The Companion Pass Battle

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Another blog post from Mr. Deals…

It’s no secret that Mrs. Deals is a huge fan of the Southwest Companion Pass. It’s allowed us to travel around the US for so cheap over the past few years and most recently allowed us to fly down to Aruba during one of the busiest times of year for quite a discount. It should be no surprise that I’ve also become a huge fan of the companion pass. In fact, I can’t wait till I can get my own so I can start using it with my buddies for snowboard and surf trips (not what Mrs. Deals wants to hear).

So the other night when I brought up to my dad that he should really consider trying to get himself a Southwest Companion Pass, I think Mrs. Deals fell deeper and deeper in love with me (if that’s even possible). I was spitting out the benefits of this travel perk and I nearly had to lift her jaw off the floor. Now my dad is an active reader of the blog, sometimes a contributor and one to often give Mrs. Deals a hard time about whatever she might be up to. He was a little surprised with my full court press trying to get him to get on board with this companion pass business.

My parents are active travelers and often skip around the US seeing friends & family, going to weddings, or just catching some jazz and BBQ down in New Orleans for a fun escape. My dad flies a lot for work and I think it’s because of this he just prefers to have direct flight whenever possible for their little excursions. I can’t really argue with that. But I know there’s definitely one thing my mom can’t argue with, and that’s free flying. So this is where the companion pass is perfect for them. Logan Airport doesn’t have direct flights for everywhere they want to go, so a layover is often inevitable. With Southwest constantly expanding its range, the companion pass just makes so much sense.

There was definitely some hesitation from my dad through these recent conversations, and I even brought it up the other night just as he was heading home from a visit. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why. That said, I’m in sales and it’s my goal to sell him on it, whether it be now, or 6 months from now (assuming Southwest still offers this perk). The one tactic I haven’t started pursuing is convincing my mom. But I know she reads this, so this is the first step.

I’m sure you’ll see a guest post soon from my dad on this topic. Stay tuned…

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  1. Something I discovered about the CP and I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge or it’s one of those things not many know about.

    Suppose I have a CP but I am points poor but my companion is points rich.

    What I found is that if I have my companion book me a flight using their points, then once that flight is booked, I can add them as my companion. So even though I don’t have any points, I can still use the CP to get them a free flight.

  2. Mr. Deals in law can be a very frustrating man sometimes! How do I go about getting a companion pass?
    I’m flying SOUTHWEST in February. As you know this isn’t my thing but I think it’s time I make it my thing!

  3. @Marcy – just because you are flying southwest in february does not mean you need the companion pass. There are a bunch of posts on the blog that can help you out šŸ™‚

    @Patrick – yes, definitely an awesome feature of the companion pass!

  4. So no argument that the companion pass is a good deal. Not sure why this post merited a repeat appearance, but be patient, my rebuttal will appear in the weeks to come.

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