$30 Statement Credit for your Cell Phone Bill!

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Amex Offer just launched a great promotion where you can ultimately get a $30 statement credit by paying your cell phone bill with a registered American Express credit card. This is available for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon. It is advertised as a $10 statement credit with a $75+ transaction, but you are able to do this 3 times ultimately giving you the $30. Unfortunately though, this is a targeted promotion and only available through your AmericanExpress.com account, not Twitter. This means you must check your account to see if you are eligible. You must register your card by April 14, but have until July 15, 2015 for the three transactions to go through.

Amex Offers Cell Phone
To sync your Amex card to this promotion:

  • Sign into your AmericanExpress.com account and go to the “Amex Offers For You” tab
  • Find the “Save On Your Cell Phone Bill” offer and make sure to select the “Save Offer” button (not everyone will see this promotion in their account unfortunately)

I am 3 out of 9 with cards eligible for this offer, so it seems to be pretty targeted. Now, if you see this offer on more than one card in your account, make sure to follow these instructions first on how to sync multiple cards. Do not click the “Save Offer” button right away. Also, make sure to save this offer to your account sooner than later since enrollment is limited.

Now, I personally pay my cell phone bill with my Chase Ink card since I get 5x points (the Amex SimplyCash card also gives 5x points). While 5x points is better than the 1x point you’ll earn with almost any other American Express card, getting a $10 statement credit on a $75 purchase, or a 13.3% return is much better for most. If you have your bill set up to auto pay on a non registered card, you can actively go ahead and pay your bill ahead of time and put a credit on your account for $75. Personally, I suggest three days in a row paying $75 towards your bill to just get it out of the way.

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  1. That is my plan… to get it out of the way. I read the T&C and it didn’t say it had to be one a month or anything. So I was planning to pay a little over $75 every couple of days….

  2. Ugh I had it on all four of my cards and opened multiple tabs but for one of them forgot to click on the fourth card and then prematurely applied it to card #1 so that when I went to window #4 it was on card #1. Oh well $90 is better than nothing but could have had $120.

  3. i have it on all 6 of my Amex cards. I have verizon. If I pay way more than my bill, let’s say about $600 extra, what would verizon do? Would they refund the money?

  4. @Stan I have paid ahead on my Verizon account when needing to generate some spend on my Ink card. They just leave it as a negative balance and each month when your bill comes around they deduct it. The most I have done is $1K.

    • @SongEr – You will not receive a confirmation email, but if you check your AmericanExpress.com account you’ll see you are registered in the “Offers For You” seciton.

  5. Awesome post. Just made 3 payments to Verizon > $75 and immediately got 3 confirmation emails saying “Congrats! You just used your Amex Offer”

  6. Thanks for the tip!! I was just curious, since the offer ends July 2015. Can you use $75 once every statement? Or does it have to be use immediately..

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