? That’s what I see in the terms at the bottom of the promotion page.

    • @Robert – Thats what it says at the bottom, but last week it was working for me to purchase two. I am currently testing it out now.

  5. I think the deal is dead. It will only add one of the $5 toys r us gift cards to my google wallet. The others ones just aren’t appearing even though the link from the email allows you to add it.

  6. Just a heads up – I signed up for Gyft ($5 new member credit) and purchased a $25 Starbucks gift card through Google, which gave me 700 points through Gyft (valid for $7 off future purchases!) AND a $5 Toys R Us promo code. Went back and ordered a $10 Amazon card with Google. Used the 700 points and ended up getting it for $3 and was given an additional $5 Toys R Us promo code. So, $55 worth of gift cards for $23! Thanks!

  7. If anyone uses Swagbucks, I had an offer to earn 450 Swagbucks for a gyft purchase. I bought a $15 Amazon gift card (had the $5 new member discount, earned the $5 Toys R Us gift card, and earned 450 Swagbucks).

    • @Amber – That is great since 450 Swagbucks can get you a $5 Amazon gift card. I just went into my Swagbucks account though and do not see Gyft listed as a partner.

  8. They weren’t listed as a partner when I did a search for them. There was a Swagbucks offer on the main page (in one of the boxes) that described the offer.

  9. Great – yes, please do let us know if anyone has been able to use Toys R Us gift cards to buy other merchant gift cards. That would be very nice! Thanks.

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